Amazon's Windows Phone app won't be available from August 15

Since it seems a whole new batch of these emails are going out we've bumped this story from a couple of days ago for anyone who might have missed it. Original story follows.

Amazon is emailing customers who have installed the Windows Phone app to be aware that this mobile solution will no longer be available from August 15. The online retail giant is asking everyone who relies on the Windows Phone app to begin using the mobile version of its website. This is quite the blow for those who were desperately holding out for an update to finally hit the store.

From the email:

Our records indicate that you have previously installed the Amazon App for Windows Phone from the Microsoft App Store.We will be retiring the app you currently have on your device, meaning its contents will no longer be updated. You will still have access to the app until 15 August, 2016.We encourage you to visit on your mobile browser where you will have access to our newest shopping features and customer experience.We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Should you already have the Amazon app downloaded and installed, you should be able to continue using the app once this deadline has come and gone. There's still no word yet as to whether or not Amazon will roll out a new UWP app. You can download the app from the Windows Store, but we'd actually recommend you simply use the mobile website.

QR: Amazon

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  • They should have ported app from ios
  • They should port you to a cave on mars
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    Update 2 : Come on people, you can do better!
    Update 3 : let's go for 50 :)
  • Funny but rude
    Funny thing is I didn't down voted him.
  • I actually thought you were still talking about the windows central part so apologies :-)
  • The sun got to me
  • Haha
  • It certainly is. You're done.
  • I originally voted you up, but so you can reach 50 downvotes, I've reversed my decision. You're a lot closer to reaching your goal than MS is to reaching its 1 billion installs goal.
  • Your welcome for #50.  Not sure why people are downvoting you.
  • Or at least provide a wrapper to their website (because not every people know how to pin a website) to be opened via Edge. Sort of like MS has done with their YouTube app. If they eventually bring a new W10 app in the future, this would be updated again from webapp to a real one.
  • Pin links us awful on 10. If you pin four links, you have four internet explorer icons with he website written in minuscule font. Pretty much useless if you do this with more than a few. They just look all the same.
  • Not always the case.  Some older updates were like that.  But the last few, depending on the site, it will show an icon for the site.  If the site allows icons in Edge (typically see them next to the favorites link, etc), it should show on the pinned site's tile.  I know that Google, PNC, and Redbox have this, they're like that on my pinned tiles.
  • Not on Windows 10 Mobile it doesn't.
  • Yes, certain website do.
  • I just tried all he mentioned and not one single one used that sights icon.
  • Really?
    Because I just pinned them all, including Amazon, and they all showed icons.
    Are you using Windows 10 mobile?
  • Yes it does, at least on my update.  I'm on Fast Ring, Lumia 640.  I can't speak for release versions, but mine certainly does.  Perhaps I should have mentioned that first, but it does work on mine.
  • I can confirm that it works on the latest version of the consumer build, too! And thanks for the heads-up - I missed when they added this feature: it was one of the things I missed most about 8.1.
  • Ok, well no offense, but if it doesn't do this on production, then Windows 10 Mobile in fact does not do this. There may some beta version of this feature but in it's current state Windows 10 Mobile just uses the IE icon for each pinned link.
  • Will you be bored on August 2nd when all of this is part of "production"??  You won't get to repeat "some beta version". 
  • It does on the latest Redstone builds. Amazon also has an icon.
  • So only if they are configured with a favicon?
  • yes
  • On Threshold that's the case, yeah. But in fact I am using Web Tiles app to sort this: you simply share the url via Edge to that app, and it pins the Tile in all its glorious favicon (or even with customizable pictures choosen from you gallery). I've heard Redstone has finally implemented back favicons itself. But I might prefer customizing with Web Tiles, since it offers way more powerful options.
  • Now is just starting, wait till every company or I say the app we love gonna go from windows platform... I have seen a quite of apps that are gone now...
  • Even MS has joined in with the Skype app disappearing from WP8.x
  • How many of those will be able to update to Win10m in a couple of weeks??
  • Amazon doesn't need to support Windows mobile. They have plenty of Android devices of their own to support.
  • Ha! You mean the fire phone? They wish that had the market share of windows phone.
  • Haha :b
  • They don't just make Android phones.
  • It's bad even in iOS (buggy). I only enter amazon from PC so, I don't think it's an important as an app in the phone wither I use WP or iOS. But I know that people feel threatened because of pull off apps in WP recently.
  • Just also got the mail.
    The quest is that why are some app refusing to support windows phone?
  • Because the platform has 1% of market share worldwide? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just another company that's showing blatant disrespect to the company they own their success to. Besides I just had to force stop their bundles CrApps on my Galaxy S7 because they were sucking my battery dry just sitting there.
  • It is not blatant disrespect.  Its the fact there are NO USERS.....They obviously know how many users use their app on windows mobile.  And the reality of it,  there are not enough people to warrant putting any time into the app.  Or,  developing for a new one.  Thats IS the reality....just like all the other apps that are bailing on the windows mobile/10 ship!  Just facts.
  • And DJ is back! Welcome back DJ, the comments section isn't much enjoyable without windows experts like you!
