Armchair traders rejoice, official Fidelity Investments app for Windows Phone 8 now available

When it rains, it pours. And just like that we have another official app joining our quiver in the Windows Phone Store. Fidelity Investments, an American multinational financial services company, has just released an app for folks running Windows Phone 8 to download. Let’s check it out.

Fidelity Investments joins apps like E*Trade for users wanting to track their portfolios while keeping an eye on the markets. The app is super fluid and looks really well. Some features for those of you with a Fidelity Investment account:

  • Get real-time quotes
  • Initiate trades
  • Check account information (including intra-day balances, positions, and order status)

And if you don’t have an account you’ll still be able to use the app, here’s what you get:

  • Delayed quotes
  • Charts
  • Watch lists
  • Financial news


I don’t have a FI account, so I won’t be able to check out the first set of features. But the app does perform nicely as a way to keep a tab on the markets. When you first launch the app you’ll get an overview of the U.S. Markets – you’ll see the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and Russell 3000 information at a quick glance. Tapping any one of them will take you into a more detailed view where you’ll get the quote, chart, and relevant news.

Swiping to the right of the app you’ll see your account (if you’re logged in), quotes (where you can search for a specific company name of symbol), news (sorted by different topics like top news, international, and more), and last but not least you’ll have your watch lists (something you get also from logging in).

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any lockscreen support, but you can pin specific stocks to your Start screen in either small, normal, or double wide live tiles. The double wide tiles are nice, for example after pinning ‘MSFT’ to my screen the tile would flip and cycle through the stock information and news for Microsoft.

The app is free and available only to users with Windows Phone 8 devices. You can grab Fidelity Investments right here in the Store or by using the QR code below.

