Apple on the Nokia Lumia in court “Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone."

Your honor, we present Exhibit A

Today are the closing arguments in the highly watched Apple versus Samsung patent trial, meaning there is a lot of ‘Law & Order’ type drama occurring. Or at least that’s what we like to believe in reading the many live-blogs that are covering the case right now.

Probably one of the most entertaining moments came from Apple’s lawyers who were presenting their final case to the jury. At around 1:38 PM PT their lawyer, Harold McElhinny, evidently held up a unspecified Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and exclaimed...

"Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone."

In addition, some other device called the Sony Xperia Arc was shown too.

If there is one thing that can be said about the Windows Phone OS and the Nokia line of Lumias is that they certainly don’t copy from any of their competitors and instead have gone their own path.

And although Apple here had ulterior motives for demonstrating that smartphone companies can ‘think different’ when it comes to their products, we can’t think of a better example—or accidental endorsement—than Apple’s for-the-record testimony today in court.

Source: the Verge; via Pino Bonetti (@haikus)

Daniel Rubino

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