    Looks like I need to add the /s
  • DJ never left. he loves Windows, But is still ticked at MS for failing to bail out his precious Nokia phone division.
  • I just wanted to know what's wrong with DJ? He had told long time ago what will happen. His mistake is that he was right?
    As long had fans of WP preached the the rice of WP or W10M and mislead unaware customers.
    Don't need to love or hate to be realistic and have ability to see the obvious signs of upcoming development. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, that's exactly the problem. Luckily we're not living in the Middle-Ages anymore otherwise some people here like Pallav would have me burnt at the stake for "witchcraft". :P
  • I'm reading DJCBS's comments from last one or two year. Every time, hardcore Microsoft fans including Daniel himself tried to counter his arguments with smart*ss replies. But every single time, it's proven that DJCBS was right. LOL! He has told before how can he talk about inside information with much authenticity. Still people question him! Fanboyism is making you blind, people. Optimism is good. But as long as Microsoft don't give a F about you, it's off no use. Posted via the Windows Central App for Skynet
  • DJ has been mentally unstable after Nokia downfall.
  • You have to take less of those sleeping pills, Pallav.
  • @DJCBS, will you be ditching your android phone fro the Surface phone when it arrives? I know of you beef with MSFT/Nokia debacle. However, will you join the fight when the Surface phone arrives? Declare you loyalty to MSFT in its entirety of forever be banished!!!
  • I shall not leave my new Android overlords! XD That said, I will look to the Surface Phone. IF it offers true Windows 10 (and not W10M) meaning I can actually use it as a portable PC (ie. run x86 programs) through Continuum, I might actually buy it. But it won't become a daily driver or be used as phone that's for sure. Besides, I'll be returing to Nokia as soon as their new Android flagships come out so I're not really asking me whether I'll buy a Nokia phone or a Surface phone, are you? ;P
  • Dude, it's not about the MARKET SHARE, it's about the OS itself, the CORE OS design is very bad that's why companies do not build Apps, MSFT really needs to work on the ENGINE ROOM of the OS but it's very late now. NO ONE CAN SAVE Windows Mobile now. Even Satya Nadella now finally admits that they have drastically failed.
  • Um; it's totally about the market share. No one in their right mind is going to spend time and resources developing and updating an app for a platform that has maybe six users. Plus, WM is in Corporate Mode now, silly apps like Amazon have no place on a work phone.
  • What?!
  • Well, that's not accurate, but even if do you explain all the other companies that have apps? Are they just stupid??
  • Its a dead platform and isnt worth deveopment resources.
  • Blah.... Have you guys got your replies prefilled??
  • Not too dead for you to come 'round with your on repeat replies.  Again, I ask, are all the companies that DO use development resources on this "dead platform" just stupid. Do they need to just hire you as the knower of all things worthy??? You must be soooo bored to bash on a dead platform as recreation.
  • Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!! You HAD to awaken the trolls......
  • Since Amazon sells stuff, it doesn't make a lot of sense not to have a Windows 10 app. Many businesses run on Windows, having an Amazon app would make it easier for them to buy things.  
  • They have this thing called a website, its at It works without running an "app" on your system.
  • Weak commentary and now I step on my soapbox...although I admittedly may be wrong and biased... That's the case for many "apps"...facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and many others all have mobile websites which iOS and Android anyone could use. But they don't! Got to have an app, for the exact reason sniperboywc says. It's easier to use with a customized interface. So why all the "hate" from Android and iOS users toward WP because "there aren't any apps available". I call BS on that whole narrow-minded argument. And, in fact, there was a good series of articles about the "app gap" done on this very site which completely supports me calling BS. The reason for all of this app drop off and 1% market share is Microsoft themselves. They have done an awful job at marketing and selling the product, and making it accessible. I see commercials and online ads for Galaxy S7's and iPhones at an infinite frequency compared to what I have seen over the past 5 years for the new Windows Phone generation (starting with WP7). For some reason, the marketing genius and horsepower they have at their disposal (within Xbox & Office divisions, for example) seems to have not been leveraged toward WP at all. Now, I have personally used Android and iOS devices in addition to Windows Phone, and I miss the WP interface and layout EVERY TIME I pick up one of those devices. Sure each of the 2 primary OS's have their advantages, and I think Samsung makes a heck of a device (except that they fill it with bloatware). But the WP interface just feels better to me. In addition, each has their downsides. I even have co-workers who were "forced" to use corporate WP8.1 devices because that was all my employer offered when they first introduced smartphones for work. Nearly all my colleagues loved it. Sure, when iPhones became available, some of them switched but that we because of compatibility with their circle of friends (which is also a weak argument depending on what you are doing...Snapchat for example). Either way, that small sample told me that if you get enough WP devices into enough hands, that you would get some converts. Well, MS failed, and now the phone I love to use appears to be headed to the toilet. I will keep using it as long as it's offered, and maybe the rumored "Surface phone" could slow the decline. Only time will tell now...
  • Websites work best. Microsoft should remove app store for Windows mobile.
