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What's the best mobile phone ever according to Apple's Siri? The Lumia 900 of course

Siri, the personal assistant found on the iPhone 4S, has been making headlines for Apple today, but for all the wrong reasons. The image above explains what's going on better than any words in this article. Should you happen to ask Siri "what's the best cell phone ever?", you'll be greeted with a surprising response. Not only does Siri choose a device that's not an Apple product, but it chooses the Lumia 900 Windows Phone. 

This result is produced by taking the mobile phone that's rated the highest by consumers and the cyan AT&T Lumia 900 just so happens to fit the bill. Siri found the above answer by using Wolfram Alpha, which lists the Windows Phone when visitors type in the same query. The launch of the Lumia 900 was met by an extremely high level of satisfaction from customers who purchased the handset, regardless of the issues that appeared.

We gave it a shot with Ask Ziggy to see what the Windows Phone Siri-like assistant thought of all this. Unfortunately, it appeared to be slightly smarter than Siri with leading us to a Bing SERP listing articles covering "top ten mobile phones", etc. Smart move Zig-meister. Smart move.

Does anyone find it even remotely humorous how the Windows Phone community (and tech media) have jumped on this story? At the end of the day, Apple can take something away from this - Siri has proven to be relatively accurate.

Source: Techtudo; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Predictably the iPhone fanboys have started to swarm the Best Buy website to change the results that Siri gives out. Notice all the 1 and 2 star reviews that are coming out after May 11th:

