We know AT&T is serious about this whole "premier carrier" thing and we've heard that employees will be receiving extensive training on the new OS, akin to now Apple prepped the same carrier for its release. Now it looks like they're going even further with support.

Evidently those meetings with employees are just starting. One, attended by [redacted], had the VP of AT&T there and he reportedly gave away 100 Windows Phone 7 devices to all the employees there.

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It's not clear which phone (or phones) were given out nor whether or not they're doing this in all regions. Regardless, certain AT&T employees have to be pretty excited at this prospect!

Edit 10/16/10: Source is having second thoughts now about being so public about his company's inner workings; asked us to redact his info.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Rene Ritchie of TiPB.com, for the tip!