Amazon's Windows Phone app won't be available from August 15

Since it seems a whole new batch of these emails are going out we've bumped this story from a couple of days ago for anyone who might have missed it. Original story follows.

Amazon is emailing customers who have installed the Windows Phone app to be aware that this mobile solution will no longer be available from August 15. The online retail giant is asking everyone who relies on the Windows Phone app to begin using the mobile version of its website. This is quite the blow for those who were desperately holding out for an update to finally hit the store.

From the email:

Our records indicate that you have previously installed the Amazon App for Windows Phone from the Microsoft App Store.We will be retiring the app you currently have on your device, meaning its contents will no longer be updated. You will still have access to the app until 15 August, 2016.We encourage you to visit on your mobile browser where you will have access to our newest shopping features and customer experience.We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Should you already have the Amazon app downloaded and installed, you should be able to continue using the app once this deadline has come and gone. There's still no word yet as to whether or not Amazon will roll out a new UWP app. You can download the app from the Windows Store, but we'd actually recommend you simply use the mobile website.

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