Another LG phone: the E900 with Windows Phone 7

Just a few days after images of the C900 from LG showed up, a video has appeared with what is supposedly the E900.

The difference here is the E900 has no slider keyboard and in turn, seems quite thin.

Both the E900 and C900 dovetail nicely with what LG has said their plans were: sliding keyboard for the U.S. market (AT&T), black-slab for Europe.

Other than a 3.7 inch screen, not much is known about the hardware.

Only downside with this leak is the video was shot on a cell phone, so the quality is less than stellar.

Check the video tour after the break!

[via MobileTechWorld]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great fluidity in the UI. Its hard to tell from the video quality, but it looks like there is an etched "back" and "search" icon. I sort of like how they muted that a tad by not painting it.
  • Ya, they're etched, you can more or less tell, though the video is so piss poor (did the uploader not even check it at all?). I like this phone so far, it seems small and thin, though I dunno if I'll opt for a hardware KB or not, I'll have to get my hands on a working model to see how the software KB works, everyone who's used it says it works well though. I'd also like a 4" screen, 3.7" is a bit on the small side for me. I hope we see more models as the days pass, but this is one of the better ones to date imo.
  • the phone seems like all LG phones such as the expo narrow and tall. I would like them a little wider but thats just personal pref I also prefer the on screen and a thinner device, just not too narrow.
  • It would be just the way you like it if it was a 4" screen, thus a bit wider instead of 3.7". Looks like I'll have to keep waiting for the right 4" phone still.
  • I'd say it's the best looking WP7 devices so far. The most thoughtful hardware design, aesthetically speaking. Looks refined (even on blurrycam) compared to the C900. If the virtual keyboard is so good, I just might... :-)
  • Tell me what phone was used to make the video. I want to make sure I never buy one of those.