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Bank of America announces move to Microsoft's cloud services

Bank of America announced today that it will tap into Microsoft's cloud services "as part of its digital transformation." As part of the move, Bank of America will tap into both Office 365 and Azure. In a news release, Bank of America Chief Technology Office Howard Boville said:

We are aggressively modernizing our technology infrastructure to enable current and future growth across all our lines of business. Our agreement with Microsoft aligns to our target of delivering 80 percent of our technology workloads on virtual platforms within the next several years, further establishing Bank of America as a digital leader in financial services.

Bank of America says that it will tap Azure for its cloud needs, and it will also bring Office 365 to its 200,000 employees. According to Microsoft, "more than 80 percent of the world's largest banks and more than 75 percent of the global systemically important financial institutions using Azure."

Microsoft's cloud efforts have become an increasingly important part of its business. Cloud business revenues have led the way in driving growth for the tech giant in recent quarters, and it looks like the cloud will be a continued area of focus for Microsoft going forward.

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  • well done
  • Maybe they'll keep their Windows App, or have they already dropped it?
  • Still works on my phone
  • They have a very nice universal App. Works great.
  • I read "bank of America announces" and immediately thought they were dropping their UWP app. glad to read different news!
  • I read "bank of America announces" and immediately thought they were dropping their UWP app. glad to read different news!
  • Tbh not many companies have a choice any more its getting harder and harder to justify a none subscription based mail system. Epilepsy for small businesses with sbs being dropped and the price of full server with exchange and stand alone office. Its great for Microsoft as they seem to be the ones making the big signings but not good for It company's trying to sell the products due to no kick backs. Will be interesting times over the next 10 years to see the shap of the IT industry.
  • Watch out BoA, Microsoft just might suddenly drop their service on you.
  • Haha i am gutted they have dropped groove was the music. Service that fit me the best. Now moving over to Google music seems to be the 2nd best one for me
  • Same with me. I tried Spotify and Deezer years ago but was never satisfied with either. Groove is still one of the better solutions for music.
  • Google music doesn't support cloud stored music, does it?
  • Yeah. Has had that since the beginning. The $15 family pass is hard to turn down. I don't think I have touched my uploaded music in years. YouTube Red is also a nice bonus.
  • Lol! :-)
  • Hey Microsoft...start talking to WFB for their cloud's needs so they can keep their win 10 mobile app!
  • Good luck, when nutella kills that. I can't believe anyone, especially a corporation, is trusting this idiot.