  • If apps were an acceptable alternative, they'd pull all apps on all platforms and tell all users to just fire up the browser. They don't, though...
  • Supporting Windows Phone makes no sense as that platform is going away very quickly. Supporting Windows mobile only makes finacial sense if the developer creates a universal app as that makes the mobile version nearly cost free. We've already seen some apps go away and come back as universal because that's the only way it makes financial sense for the developers.
  • Except there are plenty of developers who think your advice "makes no sense" since they ARE supporting and developing.
  • The ans is that Windows phone is a failed platform.
  • I wouldn't mind using their website, but their site is completely outdated. Not touch friendly at all
  • The windows phone app is bad, with the exception of the bar code scanner. The windows 10 and android tablet app are both horrible, as is the mobile version. The only usuable version is the desktop web. Also, they may say Aug 15th, but they dropped support for some time. Using the windows phone version, it showed no Prime Day information...
  • Yes it did. I bought several items on Prime day at Prime day prices.
  • weird.  It did not for me. it did not show the prime day specials. when I looked at the items, there were no discounts applied to the tablets I was looking at. Only could get the prices when using my desktop web...
  • That's weird. All mine were discounted. They displayed similar to how lightning deals do and gave me fifteen minutes to complete the order etc.
  • In India, they actually made a kind of public statement. It was in the news. They said they won't work on the app side much even though there is heavy competition from Flipkart which has an awesome UWP app.
  • Flipkart sounds ace. Wish it was available in the UK.
  • Flipkart's website and apps are really good.
  • Makes you chuckle that in UK most of their IT is Windows. Wonder if they will cease selling of Windows devices ;-)
  • Imho, if a website is properly optimized for mobile phones, why would you need an app?
  • IF.....amd Amazon ain't.
  • Fair enough then... Don't use Amazon so no idea on their website really.
  • You can say all you want Amazon isn't optimized for mobile phones, but other than not having bar code scanning, I'm having great experiences on the mobile site and wish more sites were at least that competent. It'd good enough they shouldn't have to have apps. I've had the site pinned to my start for a long time, because it's better than the app offerings. Just because the website on mobile isn't laid out exactly like the iOS app doesn't mean it isn't a great mobile site. Try browsing to some of these online retailers whose sites are stuck in 1998 and then you can complain.
  • @Hans Swolfs
    For example banking apps which can tap into your address book and transfer money to them.
  • Ok but banking is another deal I think. There you also have added security measures but for an ecommerce site??
  • I guess my point is that these companies tell us to use the mobile website instead, but the app can provide features that the website doesn't.
    Until the website can offer feature parity with the app, it's disappointing when an app is pulled.
  • Depends on the site, in the case of Amazon I agree that an app for shopping on the site isn't helpful and the website is perfectly fine. An app makes more sense with eBay, as I get notifications on bids/ending soon items which is vital if I'm not in the app or on the website at the time, none of which apply to Amazon. Having said that, the only decent 1st party Amazon apps we now have are the Kindle and Audible apps - imdb has been pretty much abandoned since the original WP7 launch but at least works. The remote control app for the Kindle Fire TV is also not available. No Amazon Prime video either - some big gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Lol using their site, its like going back BC. Its old.
  • Nice name
  • This wouldn't be so bad if their website worked with Windows Mobile. Instead it offers android apps instead of offering to play movies etc. I think I may leave Prime unless they start improving things.
  • Yes, no prime music app has really been annoying me. On mobile you can't use prime music unless you have an app. And they keep emailing me to encourage me to use the feature!
  • What I REALLY dislike is that their videos now often contain an ad saying something like 'Enjoy on all of your devices'.  It's like a spike in my eye every Prime Video I watch.
  • I left Prime because most of my deliveries were taking three or more days and because I don't care about their music or movie/tv offerings.
  • I have no idea why people are complaining about the site, its waaaay better than the app ever was. And faster too. 
  • Barcode scanner is one I use alot
  • You are in the 1%
  • No. The Windows Phone app was always bad.
  • Three words: Code Scanner Bar. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Damn, that's a pretty big blow, I'm considering moving to a 950/950XL but I just don't know whether to go to android and come back to Windows Mobile when the apps roll out
  • Thinking the same however even Amazon won't stop me from getting 950XL. I use laptop for shopping as it is more convenient. Mobile phone is there just to get quick delivery updates etc... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You let this one app keep you from buying an awesome phone? Stunned. #happy950XLowner
  • I'm on the fence truth be told, I've been with WP for the past 5 years now and still love it, I am a true believer in the UWP model, I just don't whether to try out android while the UWP apps get flowing....
  • What phone are you on now?
  • An ageing 1020 with a naffed battery, I'm having to charge 3 times a day
  • Auch... What Android would you consider? I am just utterly happy with my 950xl... The entire ecosystem from MS is really working for me... Can't imagine going back to android. But of course that is very personal.
  • I'm a subscriber to Groove, have been since the Zune days (my 120gb zune finally packed in recently) so I'd ideally want to keep with the MS ecosystem, I don't even know tbh I was thinking maybe a cheap LG G3 or something, nothing at the galaxy end of the spectrum, they're so overpriced and I might hate it
  • My dad switched from a Huawei p8 to a Lumia 550 and asked me why he didn't do that longer ago.