QR: Fidelity Investments

  • Moar! Can't wait for Capital One's offering.
  • Bactard
  • Capital One, yes please!
  • Yes!,,,, I can really use this!!
  • With all these major apps coming in I suspect MS has something to do with this.. It's just amazing, and it doesn't seem like its going to stop any time soon.
  • No I don't think it has anything to do with MSFT just the fact that the platform is gaining popularity
  • IDK.. I bet the development of a lot of these apps started before WP8 had any penetration. They are just coming so consistently that it almost seems coordinated. That's where I think MS comes in.
  • This is a very nice app too!!
  • Oh yeah.... Now I'm hoping ING would join soon.
  • +1
  • Dreams are coming true, some things!
  • Relax, dream a little bigger
  • Lol!! We're all nerds..
  • You drive a 350z?
  • My dad did. Wait, I think its the 250z
  • Scottrade pleaseeeee
  • would be great too!
  • would awesome
  • I should just perminately change my region to US cause it's not available for Canadians to DL >>>yet<<<
  • Charles Schwab please..
  • "Schwab" lol! You said Schwab! Hello!!
  • Finally! Been waiting for this for so damn long
  • Look at my baby growing like a weed. Go Windows Phone.
  • Its my baby fool! My baby!
  • Scottrade, Wells Fargo but this is a good sign
  • Wtf it won't go past the loading screen. Reset phone, reinstalled etc...
  • Fixed. Seems to freeze if your phone is not in English.
  • This is good. I want TD Ameritrade to come. They have an app on Windows8 (tho' a crappy one!).
  • Yes another big name added.  Very good to see.  Personally been waiting for this one too :) 
  • Nooooo......! Not for WP 7.X! Where is that Lumia 928???
  • Coming very, very soon.. Hang in there, and I hope you get one. I can't wait until all you Verizon users get what you deserve!! By the 928 being on Verizon do you think we'll see a measurable increase in WP market share?
  • Looks good but I don't understand why they break several UI standard such as the exposed label on the circle icons. And what's with the double ellipsis? I know it's good that we have the app, sometimes I just don't get why its so hard for companies/developers to follow basic standards.
  • It is standard. That's what a minimized app bar looks like when its expanded by tapping on the elipsis. When you expand a minimized app bar, the labels will always appear.
  • I think if the app works as it should, it really doesn't make a difference. Ruzzle looks nothing like a "Metro" app and is one of the most enjoyable games/apps there is. 
  • Can't say it enough. Great to see the official apps come (though well made third party substitutes are great as well)
  • Awesome! This has been one of my most anticipated apps. It looks like a fantastic initial release. I can see all accounts, including multiple brokerage accounts, 401k, and cash management. My watch lists are there, too. The stock/security quotes look great with nice charts. I want Full View support and live tile options for my accounts, but it's beautiful. I'm really excited about this one!
  • All sorts of awesome!  I've been waiting for this one since Windows Phone 7 days.  Already pinned!  They did a nice job too!  News, qutes, research as well as being able to trade.  Great to see they put effort into it instead of just throwing out a crap knockoff of their horrid mobile web site. 
  • I said this when these official apps started streaming in. People scuffed me off by making the sad claim that it took this long to develop Windows Phone 8 apps. I think we are hitting a critical point in terms of market share where WP will start being taken more seriously. I'm not sure how much of it is related to W8 numbers and the "ease" of porting apps from what platform to the other. Obviously, some of these apps aren't available yet on both platforms. I'd be shocked if the big fortunane 500 companies and what not aren't slowly working on porting it from one Windows platform to the other. Case in point, many of them are Windows Phone 8 and NOT WP7/WP8 and Windows 8. Some may claim this is because of APIs, advances in hardware, etc. but the reality is many/most could have easily been tweeked to abide by the "limitations" of WP7.
  • "The app is super fluid and looks really well."
    The app has eyes?
  • :D
  • Engrish is hard!
  • Who needs it, am I right?
  • Where you at Scottrade?!?!?!?! -_-
  • Finally an official app on WP to something I actually use, lol
  • Nice. Can use this!
  • Want Scottrade and AMEX...
  • +1 for AMEX
  • If Verizon can bring back group messaging on the Lumia 928, I will give up my iPhone 5 and pay full price for it on release day. 
  • Just checked it out. Kind of awesome developers.  Fast and fluid.  ModernUI design language done right. News feeds.  Beautiful charts.  Really well done.  I'll log in shortly and dig on in.  Very well done guys. Well done.
  • Oh damn just over the weekend  i was looking for the app in the store and they didn't have it great i'm happy now they do cool i can look at my account on the go. So all i need now is Iheart radio for windows 8 i hope it's soon.
  • How do I get the wide tile with Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 on my homescreen?
  • Make the app tile double wide. Their screenshot was a little misleading showing all the tiles at once.
  • Got it, thanks!
  • Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that the app doesn't keep you logged in to your account...
  • I would not want that, anymore than I would want my bank app to keep me logged in.  Fidelity makes it pretty easy to peform trades online.  If I lose my phone or somone picks it up before the lock kicks back in, I really don't want them having open access to my retirement accounts.  
  • +1
  • Awesome. Can keep up with my 401k more often now
  • Nice.  I'm happy about this one.  Now, if PNC Bank would step up to the plate.  
  • It might sound ridiculous, but this might be the app to make be buy an 820 to replace my 900 until my upgrade in the fall.
  • The app is nice ... but ... it's missing one huge feature -- for me at least -- that the iOS and Android versions have: remote check deposit. I was really hoping when this app was released it would be on par feature wise as the other two platform instances, but alas ... just another example of a Windows Phone version of an app not living up to expectations.
  • There is where my IRA is along with a meager portfolio. Now I can watch it grow, right.
  • I work for Fidelity and u didn't think that they would come out with WP8 app. I'm so excited. Now I can access my accts :)
  • its nice to have it, however it doesnt hold a candel to the android version.
    for example on the  positions screen it doesnt show you the total gain for all positions.
    but again its nice to have it on my 920 and it is version 1.0.0
  • Schwab!! Schwab!!
  • Holy cow, if Schwab doesn't get their act together I'm gonna switch.
  • Great app... Finally.  Now let's add Mint!
  • Are you guys buisiness people?
  • I can get down to business
  • Login doesn't work. Keeps asking for security question but the "continue" button doesn't do anything after you click it. Add new username doesn't work either.
  • Thank God
  • Come on wells Fargo!!!!
  • +1
  • TD Ameritrade also has a app. You guys should cover that too.
  • Haven't seen TD's app in the store, still waiting for that.  Everytime I emailed them, response was "we are looking into that market, but don't have any plans to develope at this time".  Nice that someone cares about WP users :)
  • Now if only USAA would get back on the bandwagon before they lose any more credibility with members....