Audible for Windows 8 is gone, but it's not all bad news

But, while the app is no longer supported and can't be downloaded from the Windows Store, it appears not to be all bad news. Word is that the app is being rebuilt to launch for Windows 10

One Windows Central reader received this message from the Audible UK team:

"Unfortunately the Audible App for Windows RT is no longer supported. We are currently working on a rebuild which we expect will support Windows 10 when that launches. I appreciate this must be disappointing. As a workaround you should be able to use the Cloud Player from the Library section on the site. This is reliant on an internet connection however, so you won't be able to play a book whilst offline through the Cloud Player. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes but I hope this information helps."

It seems not a week passes of late where we're not hearing of abandoned support for either Windows or Windows Phone. It would have been great if Amazon had kept this app running, but it obviously has its reasons for shutting it down. The silver lining is that it appears to be only a temporary thing, and hopefully later this year we'll have a shiny new app for Windows 10 pumping stories into our ears.

If you've got a Windows Phone, though, you can still use that to get your offline fix on the go. It just recently got updated, again, so for now things are still firing on all cylinders in that camp. Grab the Windows Phone version from the store link below.

QR: Audible

Thanks Andrew for the tip!

Richard Devine
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