Android steals the Titan from Windows Phone

Though we're remiss to post Android-specific news here for obvious reasons, we thought it was interesting that today HTC showed off the Sensation XL featuring Dr. Dre Beats Audio on board. The Sensation XL, as you can probably discern from the above photo, is 100% through and through the HTC Titan but now for Android--same screen size, resolution, CPU, camera and design, but in white.


So it looks like we had the exclusive Titan design for all of 3 days? So much for hardware advantage. While we understand why HTC would do this (saves money on production, plus it's a killer design), we're a bit more excited now about Nokia making exclusive handsets for Windows Phone--something that won't be assimilated by the Android Borg so quickly.

Read more at AndroidCentral for their hands on with the Sensation XL.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Of course this is logical for HTC to do. But Come on! Give us a win every once in a while. We need a few good exclusive phones. Can't wait for Nokia to hit one out of the park.
  • Which they did.
  • Still gonna buy the Titan though. Try to compare both phones. See how fast WP7 is and how buggy Android. Can't wait for that to happen!
  • Haha, that's true! This will allow for a true 1:1 speedtest! WPCentral, once these bad boys are released, you should definitely run an article compairing the speed of doing certain tasks on these two devices, because they run the exact hardware, you can really show off how quick and responsive WP7 is in compaired to Android.
  • Hahah, so what, a Windows Phone is still a Windows Phone!
  • Jep, I have got a Windows Phone, an absolute winner. Even though its the HTC Trophy, a first generation WP.Cant wait to get my hands on the Nokia WP. Proper hardware + proper software = amazing!
  • True. But Windows Phone needs some exclusive hardware to stand out from the crowd. While I agree our OS is still better than Android, it's the hardware (both looks and specs) that lure people in initially. If the same phone is on both platforms, there's less reason advantage for WP7 i.e. we may have swayed some Android users over if it was exclusive.
  • Been saying all along, only Nokia is 100% WP7, expect htc, samsung and the rest to give WP7 their poor android seconds. There will be nothing like the Nokia WP7 devices in the android camp, and there will be tons of them next year. Smartest move Ballmer and MS made.
  • @theefman...+1.
  • Same CPU? It's a lowend device then, right?
  • Funny how much more elegant and awesome the titan looks with Windows Phone though.. Hopefully they will be side by side in the stores so people can see how beautiful Windows Phone really is.
  • Talk about a downgrade, sure the hardware is the same but you just put half of it to trying to run that bloated OS.
  • not only to give us a win, but the damn carriers might have this device out before the Titan. Look at AT&T... no date yet on the new phones. I'm dying to get my hands on the Titan but it seems that they want to take their sweet **** time to get it out.
  • It'll be interesting to see the price of this thing. Seeing as WP handsets are always overpriced.
  • My opinion has always been that given identical hardware, most end users would choose a WP7 phone over Android.Would love to see a hidden camera experiment with this and the Titan side by side, and NO retail store employee interference to push the consumer one way or another.
  • Agreed, that would be extremely interesting to watch indeed.
  • Personally I really don’t care, what matters to me is that I know that my WP is the smarter phone on the market. Microsoft just got Patten approval for the metro UI interface so all Android and IOS can offer is the sea of apps look. I know I have the future phone and with Nokia, XBOX live, Office and Windows 8 as part of that ecosystem, nothing can touch us.
  • This was a terrible move by HTC. Logical yes, but terrible. If i was considering the titan for my next phone, I most def wouldn't be now. Why the **** would I want a phone that looks exactly like an android phone? Especially coming from android and hating it.
  • That's kind of silly. If you like the phone, you like it. If you like WP7, then it shouldn't really matter if someone else is buying this with a different OS.
  • Very silly. Your opinion of a device should not be determined by wether or not someone else has a device that runs something different. If you like the hardware, chose the software that you like best and its yours. I've honestly been wanting to see this from manufacturers for years, we pick a handset and say "I want it to run _______ OS" and there you go. This is the future of buying handsets I think.
  • As opposed to ... what windows phone option? The Focus S is the Galaxy S 2 without the dual core, the Radar is the same as several other HTC handsets, and we are waiting on LG to make anything official, but I am sure it will be the same body as their higher spec Android offerings. Until Nokia hits the market place, that is just the way it is. Nokia will not be for everyone, though. So if ya like the phone, grab it. It is more important to get the WP experience in my humble, unimportant opinion.