    Pathetic how threatened some people are by anything even remotely positive for Windows Phone.
  • I just notice that, what a bunch of  TOOLs.... literally apple tools ..... I dont like fanboy , I like TOOLs better.  Apple to customers:  DO MY BIDING SLAVES!
  • Simply flag the bogus reviews and the trolls will burn.
  • :-D
  • Burn Trolls, BURN!!! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • and people accuse Microsoft of astroturfing
  • Those people are seriously pathetic. Do they not have anything better to do with their lives?
  • Lulz......
  • If Steve Jobs were still alive he'd be furious!  At least Siri doesn't skew results to benefit Apple, although after this Siri might just start doing that.
  • Jobs would have been alot more upset if it had been an Android phone!
  • Jobs hated Android so much, he probably would have supported WP7 just to kill it. Read anything regarding Jobs on Android and the vitriol he had is intense.
  • this is GOOLD!!! LOL!!! ROLF , LMAO, HAHA , HEHE,
  • Hahaha, brilliant
  • siri does not make mistakes :-)
  • Wow this is awesome! Lol ;-)
  • $10 says posts this but the doesn't...
  • LOL, theverge already deleted a forum post about this
  • Lol what? For real?
  • I usually don't agree with Siri but it's hard to argue with her this time
  • Just tried responds with "here is a place with cell phones close to you" and pulls up a map.
  • this is absolutely priceless lol
  • We need a new Siri commercial with Samuel L. Jackson asking this.
  • this
  • Love it! We all know that the 900 is awesome.
  • I hate to be rude but Siri didn't say is best it said by costumers reviews is best not by siri review
  • customer reviews is relative to the search how else can a real answer be found if not based on the people who use the product :D
  • If customer reviews don't make it the best, then what does?
  • Siri isn't a real person and incapable of opinion thus it must use actual reviews from humanoids.
  • Bloody iPhone....
  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Apple IPhone 4s $299.00, Nokia Lumia 900 $99.00, asking Siri what the best phone on the market is and the response is the Nokia Lumia 900, Priceless!
  • Lol!
  • Lmao
  • iPhone 4S, $200-$400.
  • 4S is around $800 outright in Australia
  • Specifying "cell phone" instead of "mobile phone" would probably bias the results to US sites, and probably works on the current best seller.
  • Actually, you should probably look at the image before commenting. Siri actually used "mobile phone". I don't know what your point is, the Lumia 900 has the best customer review of any phone in the world right now.
  • Are you blind? The question says "what is the best cell phone ever?". I am saying the question probably skewed the answers returned. I am aware it says "best mobile phones" in the answers. You should probably look at the image and learn to read before commenting.
  • There's a YouTube video where the question is asked using "smart phone". UK accent. Same result.
  • SIRI" Hahaha...
  • Epic! Lol
  • XD
  • I got similar result by pressing the middle start button until it starts listening and asking same question. I think this starts a bing query and I have found this to be a very quick one dedicated button on front of phone way of searching. I was wondering if many WP7 users have also found this to be a great built in feature to their Windows phone?
  • Yes, I do that quite often as well. Quick, easy, and usually helpful.
  • What, no meme? Siri's trolling after all. XD
  • Big news i just got my cyan lumia back! :D i now own the best mobile phone in the world :D according to siri anyway
  • I like!
  • I replaced "cell" with "mobile" and Ziggy gave me:
    "The totally bottom end, no frills nokia 1100 cell phone is the best selling cell phone ever with over 200 million units sold."
  • I asked my friend to ask the same question several times and the results always points to locations to buy. So the server must have noticed and adjusted the answer. Then I asked which is the best cell phone, and she said, "are you kidding right?" Too funny.
  • IololololllIololololllIololololllIololololllIololololllIololololll
  • I had the 4S from day one till the lumia 900 was out. Sold the 4S and never looking back. Anyway, I remember for a fact asking siri on 3 different occasions during my time with it what the best phone was. 2 of the 3 time, it said """" the one your are holding, of course"""". I am 100% confident of this. Asked a co worker to just ask now and it is telling us where the closest AT@T store is. I was surprised it didn't say """ please try again as I am going through maintainace at the moment"".
  • Nokia should use that in a 900 commercial
  • +99999
  • Doesn't matter, the iPhone fanboys are like the Call of Duty fanboys. They don't know anything else than their brand. Even if it's better. And if someone says otherwise they just say "But I like it, because I'm ignorant".
  • They know we are the best :-)
  • Well done siri we knew we could count on you.
  • That pic is my new wallpaper LOL
  • Lol, I just tried it on our stores demo iPhone and it just said Your kidding right?
  • Hilarious
  • LOL, I can see the Mac fanboys at work telling me they don't have time to talk about this (of course) lol... :)
  • That made me laugh... Long time :-)
  • I just had a co-worker ask Siri that same question, and she said "it's the one you're holding"...
  • Isn't it obvious - Siri just asked Woz!
  • Cool... When I'm sitting around with my friends this weekend and I'm holding my "Smurf-Phone" (as they all like to gigle & call it) I will ask them all to ask what their girlfriend Siri thinks is the best cell phone ever...
  • I checked on ask ziggy and it told me the best cell phones were the HTC diamond and the upcoming palm pre.
  • Its starting to catch with YouTube videos now showing iPhones giving the same result and even Microsoft is tweeting the Siri response.
  • I can't get my wife's siri to do this.  When I asked what is the best smartphone, it said " The one you're holding."  haha
  • It appears they've since changed how Siri responds to this question. Can't imagine Tim Cook was too pleased with this.
  • Steve just rolled around..
  • Ziggy has mixed emotions.
  • They changed the backend database on the answer already...
  • Guys, don't forget to count how many days/hours it takes Apple to pull that off Siri! LOL
  • I could picture an apple fan boy asking that & hearing the answer. Haha..
  • Well, we tried with Siri and it replies with nokia lumia 900 only for this question: "What is the best Smartphone ever". If you leave the 'ever' or if you ask it differently then it replies with the one you are holding or are there other phones.
    One apple head at our office was so pissed off.. it was fun:)
    Anyway Siri is not that good as they project. But i think it is the best out there for the AI. Hope this will change with Win 8
  • Now i want Lumia 900 over my titan....anyone want to trade??
  • iphone is better than lumia 900.