ooo..the colors!

We're certainly not having a shortage of wallpaper sites these days and this morning, we have another. This one comes from reader Criss and while the selection isn't massive, they are unique and minimalist, featuring the Windows Phone logo and a variety of colors. We're actually digging some of these, especially the variety of colors to match your preferred accent. [Edit: Heads up, if you keep scrolling down, you might see some scantaliy clad ladies]

It certainly wouldn't hurt to browse over there on your phone and take a gander:

And don't forget if you're into making wallpaper, we're having a neat-ol little contest here where you can win a brand-new Samsung Focus S. We already have some amazing entries here in our forum but maybe yours will be the winner? Runner-ups will also get featured here on the site and within version 2.0 of our official app, so crack open that Photoshop on this idyllic Sunday and go for it!