Alltel, Telus, US Cellular get 2016 SMS Timestamp fix

Y'all remember that 2016-SMS timestamp bug we discussed a few weeks ago? The one that caused all incoming text messages to be dated from the year 2016?

Well, good news as HTC has released patches for Telus, US Cellular and Alltel users (Sprint got theirs last week; not a peep though from Verizon yet).



US Cellular

Remember, these don't play too well with custom ROMs, so best to stick with the 'Ziggy' patch.  

Sure, this was an unfortunate bug, but three to four weeks isn't too bad for an official patch, we suppose...we mean in comparison to where we were a few years ago (Anyone remember the Sprint 700wx SMS debacle? That was like a 6 month wait!)

[Thanks to Gregory P for the Telus tip!]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Also the US Cellular HTC Touch has the update as well (I have a friend who just patched hers and it worked flawlessly)
  • No update for the US Cellular Touch Pro yet! I always seem to have the phone that they abandon. I have the 6800 before and they keep saying they were going to update the software and never did. I'd call there tech support and they'd keep telling me that they were working no the software update because "they wanted to make sure they got it right". Then over a year later they said they gave up on it beacause "the phone was too buggy". Are they going to leave me hang with all incoming text messages stuck at 2016? WAY TO GO US CELLULAR!! THANKS FOR LETTING ME DOWN ONCE AGAIN!! :(
  • this was an unfortunate bug, but three to four weeks isn't too bad for an official patch, we suppose.