Android users can now download the official Windows Phone Central app

For those of you that carry more than one smartphone you'll be pleased to hear the Mobile Nations family now has a new app addition - Windows Phone Central for Android. I'm sure its pretty fair to say that most of us will have friends rocking an Android smartphone - so send them over the below link and get them introduced to what Windows Phone Central has to offer.

They currently may not know what they're missing out on. 

As you would expect, users will have access to all the latest news as well as our forums - meaning for a well rounded Mobile Nations experience straight from your smartphone.

Along with the Android Central app this is the fifth application we've now brought to the Android platform - along with CrackBerry, iMore, and Smartwatchfans. But don't forget that if you're still a die hard Windows Phones user you had better make sure you have our own WPCentral app installed. 

Hit up Google Play to download the Windows Phone Central app and spread the word. 

James Richardson