    Ok, he's not a power user or so but he uses his phone more than an average 65 year old (mail, Spotify, banking, ...) but still a sign :-)
    He also says it's a major advantage that he recognizes everything so far because he also has Windows 10 on his laptop.
  • Get a cheap android phone and try to use it for apps that arent on windows. But never even buy a flagship thinking you can move completely. Once you go windows there is no going back. I used my cousins galaxy s6 while my 930 was broken and I hated every second of it. The next thing I did was buying the Blu win hd lte the very next day.
  • Feel the same... Every time I get an android in my hands, be it Samsung, HTC, Huawei or whatever, I'm so happy to get back to my Windows 10 phone.
  • Oh God, I thought I was the only one. I'm with a galaxy S4 now, and I hate it. Trying to get a job so I can buy a 1520 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even I hate Android
  • Now I don't want to port you anymore
  • I am definitely considering just making the plunge to a 950 XL , anyone know of a reason to avoid a manufacturer refurbished model? Can pick one up for £300 with 6 months warranty
  • Depends on what was refurbished perhaps? How much is it still new?
  • £370 new
  • For that difference i wouldn't get the refurbished one really...
  • True, or £270 for the 950...not sure if I want the larger screen or not, the cameras are identical right?
  • Camera are identical indeed, xl has a faster cpu. 950 is smaller than 1020 right? Go to a shop a hold both to see what size suits you best.
  • 950 is slightly bigger than the 1020 screen wise....I am tempted by the XL tbh who knows, I might win the competition that ends tomorrow!
  • Good luck anyway with that! :-)
  • I've got 950's and 950xl's. I like the 950's but I am always drawn to the XL. It was the same with my beloved old 1320 v 640. If you want to see the full experience with the 950 / 950xl, you should see one running RS preview! They are different beasts! TH is acceptable but the 'anniversary' update (RS) is superb, and I mean, superb!!
  • Just to add, the 1020 may have a higher resolution camera (41mp), but the 950 family has better color reproduction, 5th generation optical image stabilization and other goodies that make the camera better than that of the 1020. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The 950 5.2 inch
  • Tell me about it Android killed me cause it need location for everything.
  • Google is watching you....
  • ? Can you give some examples? I find Android uses locations services a lot lett than Windows Phone/mobile does. And WM needs them turned on needlessly. Cortana and Quiet Hours, for instance (at least, that was the case when I last used my L735 as a daily driver). Equivalent features on Android do no need locations services (Good Now, Do Not Disturb).
  • Yeah, who needs all those highly refined apps and services available on Android? Better to have half-cooked third-party wannabe apps with lots of pop-up ads instead that sort of work as well as those on Android and iOS. Then again, you've got a half-cooked, funky, not-ready-for-prime-time OS, so go for it.
  • Which awesome phone would that be? All Windows 10 phones suck...because they run a lousy, hard-to-use OS with no apps.
  • How to have an Amazon app on your 950: 1) Open Edge 2) write address and press enter 3) wait its loading then press the ellipsis ... 4) press "Pin to Start" 5) ... 6) Profit And if you don't like the sad "Edge with Amazon written below" Tile you're getting in your Start screen -> Download an app like WebTiles that allows you to add a custom picture (even transparent!) for every Pinned Site you want. Like I did.
  • Whoa, thanks for the WebTiles tip mate!
  • I'm just amazed that someone really needs to access Amazon on a smartphone, instead of simply waiting until they're in front of a proper pc/laptop screen...?
  • Well, be amazed.
  • As a Prime member i can tell you I use it on my Lumia all the time. Say you're sitting on the toilet and realize you're on the last roll of paper, one click purchase and it arrives two days later. Or you're sitting down for dinner, all out of ketchup, bang, arrived in a couple days.
  • If you use Prime Now it will arrive within an hour.
  • Not in my area, but yeah in select markets I can see the smartphone usage being even more important. I can't see Amazon not coming out with a UWP app at some point in the not distant future though.
  • Ha! I'd love to be sitting on the can and have someone bring me a roll of TP.
  • lol....I love my AT&T 950.....funny stuff!  
  • By then your bottoms will be stuck to the toilet :D
  • You'd be surprised how many people don't own or use a desktop/laptop computer. Well over a year ago mobile-only traffic overtook desktop-only traffic in the US. As a web developer we not only have to design our apps to be responsive but they are often designed mobile-up. This is why apps are important. This is why the vast majority of Windows Mobile users (like us) don't get it. We are PC people, we expect our devices to give us the abilities of a PC which is why we are attracted to the Windows platform. I've been a Windows users since 3.1 (I won't include DOS here) and I've been on WP/WM since 8.0 on a 920, 930 and now a 950XL. I've convinced almost everyone in my family to get on the bandwagon but unfortunately the regular people out there just want Snapchat and Pokemon Go. Anyway... I kind of got carried away there. My point is, people are moving away from desktop. :)
  • Re: soultarm,
    We are PC people and, I think, are more likely to create content too, not just consume it.
