Apple 'fixes' Siri, no longer recommends Lumia 900 as "best cell phone ever"

You could sum up this news with a simple "Boo!", but I'm sure you are all aware how we love to babble on slightly. Siri, Apple's personal assistant for iPhone 4S (opens in new tab) owners, has been 'fixed' after the fiasco surrounding the helper stating the Lumia 900 as "the best cell phone ever". The humorous result / answer was due to Siri's reliance on an external service, namely Wolfrom Alpha, which took into account user reviews when performing the search. 

Apple has since replaced this search and altered what is relayed back to the user. Answers now provided to the query include "the one you're holding" and "you're kidding, right?" You can still perform a manual search on Wolfram Alpha and receive the same result, but this shows that Apple has zero sense of humour. No longer is Siri accurately useful to Windows Phone fans.

"What can I help you with?" Not much, I'm afraid.

Source: Apple Insider, via: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why not just change the source of information? This is a sad day for siri. She has been brainwashed.
  • I agree w/Ty1361. 
    So much for "think different"!
  • Now SIRI says, let me check with Apple first before I answer that question.
  • Fuck siri and her bitch ass iPhone lol
  • Lol
  • Shouldn't this constitute a bigger investigation into what other search results Apple is actively manipulating (I mean "fixing")?
  • Good point! Hadn't even thought of that. Kind of how Google does with companies that pay to be on top.
  • You nailed that one. As Arsenio Hall would say, things that make you go hmmmmmm.
  • LOL, crApple aka the Gestapo!
  • This is why I don't own one piece of CrApple equipment... Instead of the phone doing what it should and relying on reviews it is now made to lie to their customers...nice Apple..nice pfft!
  • Lol that's really stupid.
  • 1984 IS HERE PEOPLE!!!
  • Only apple I know is a fruit. What's Siri? :D
  • This pretty much solidifies Siri's use as trivial, especially when it's not allowed to produce an unbiased answer. This is however in line with apples general untrustworthiness when it comes to their products. From being virus proof to "fixing" results. Not exactly what you would call working in your best interest.
    Thank goodness Apple isn't in charge of "Fixing" voting results.
  • Pretty nice handling of this PR nightmare....nop!
    Wow, looks how Apple manipulate their engine results...what would happen with a fruite search
  • God forbid
  • At least windows phone still has 2 of the top 5 phones in the world according to wolfram alpha
  • Its actually pretty scary that you can't depend upon your device to give you an unbiased answer. It would be as if you asked Bing maps to get you a route to your place of interest, and the route it decided to give you happened to go by 2 Microsoft stores.
    That smacks of a thing Google would do. Now you can add Apple to that list.
    There really should be a truth in computing law.
  • Keep in mind that Siri is in "Beta."  That will be their excuse - "Hey, we're 'fine tuning' the service. Nothing to see here folks."  F'ing Apple.  Way to censor results.  But, I guess everyone does this, right?  Well, Bing certainly doesn't.  Search for "best search engine" and "best search engine ever" will not return Bing as an answer.
  • The result should just be whatever it is. Not colored, not biased, not skewed. So Siri isn't even allowed to use answers from its own search engine.
  • I believe it is impossible to not be biased when declaring what the "best" of any category is because the "best" is a highly subjective term. Wolfram Alpha says the Lumia 900 is the best because of the fact that it is highly rated but one could just as easily argue that the iPhone 4S is the best since it is the single best selling phone on the market or that Google is the best search engine since the majority of the population uses it.
    Regardless, a fail on Apple's part as they have no sense of humour. It was no real biggie, just a fun little mishap that allowed people to mock Apple but by "fixing" it they have really allowed it to become an idiotic misstep. Where's the humour in that? These guys need to lighten up a little because it is pretty darn obvious that this incident won't impact the plethora of iPhone crazed users who will be standing in line for 5 days when the next iPhone comes out.
  • Let the censoring begin!
  • Now we have proof that Siri is just a gimmick.
  • I second that
  • Third it
  • Who needs a fake personal assistant anyway! A real PA costs real money, more than siri would ever be worth. I fourth that!
  • Seems like a pretty overreaction all around to something that didn't seem like that big of a deal to begin with. And what average iPhone user would have cared or even known about this outside of those who frequent these kinds of sites? My wife has a 4S and has no freakin clue about this and would probably careless if she did. She likes her phone and not my insistence she try WP hasn't changed that, so I am sure this wouldn't
  • The implications are much larger in scope than this single example. It clearly outlines Apples implementation methodology and their control and willful manipulation of data sent to the public as an unbiased response. Unethical yes, illegal possibly.
  • I Again, I really think this whole thing is silly. And while it might bring to question Apple's ethics if you care to look that deep into it, I just don't think the average user cares. Hell, if Tell Me said the iPhone 4S was the best and MS changed it, then go right ahead. I could give two craps, lol.
  • "I just don't think the average user cares." That's one of the problems with people, they're sheep & just accept things. These sheep are a major part of societal problems. If you don't realize this, so are you.
  • But it is funny how this topic jumped to that, even I see that.
  • You're never enthusiastic about anything
  • you "dont give a crap" and think "its silly" and still CARE to comment? wow... you are amazing /s. now seriously, shut up. first, this wasn't about how it said nokia lumia 900 was the best phone. it was a funny finding someone had. now it doesn't say that because apple MANIPULATES the info. thats the point now. nobody cares about if it says its the best or not, its about Apple changing the results of what should be unbiased. i guess you just dont think much enough... but i cant expect silly people become intelligent once.
  • couldn't agree more
  • lol.  Apple are so retarded, IT WAS A JOKE.  They are one of the most retarded companies on this planet, and everyone is blinkered to it.
