Do you plan to buy a Cerulean Moment Windows phone?

The Cerulean Moment seems like an affordable dream for any fan of Windows 10 Mobile who does not want to migrate from the platform but cannot afford a device like the HP Elite X3. WhartonBrooks has a fundraiser page designed to drum up support and capital for its smartphone that will run Microsoft's mobile OS. We've covered the development of the Moment for some time now and even sat down with WhartonBrooks CEO Greg Murphy.

Did you get the email? The one with the special link? Are you a Cerulean Knight? Did you pledge and get the secret perk? Are you spreading the word? Let's hear your battle stories here. #ThisIsOurMoment #CeruleanKnights #ColorMeCerulean


The phone itself is essentially a white-label Coship device with fine-tuned specifications, design and other developments to position it for not only mobile use but Continuum and more. Also, interestingly, the company is slapping a Windows logo on the rear, which could help entice new consumers who are familiar with Windows but not the mobile side of the OS.

Have you backed the project? Why or why not? Hop on over to our community forum to join in the discussions.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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