    Best Wishes
  • It's useful to compare prices. Often when I go shopping, I compare the prices on the store with Amazon's to see what's a better deal. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Barcode scanner! I use this all the time to compare while at stores.
  • If they think that there is no anger in the hearts of windows phone users, then god please save them.. They are losing millions of customers
  • Hundreds? Dozens? Two? Just you?
  • Another one who thinks there are only 100 windows phone users in this world..
  • Another one who thinks Windows phone users are relevant enough to cause Amazon to lose customers.
  • It may not be many, but they will lose customers... I am one, well including my wife thats two.. the stores we use, Fry's, RC Wily, etc., price match and I get it immediately, Will Amazon care.. nope... but I feel better...
  • So you think millions of customers will not cause a problem to amazon
  • Nope, because they won't lose "millions of customers" by doing this. They will lose zero. Yes, zero. All you people stammering and thumping your chests over how you're going to boycott Amazon over this. You won't. You say you will, but you will order from Amazon again, and you know it. Even if you really think you're serious, after a while you won't be.
  • And you are still turning it round and round... How they will lose zero customers
  • Oh so that's the case... You are another desperate windows hater who is just jealous... God take care of you
  • So, jealous that his new phone has all the apps,  services,  accessories wearables that his windoh's phone does not.  Yeah,  thats it.  
  • Still he always keeps wandering and spreads stink here for no reason.i feel he is bored from from his so called great phone.
  • actually I only visit here on my surface.  so I guess I am bored with it.   Waiting for my new Macbook and ipad pro to arrive.   I have cancelled all my microsoft services and am just waiting for my new computing stuff to arrive.  Anyone wanna buy a surface 3 ?  I own two of them.  Can't wait to kick microsoft to the curb for good like yesterdays trash...which it is.  Thanks Nadella.  You really are a peice of work.  MS was starting to get on a roll with windows 8,  and phone 8.  I loved it.  Then 10 came along and ruined the entire experience.  great!
  • They're not losing millions of customers. They're killing off an app on a platform most people don't use. Get over yourself. 
  • Web version is better , stupid developer just dont know how to do it nicely on web.
  • The UWP app is incoming. Or thats what the customer care exec said when i asked. They said that the app development team might be working on something and it wont be long before you know. With amazon being a "customer centric company" I dont think they would abandon us.
  • Uh oh. When I make calls like this and report it back to this community, a few of the nuts flip out. Be careful.
  • Keep in mind that a UWP app does not necessarily mean an app for your phone. I do hope they bring it back though.
  • Was this a WP8 app? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think so.
  • Don't mind using website, but for quick orders I use the app alot. Main site is useless on mobile if you have Prime, I was expecting Prime video someday, guess that's only for Android / IOS like everything else. EBay app next in line to go. Oh well, I'll be Windows mobile user like always sporting Lumia 950xl, started with Samsung focus. Just gets a little discouraging when MS doesn't market there mobile very well.
  • Edge Handles' ebay pretty well on Redstone
  • They will be back with UWP. I am almost sure of it. Amazon is one of those app that can highly benefit from having an app on PC. I think majority of people do their shopping on laptop / PC.
  • Except on PCs/laptops no one uses an app when they can use a browser which offers a much better experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks like our Android fanboy is traveling through time and he can use UWP Amazon app to state which is better. /s
  • The problem is that they don't always offer better experiences. The advantage to an app is better UI that scales. Peace of mind as it's in a secure virtualized contained environment away from browser exploits and the w32 subsystem. And of course better memory/battery management. Use Chrome and you'll understand. I use my banking app and never even touch the website anymore. It's so much easier to use without all the messy hyperlinks everywhere. It's clean and lets me use it on a touch interface too.
  • But you wont explain that to a guy who is spreading negativity and hate towards MS and its products everywhere on this site.
  • Those items have nothing to do with it.  90% of people using windows 10 do not even think about that....they are normal users who will just use the web browser for everything.  If desktop/notebook users were ALL UP IN THE APPS like everyone thinks they are on here.  Windows 8 would not have been axed.   It will killed because NO ONE liked the APP style of the interface.   They had to back pedal and make the os like 7 again.  But when they did this they baked in the tracking etc for it users.  awesome.
  • So why do you always have something ermm 'sarcastic' to say when apps are not continued? That's where Win10 should benefit. One app across all devices. At present, I will always use a browser for Amazon etc...there is nothing I could want so badly that I couldn't wait to order etc until I get to the office.
  • They do, they do it with a website and have no need to install a useless "app" on their system.
  • If its useless for you, doesnt mean its useless for others. People on this site share the same bad habit. Their opinion = everyone´s opinion.
  • Yeah, they have this delusional believe that their UWP and Windows mobile zeal transcends all of the millions of Windows desktop users out there.
  • This was bad when first got a windows phone and never got better so hey hey good bye
  • Search was awful and never got notification and never got any update.... the only unique was the barcode.... it was more or less dead app.... It amazon is coming with UWP app then only it would make sense... otherwise, I don't care!    