  • I am not an Apple hater my any means. own a few idevices and am very happy with them. Don't have a 4s any more. Enjoying the lumia 900. as dirty is this move is by apple, its not the first and won't be the last. Just think back to the iPhone 4 debut, Steve showed off a $20 bumper. Why??? To bandaid a known issue.
  • "which took into account user reviews when performing the search."
    So instead of giving the user an accurate answer, they are going to create their own version of reality for users.
    If Apple truly believed in their product, they wouldn't mess with the way the service scores and returns information to the user.
  • There is no correct answer to the question. If the question was "What is the top-rated phone on Wolfram Alpha at this exact moment?" then there would have been a single correct answer. Since the question was asking for an opinion the answer could have been any phone.
  • This is one of many reasons why I will never embrace Apple. It is not what you know it is what your told with Apple and by the way you will do as your bloody told while youre at it.
    No other company would actually care the result would change over time but no thats not good enough for Apple as they have no control over the desired result.
  • So now c'mon Apple/Siri fanboys think about this. You want to show of your phone and how awesome Siri is and it can do anything you ask with factual results, yet now it is so damn obvious that it's only providing the information Apple wants you to have/believe and not an actual unbiased result. This just goes to show that Siri is just a gimmick. And I can't understand how you keep falling for the crap they deliver as innovative. Blind sheep is all I've got to say!
  • Weak.
  • Its not like an iPhone owner would throw away his phone and go get a 900 would he?? So fucking lame gg crapple
  • They probably would since they don't have the best cell phone ever like they thought they did. Lol
  • Pretty sad that Apple has to hard code responses into Siri just to obfuscate the truth and keep their users in the dark. If you're searching the Internet for a new phone you want helpful information not a silly joke meant to keep you from that info. There are too many instances where Siri is selective in when & what it chooses to give you real information about and when it decides to withhold information from you.
    Do we want to live in a world where our virtual assistants help us to make informed choices ourselves or one where the virtual assistant makes those decisions for us and "helps" us by withholding information? You can laugh this off as "who cares it's just Apple promoting Apple products," but there is a much bigger issue developing here. I am strongly pro-life, but the decision of Siri to withhold information on the location of abortion clincs is chilling. Siri censors information for tons of topics. That censorship is positioned as "easter eggs" and uses humor to disquise the censorship. Imagine a day where something like Siri is the preeminent search engine like Google is today, would we still find these selective canned responses amusing?
  • So apple is watching...HUH...
    POOR SIRI...
  • Tim Cook sure is one insecure little man.
  • "you want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"
  • Screw you apple
  • When I read the title of article, I LOL so hard.
  • Bang goes any credibility that it had!!, now we know that it will always be manipulated in apples favour
  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooo apple, lol
  • Whenever you use a service you are trusting the service provider. If that provider does something that breaks that trust then you should get a new provider. I no longer trust Google, Apple, and Facebook and so no longer use their services. Pretty simple.
  • It's sad, but nothing surprises me when it comes to Apple.
  • Poor Siri has been brainwashed into an Apple mactard/fanboi. :(
  • no sense of humour whatsoever! boo!
  • Didn't it do that before? I seem to recall back when the 4s was launched thats the answer it gave.
  • Funnily enough, I was impressed by the original search results, showing that Apple will give you the best result even if it's not in their interest.
    Not so it seems, they're happy to cripple their product to self promote themselves.
  • The funny thing is. How the hell do you think Bing makes money? Off course, the same way as Siri and Google. Love my Lumia but don't hate iPhone or Andriod. 
    WP is faster, sure is, but it is not "cool"! Make it cool and it will fly of the shelf, but consumers are thinking Windows -> Microsoft -> Corporations -> Work -> Boring. Why on earth does all the girls want a Prada purse and pay $1500 for it, uh, because it is better quality, not! It is all in the marketing, so stop reviewing game after game after dumb app after dumb app on this site and make the WP phone I have cool. 
  • That's what a tech site is supposed to do. Review apps and stuff,name one that doesn't. Wonder what else is going on in that mind.
  • Hahaha iphone is a bitch? Lol!! Controlled mind
  • Too late the world already realized which is the best phone ever, thanks siri.
  • There is a bug in your APPLE.
  • Boahhh LOOOOSERS!!
  • Apple: you're hearing it wrong...
  • LOL, that's actually clever!
  • Figures LOL
  • LOL
  • Not to get too OT, but this is why Skynet could never become self-aware. Some evil corporation would step in and reprogram it before THAT happened. (Did I just compare Apple to Skynet? I just may have.)
  • Absolutely lame that they felt THIS was worth wasting their time changing. MS wouldn't care about a silly search result but Apple is so full of themselves that they couldn't deal with this. Just pathetic.
  • and what does the wp internal speech activated search function return?
    it won't be long until m$ has to 'fix' their own answers to certain questions...
  • About an hour after the story posted my asked siri the same question and it said "I've already answered that."
  • Not really surprised at this response, and was kind of expecting it to happen sooner or later when I first read that previous article (pity I didn't get the chance to try it out on the demo unit last week). Apple have a huge ego, no doubt about it.
    But maybe saying something else will produce those same results again, especially when you add Amazon or some other online shopping site in that query. :p
  • I'm sorry, but that's cheating... Now knowing Apple just changes siri results, any answer could be tampered with. Lameeee
  • I love the iPhone and Apple, but this is a tad silly. Almost as bad as Nokia giving the V's to all purchases a Lumia upon release and receive no free Monster headphones..
  • No, that's completely different.