Battalion 1944 team details pre-launch changes based on beta feedback

While it's likely to draw some comparisons to the Call of Duty: WWII due to its setting, upcoming shooter Battalion 1944 is looking to go back to the roots of competitive FPS games. Even ahead of its February 1 launch into Steam Early Access, the Battalion 1944 team is taking a hard look at community feedback in a bid to foster a tight competitive scene. In a new announcement, the team has revealed some of the changes it will implement ahead of launch based on the feedback from the game's latest beta round.

One of the changes likely to be felt the most is the reduction of gun accuracy while moving through the air during a jumpshot. In an attempt to add a bit more depth to the game and cut down on the amount of "flying around corners," as the team calls it, accuracy for several guns has been reduced while you're moving horizontally during a jump.

For an amount of time when a player is in the air, they will no longer be able to hit perfectly accurate shots. This change is ONLY applied to horizontal movement (X & Z axis), if you stand still and complete a regular vertical jumpshot, you will retain 100% accuracy.

This impacts the Kar98 Sniper, Springfield, Kar98k, STG44, BAR, Thompson, and MP40 to varying degrees.

Another set of changes focuses on the movement speed impact of carrying various guns. For the BAR and STG44, both ADS and general movement speed with each has been increased by 20 percent. The Kar98k has had its general movement speed lowered, but ADS speed remains the same. In addition to other movement changes, pistols now have their own unique speed.

In terms of smaller tweaks, the Kar98 has had the look of its scope changed slightly. Snipers will also now be forced to un-scope while bolting the weapon between shots. Previously, snipers could continue looking down the scope while bolting. This should have the effect of making snipers feel less overpowered, the team hopes.

If you're interested in checking out the game's full roadmap, you can check out the Battalion 1944 website for more. Full details on the pre-launch changes can also be found on Steam.

Battalion 1944 is set to top launch into Steam Early Access on February 1 for $14.99 (£11.99 / €14.99). For more on the game, be sure to check out our hands-on with an early alpha version from last spring.

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