  • I just sent them another message thru the contact us in the app. I've used the app on my phone to look up products and other things. It's convenient and better than a browser on your phone when you're not on a PC. I asked why no UWP phone app?
  • Amazon's reply: Hello, I would like to take the time to thank you for allowing me to assist you today. I understand your concern regarding the deprecation of shopping application on windows. I apologize for the inconvenience. As a user of Amazon app on Windows personally, I can certainly relate to your frustration regarding this proceeding. At utmost attention, I've passed your message on to the Amazon application development team in our company so that they can take it into consideration. I'm sure the Amazon App Team will do the required and your concern is worked upon as we plan for future improvements and for a better experience for you. The company is actively working to improve service levels and your feedback has proved to be invaluable. As you may know, this step would certainly impact our customers we'll not make our customers and users left disappointed. Please be rest assured that we are here to make things easier for you. We’ll continue working hard to ensure that you receive accurate service. It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer and would like to thank you for your continued support. On a personal note, I highly appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard. We look forward to a very warm and fruitful association with you. We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today. Best regards,
  • That person barely speaks english, wow.
  • Likely Indian.  We have a guy with that same nickname at one of our sites that is Indian.  Be glad it's legible...
  • Is this true for other countries besides England?
  • Reads like a standard prepared statement. How do I come to this conclusion? It states the rep is a Windows phone user.....
  • Another one bites the dust. Not that I used it alot but its always the same bad news only. Next phone will be something else (hint ios or android..)
  • :(
  • This platform is a joke!  MS needs apps like these to even get people to be interested.  If it wasn't the fact that i use this phone for work only I would have dumped it a long time ago.  Still considering moving on.
  • Then move on... Go... Git... Scram... Don't care Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • You cared enough to reply with that dimissive comment.
  • Nothing happened... Amazon also left..... Very good... Then what is next... I had waited last one year for wp 10. And still waiting for bug fixes.... Long waiting.... ! And last.. Apps are withdrawing.... I don't have money. Else might go for another option..
  • I buy items from Amazon multiple times per week. I use the phone app occasionally for that purpose. I just tried to enter my password into the Amazon mobile site on IE 11 on WP8.1 and the browser crashed multiple times - I'm now done trying. This will cost them some of my business as I'm not going to fight with a mobile website when I'm on the go and I now have no way to comparison shop using the barcode reader and direct my business to Amazon as I've done multiple times in the past. THIS is why companies need to provide mobile apps for all platforms. You don't delight your customers by making it hard to use your business.
  • All platforms no matter what size? Windows phone is so small now, why bother with then instead of BBOS, WebOS, Tizen, etc? They access 99%of the market through Android and iOS. Everything else is irrelevant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They shouldn't bother with windows phone instead* of the others (although it's more popular than the others). Amazon is big enough that they should have an app for all mobile OS available. No excuse for this except I'm sure another petty google asked us to do this nonsense. Windows 10 uses UWP so factor that in and Windows is not an insignificant customer base.
  • You hear any Android or iPhone users complaining?
  • So app is going for WP8 or WM10 ?
  • That's not how the song goes... but good try... You should use Groove and listen to the song so you can get it right...
  • Umm.....yea. it does.....maybe not exact verbatim but it is repeated like this - "Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you, too
    Another one bites the dust" Just looked it up for does go like that...
  • That's correct... if you read your first post vs. your second post.. you were WRONG in the first one... reading is fundamental.. sheesh!
  • And in other news...arguing with someone over the internets is futile and pointless......and now......the weather.
  • Good luck predicting English weather... And then there's brexit.
  • Groove sucks. 
  • Gutted. The website works badly on my phone (1020) and I use this app a lot :(
  • Don't care, never used it, don't walk the streets looking for fictional cartoon characters, don't play COC...don't care. Then again, mine are used for enterprise, and I like it. Same old faces, same old trolls, same old doom mongers, same old trolls posting from their android apps.... I am not a lemming, I am a free man!!
  • Ah of course, the usual "I don't care, never used it" chorus we hear every time popular apps abandon this floundering platform.
  • Apple is expected to make $3 billion off of PokemonGo in the iTunes store. You might not care but betcha Microsoft does. 
  • Techbell,  MS is going to make 2 billion of all the info it data mines from w10. 
  • So am I.   Just because someone else like something does not make them a lemming.  I used to use that term alot to when I was stuck with windows phone.   I guess it was an inner jealousy that the android / IOS users had access to millions of things that me as a windows phone user did not.  I own a iphone 6s.  Call me what you want but the experience with IOS and apple is AWESOME.  It kills windows phone.  I have any app,  any wearable,  any accessory I want to use.  I have carplay in both of my jeeps and it flawless.  MS is so far gone now to enterprise it is laughable that they even have consumer users.  They are the new blackberry.  NO one outside of enterprise gave a shat about blackberry...and now is the same with MS.  
  • Never used it.
