Andy Lees: Android copying is flattering

Microsoft's Andy Lees, president of Windows Phone division, has spoken out about Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), particularly the People app. Similarities are present, which was noticeable in the Android ICS video we covered yesterday with Google heavily borrowing (opens in new tab) from other platforms.

"It's always flattering when someone starts copying you. Fundamentally, their point of view is different. They provide you with a grid of icons and a sea of applications and the more functionality you add, the more complicated and difficult to use the phone becomes."

Even though some parts of Windows Phone are being copied, there's still space for Google to be critical about the platform. Andy moves on to what Matias Duarte said (opens in new tab) about Windows Phone Metro UI.

"The problem with the Android model is that (when) somebody decides to do something, they hack up the operating system and they make it work. But that puts it (at) a dead end for that device, and that's why phones don't get updated, it's why sometimes they run applications and sometimes they don't."

If you missed the video for Android ICS, check it out after the break. 

Source: CNet (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • google are hypocrites, they steal from WP7 then turn round and trash it. And had the nerve to say MS was stifling innovation by signing patent agreements. But the press and fans ignore that and say they're the best thing since sliced bread. Disappointed in such a pathetic response from MS, laughing it off just like they did the iphone, guess they won't care until android too starts eating into PC sales, like the iPad. Then they'll suddenly realize it wasn't such a good idea to allow others to copy them with impunity.
  • im not im raging >:|
  • Anyone else on board that ICS looks awful?
  • "functionality you add, the more complicated and difficult to use the phone becomes"
  • i am with seconds fade.. i think that looks way to pc ish still.. the avg user and even a power user does not need it.. i love my pc and will miss it when it goes, but i really think win8/wp7 is the next big thing... easy to use.. nice to look at and with function.
  • lol android is a mess.