  • @sosl0w...Makes sense; there's nothing wrong with wanting a phone that doesn't get buried in the HTC sea of sameness! HTC usually gives WP sloppy seconds with their phone designs/casing that were first used on Android devices; this time, they gave this design to the Android OS second. Android didn't steal nothin' with this phone - HTC gave it to them!If you can wait, see what Nokia has to offer; at least you don't have to worry about your phone looking like the millions of HTC devices out there :)
  • How is it stealing? Only makes sense for them to do it.
  • Sense... icwatudidthur
  • That's punny...
  • The black looks better IMO, and come on WP7.5 > Android. =)
  • does the titan have beats audio? i don't remember if they ever said anything, but the sensation XL does (iirc) i hope they put out some wp7 handsets with beats, since wp7 does music SO SO MUCH BETTER than anything android could ever hope to do. it would also get me to probably buy an htc handset over samsung or nokia.personally, i don't care if they don't make any exclusive wp7 handsets, as htc is pretty much known for reusing the same design about 30 times, and it makes fiscal sense, but if the sensation xl uses the same single core SOC on android, it's going to suck, since the OS is so poorly optimized.
  • >does the titan have beats audio?nope.
  • Doesn't matter to me. I'm never running android on anything I own. That code is flat out garbage and will never match the grace and efficiency of WP7 / Mango.
  • Seriously?? What a bunch of lame-o's!! You need exclusive hardware because the OS isn't good enough to pull people in on its own? Your OS needs a hardware vendor to give it a hardware advantage in order to be successful??You pick your phone based on it being pretty (UI and/or exterior)?!?!Personally, I pick my phone based on being able to do the most things for me that I want it to do.And right now, I have the ONLY phone in the world (I believe - certainly in the U.S.) that will let me:- tether my laptop and tablet (and up to 3 more devices simultaneously) and work on the Internet while simultaneously talking on the phone, using a 3G signal.AND- get 40 Mbps (according to my results in SpeedTest) downloads on the phone and on tethered devices (still talking on the phone at the same time) when there is a 4G signal available (which is now most of the places I spend much time in).And it's not a Windows Phone device.I LOVE that they are making one hardware platform and supporting multiple OS's on it!! As consumers who want the best and are not a fanboi for any particular OS, this is great!
  • Wild guess. You have an Android phone. What we are saying is that we have an OS that is just starting. Just like Android was a couple years ago. People started buying Android because it had cool handsets that were different and innovative. If they put android on an iPhone people wouldn't be buying android phones like they are now. We need something to get the OS out there and more popular.
  • I am all a giddy for ya. So why take a slam at everyone on a WP thread? We know what Windows can do and what it can't. We also know the upside of it, and the disadvantages of the other OS's. I am not anti any OS. I am pro Windows. Very few actually blind fanboys (or girls) here.
  • Key word is "personally". Now go somewhere and force close.
  • What folks like stuartv666 don't realize is two things:1. It's the ecosystem stupid. (Not a flame at stuartv666, but rather a phrase.) If someone is already invested in Andriod or WP, why would they go to another OS that shares the same hardware as another OS? Consumers spend money on apps with that mobile OS. Someone who has spent $50 isn't going to likely move to another OS. So, hardware should be different. I understand why HTC does this, but as a consumer is really stupid.2. Because someone likes WP, or Andriod, doesn't make them a "fanboi." It makes them a consumer who is invested in that platform/ecosystem. See #1 above.
  • I still want a Titan.
  • htc just became the cheap flip phone in the late 90's.
  • How can HTC steel from them selfs? Android one in White and Windows Phone one in Black my world is complete
  • Another vote for seeing a 1:1 comparison between the Sensation XL and the Titan. WP7.5 vs Android 2.3 on equal hardware. Well, not quite equal. The Sensation XL, I just learned, has 768 MB of RAM vs. 512 for the Titan. Still, I'd love to see the match up.
  • sorry if i'm not in the loop guys but what the |-|EELLL is Beats Audio anyway?
  • Android's 4 buttons never attracts me~
  • As far as I know Beats Audio make low - mid range earphones. When I was buying I researched all the brands but general opinion on the audio forums was they are nothing to write home about, sonically. I bought a pair of Phonak's are they're fantastic. Im not too concerned about the Titan being Android too. Hey it may push up the second hand value, lol.
  • Samsung should do this in reverse with the Galaxy S II. Take that killer hardware and match it with Windows Phone 7.