  • I guess I give up, next phone will be a Samsung. I'll miss my Lumia icon
  • Apps easier
  • Good riddance. I stopped using Amazon when they increased the minimum for free shipment to $50. I almost exclusively use Ebay now. I can usually find the same items cheaper and with free shipping. In 10 years and probably 200 orders I have never had an unresolvable problem on Ebay.
  • I should have expected this as I only installed it for the $5 credit on prime day.
  • What...I didn't know about this $5 credit...
  • Sadly gave up on WP a few months ago. Very reluctantly got an Android thing. Like the choice of apps BUT I do miss my Lumia and the whole WP ecosystem. With the apps I would jump back on board immediately. Amazon's decision makes me feel sad as it is another nail in WP coffin. I am tempted to run a WP as a back up though. Lumia 650 any good? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's disappointing that Amazon is leaving the platform but it's not the end of the world. I purchased a couple of things last week using their website on my phone for the first time on my couch. Easy. Now, I buy maybe 5 or 6 things from them a year. Others buy from them more frequently and the app may be more convenient. I believe if more Windows phones were to sell I can see Amazon returning.
  • Another non story, reminiscent of the bank of America app when windows phone faithful moved banks, claimed platform dead, then what happens? W10 universal app. Eventually they will come back and until then , mobile app. Moving on...
  • NewEgg has an app. Choices are good. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  • Soon they will remove their app too. Lol
  • I haven't gotten the email yet, but I know what my response will be.  This is one Windows Phone user, though among an admittedly tiny minority of the mobile phone market, who has used Amazon as a Prime member for many years, buying many, many things on my Windows Phone, and through my desktops, laptops, tablets, including books(on audible, kindle (I've had four versions of the device), hardcover, paperback) appliances, computers, videos, food, clothing, shoes and even furniture,.  All through Amazon.  Predominantly online through the web, less often from my Windows Phone, through the WP app.  But unless Amazon reconsiders and stoops to support Windows Phone, it all goes.  I will cancel my subscriptions.  I won't bother with the damn Echo I haven't even set up yet.  I will get my books and goods elsewhere.  I hardly expect Amazon to tremble and cave at the prospect.  But they are making a short-sighted, stupid decision, and I'd like to do my part to honor the consequences therefrom.  
  • 400 million or so customer's using window 10and they cant release a patch universal app for all platforms. Disgusting company. Won't be ordering from them anymore. My whole family uses windows mobile Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 399.7 million of those users are on desktop where the website is fine.  So the few users on mobile are no odds anyways,  I guess amazon knows that in a few months 10m is going to be killed off all togther. 
  • Good. It's about time. I stopped using their app a long time ago. It just sucked and looked horrendous. Even search results on the app were different to the website. Not sure why people are complaining about their mobile site, it has always been working great for me
  • There are some apps that a platform can survive without and then there are apps that are paramount to survival and the worlds #1 retailer is one of them. I'm with Microsoft until the death, but Nadella is using the same BS "enterprise" defense that Research In Motion used back in 2009.
  • They wouldn't need to further update the application for me, it works just fine as it is for what I need it to do.  Don't understand why they'd remove it after all these years while it still works.  Hopefully there will be a replacement.
  • I use their new (and awesome) Audible app almost daily, so seeing these posts on the main Amazon app scares me into thinking they'll stop supporting that too. They've been so great with updates and feature let's hope it doesn't end with the same fate :(
  • So not only are apps being pulled but mobile sites are not supporting edge i.e. It's becoming a very slim chance that i will be sticking with a Windows phone.
  • Do it, do it...I'll not look like a ghoul for it ;)
  • lol
  • maybe they're stopping the service and the windows phone. Maybe just maybe KAYAK and Amazon are preparing a UWP app built from the ground and converted from their website and turned into an app and adding the Windows 10 design language after the Anniversary Update. After 2nd August I'm pretty sure that we'll receive many updates and news about new app, other comebacks and more updates
  • I put that chance at about .7% the same market share W10 has in the mobile market
  • 0.7% was for Q1. With much worse Q2 its now likely in the 0.4% territory.
  • yeah but don't forget that you're just calculating the W10M, that is the beauty of UWP, the marketshare of Win10 for desktop, tablets, laptops, xbox is increasing, 20%+ right now. Once they build a UWP Amazon app all they would require is a mobile UI, all data and features are already there, the only thing they require is adaptive scaling from desktop to mobile. Marketshare may be low on mobile but it's increasing in desktop areas. Don't forget that it is one software now.
  • ~0.4% is for all Windows phones sold Q2. Many of those are WP8.1 devices still.
  • And there's zero reason for an Amazon app on the desktop. Though I would argue there's not much of a reason for one on mobile either.
  • Having their mobile site appear in the Windows store would be simple enough project Westminster and not unwelcome but I think Amazon is miffed at the cloud competition w/Azure ;p
  • The rats are abandoning. The ship is about to sink.
  • Oh, well...what if it turns out it was a submarine this whole time? You guys have those, right..? =P
  • Nah,  Microsoft is the titanic....once thought unsinkable,  but the iceberg called NUTELLA proved otherwise!
  • I think Windows Mobile is Titanic not because it's bad but because Microsoft left it alone in the battlefield. Windows 10 and Microsoft are doing fine.
