AT&T announces TerreStar Genus sat phone

Don't expect to see this is stores anytime soon, but AT&T this morning announced it'll carry the TerreStar Genus Windows Mobile satellite phone. Dieter actually got his hands on this beast back at CTIA in April. As a reminder, we're talking a 2.6-inch, 240x230 touchscreen, WinMo 6.5 Pro,WiFi, GPS (natch), 3MP camera, 100MB of user-available memory and a 1,400mAh battery.

But, like we said, the Genus won't be available in your corner AT&T store. It's government Corporate Responsibility User subscribers, enterprise and small businesses who can look for it in the first quarter of 2010. AT&T does, however, say it's "working on a simliar solution for consumers."

No word on pricing, but you can bet that data plan won't be cheap.

AT&T Business Center

Phil Nickinson

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