Jez Corden

Jez Corden

Co-Managing Editor

Fresh out of high school, Jez enjoyed a long career unemployed as a World of Warcraft dragon slayer. After slaying every dragon WoW had to offer at the time, he eventually stumbled into an I.T. support role for a small company smack in the middle of the good old United Kingdom. While in this role, Jez encountered his first "tech fanboys," people who inexplicably get so deep into tech that they start rooting for them, much like a sports team. 

One day, Jez picked up a Windows Phone on a whim — and little did he know it would eventually land him a role as a managing editor for the biggest Windows-focused site in the world! "This is actually pretty cool," he thought, watching the Windows Phone 8.1 tiles flip and cycle, followed by a "wow!" upon discovering the games therein had actual Xbox achievements baked in as standard. "I must tell the world about this," he resolved and began blogging during breaks at work. As one of the few people on Earth who actually actively used and enjoyed using a Windows Phone, Nokia invited Jez to MWC to watch them launch the Lumia 640. Enticed by the promise of free whiskey, Jez immediately leaped at the opportunity.  Wholly impressed by the fact that there was someone else on Earth who loved Windows Phone more than he did, Windows Central editor Daniel Rubino saw Jez's excellent content from MWC and promptly offered him a job, and now the rest is history. 

Since joining Windows Central, Jez turned his workaholism and restlessness to producing masses of world-exclusives on the Microsoft ecosystem. From the existence and spec sheet of the Xbox Series S, to unannounced Xbox features and games, Jez also has a wealth of expertise in producing analysis on the Microsoft platform and its future direction. An active user of Windows 11, Surface devices, Xbox consoles, Xbox cloud gaming, and beyond, Jez's role as managing editor is to ensure that Windows Central remains the #1 destination for all news, reviews, and analysis pertaining to the Microsoft ecosystem. 

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