From the Forums: Anyone keeping their Lumia 900 past 30 days?

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The Lumia 900 has been out for a little over a week now and as people start to get over the "new phone wow factor" they start to notice the little things. Some of those little things become more of a big thing if that is the feature you need or use most. That leads us to today's hottest thread in which we are discussing the Lumia 900's camera.

Nokia made the Lumia 900 without a BSI (backside-illuminated) sensor and this sensor (which is included in most high end smartphones) increases the amount of photons captured in low light situations. Without this sensor, the Lumia 900 camera struggles for greatness. But in well-lit situations the camera is on par with other comparably priced phones. You can get more information about the Lumia 900 camera in our review here.

"Anyone Keeping Lumia 900 past 30 days?" Is the title of today's hottest thread in the WPCentral Forums. Forum member nokia4life wants to know a few things including will you be keeping your Lumia 900 and what about the Lumia's camera:

Okay so i left iOS and Android to comeback to WP and I do love WP. Can i ask an honest question, will any of you be returning the Lumia 900 before the 30 days is up? I ask this because since our phone has been released (rushed to market) its been plagued by some issues.I thank them for getting a software fix out asap to address the data issue however no one from Nokia or Microsoft has even addressed the camera which is a big selling point. You just don't throw Carl Zeiss around and make statements at CES and Mobile World Congress about how powerful this camera would be for it not to be true. I am going to try and tough it out until the next Nokia release but this is starting to upset me that they are not even addressing how bad this is. And for those folks that say this is a cell phone not a camera i agree however if they advertise it one way it should perform that way. what are your thoughts folks?

You can imagine that this thread has received a lot of replies some good and some bad.

Forum member ftap23 is not happy with the Lumia's camera and had this to say:

Apple iPhone 4s, HTC high end phones including the Mytouch 4g slide and more recent models like the one x, and Samsung S2 models all use BSI. The HTC Titan 2 has excellent camera with BSI. It should be standard in most high end phones automaticallyEven apple iPhone 4 released in 2010 has a BSI with its 5mp camera.So Nokia while known for optics really took a short cut by leaving out the BSI on the Lumia 900. Maybe this saves them $15? In costs?I love a lot of things about this phone but I hate the camera. If camera and shooting in low light is important to u. Than return the phone. No software will fix a missing piece of hardware

Are the issues with the camera permanent? Is there nothing that Nokia can do with a software patch?  RiseAgainst94:

 I'm just frustrated that these pictures pale in comparison to other devices. I want to be able to show off what my phone can do. It's disappointing especially with Nokia having released a phone over a year ago with superior capabilities. Also, after seeing the huge difference with pictures taken vs pictures edited it just seems Nokia could refine the pictures more with their software.

Time will tell if anything can be done to improve the Lumia 900 camera and that brings us back to the other question on the table. Will you be keeping your Lumia 900, even knowing its shortcomings? Forum Moderator duvi sounds like he is okay with the camera and keeping his Lumia 900:

People will not pay $100 more. I've been in the cell phone business for a while; in to cell phones since I was a pre-teen and the price point makes a difference. You and I may pay for it, but others wouldn't. The extra $100 off made me jump and go buy it. I would have purchased it no matter what, but definitely put the pep in my step

Forum member jbjtkbw007 had this to say.

I've been preaching Android since 11-5-2009 when I got my OG Motorola Droid. I'm now typing this on my Lumia 900. I absolutely will be keeping mine past 30. You'll have to pry the phone out of my dead hands before I give it up. I'm a convert

In fact, we can't find one person so far that has decided to return there Lumia 900. At the low price of $100 (on contract) and even free to some of the early adopters (Nokia rebate) the Lumia 900 seems to be the right device at the right price. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you will be keeping your Lumia 900 or you can go to our forums for the more in depth discussion. 

Dave Blake