  • Satish, Its more than just mobile going down hill at an alarming rate.  MS is stripping all the Consumer'centric features out of their products.  Not just in mobile.
  • 1% worldwide market share is still a heck of a lot of revenue potential. Doesn't make sense to shut down app. I'd like to see these companies pioneer making Windows apps better and not abandon the OS. It costs a hell of a lot less to build and update a new UWP app for Amazon than to shoot up another rocket.
  • Going to miss the UPC scanner function
  • Yep... me too got the email... and I responded back as below.... Can you please let me know if Amazon is launching a new app for windows 10 & mobile? if not, please consider Amazon has lost one of its customer. We windows mobile users have many other options like flipkart, Jabong etc who really support the windows platform with their universal windows 10 apps. So if Amazon is not going to launch a new app, I'll have to delete my Amazon ID and will not be an Amazon customer any more.
  • I think that email is generated by computerized system.
  • Proof that the app is being replaced by bots!
  • May be.... But it was from Amazon customer service mailbox which is monitored.
  • Amazon see ya
  • Already installed it. Using the mobile web page.
  • The easiest fix for lack of apps on Windows devices? There's this great web browser called Microsoft Edge that actually allows you to go to the site instead of using an app! It's the rule-of-thumb for app development: If you can't develop an app, ensure you at least have the responsive mobile site to match!
  • Seriously it was just a bad app in the first place. It's not a loss.
  • Yeah to make the app show additional contents I should keep swiping up until i see loading symbol ( traditional 5 dots ) thats funny and it doesnt even refreshes itself...bad bad...
  • windows 10 mobile is dead, i waited for some developments, had a lumia 640 but honestly it sucks. after pokemon go i had it, i advise everyone else to switch platforms asap, i guarantee microsoft will stop development for windows 10 mobile, better sooner than later otherwise its just going to weigh them down a lot. 
  • Pokémon go for that all you want...just wait bro we are getting it for sure....and I don't think Microsoft will stop developing WM10 because it is one of the important part of Windows 10 family...If you hate this platform that much then go take care of sluggish Android :( .
  • Not everybody cares about apps and MS certainly isn't going to pull the plug on W10 mobile. If that's what you think then you really don't understand windows 10.
  • Yes I received email today from Amazon.
  • I didn't like app anyway and didn't want to waste the space on my phone for it.  I like being able to load full page in Edge on my phone just like I'm on my PC.  The mobile site with Edge is really nice though.  Good job Amazon! ;) 
  • I love the mobile site on Edge it's very fluid and you still can get everything as full site.  I also like how you can switch to full site in Edge and it's the same familiar experience as my PC.   Even if Amazon my a app for the computer I would still use the site in IE or Edge. I also didn't like the Amazon app and didn't want it taking up space on my phone.
  • Windows Phone 8? Or 10? Or both?
  • This is a major insult to Windows.
  • NO,  windows/microsoft is a major insult to consumers.  We deserve better.  but the amazing Satya is only worried about sucking up to enterprise.  Call a spade a spade.  Microsoft has no desire to cater to Consumers.  The writing is on the wall,  like it or not.  
  • By the end of the year I'd like to see a list of apps we've gained next to a list of apps we've lost.
  • EBay works better for me anyways... Even tho ebay app hasn't been update in so long.
  • EBay works better for me anyways... Even tho ebay app hasn't been update in so long.
  • Functionally, we're not losing much because many options in the app threw you out to their mobile site anyway, such as Your Orders.  But in reality, it may have gotten used more if it was more full featured.  Even with the app on my phone, I preferred using the mobile site better because I knew I'd wind up there eventually.
  • Yep...I just got the email notice....its official in my eyes now. Damn.
  • Not surprising. But what really needs an update is the kindle app. On windows 10, without the swipe from bottom guestuers on windows 8 it's a pain in the ass to use. plus it wasn't even updated for 8.1 so resizing the app is not fluid, it is only designed for full screen and 1/3rd snap.
  • What's next? Facebook? 
  • The facebook app on w10 sucks anyways.  Always use the web browser.
  • Well, the app sucked big time but at least is was there... One often had to go to thei websites anyway
  • WTF MAN hahaha
  • This may be the nail in the coffin for me. Not because I use amazon but because amazon is such a big company and for them to announce basically that windows phone isn't worth it is a big kick in the face. No kronos so I can't look at my work schedule. I have been with windows phone since day one and loved it. I thought universal apps and the 950 would be a turning point but no company seems to care.
  • WinBeta says Amazon just announced a new Windows app is in development, with a look to also support Windows 10 Mobile.  So, it looks like the Amazon app is not quite dead yet.  I am not sure why WPC has not reported this as news?
  • I can't understand why Amazon, and other companies can't just say from the start that they are making a new app after pulling the old one. What the big secret about I wonder? Getting people all worked up for no particular reason. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More than likely, they are going to release a UMA. It wouldn't make sense not to. With XBox now able to use UMA, while Windows mobile isn't a huge market, XBox and Windows 10 desktop is. It would be stupid not to make a UMA.