Battery life for Windows 10 on ARM devices said to be ridiculously good

Perhaps most promising for the prospects of Windows 10 on ARM devices is that we can probably expect them to have fantastic battery life. According to French blog FrAndroid, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies Cristiano Amon confirmed at the company's recent 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong that users can expect to go multiple days between charges.

Specifically, Amon said, Windows 10 on ARM devices can expect up to an absurd 29 hours of streaming Netflix, or around 18 hours with mixed device usage. Standby time should be similarly excellent, with devices able to go multiple days between charges with intermittent use. That's a massive jump over most Intel-based devices if proven accurate, measuring triple-digit growth in some cases. That comes largely down to a combination of lower power-consumption ARM processors and the physical properties of the devices, which will sport smaller motherboards. That will allow for both thinner devices and larger batteries.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Board

Aside from battery life, Amon also revealed a couple of interesting tidbits concerning manufacturers and potential new Snapdragon chips. Microsoft made very clear when it introduced Windows 10 on ARM, that it was specifically designed to work with the Snapdragon 835, a processor built with smartphones in mind. Down the road, Amon said, we could see Qualcomm develop chips build specifically for Windows 10 on ARM, with better graphics and memory bandwidth.

We're expecting to see Microsoft's typical hardware partners in the PC space, like ASUS, HP, and Lenovo, release devices first. However, according to Qualcomm, the introduction of Windows 10 on ARM will likely draw new manufacturers to the PC market from mobile. Some of the larger manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei already have a lineup of PCs available, but we could see a currently mobile-only company like HTC enter the space, for example.

Aside from longer battery life, we can likely expect devices to benefit from instant-on capabilities and sport always-on LTE connections. There are still a lot of unknowns, including a potential release date for the first devices. And we'll want to see Qualcomm's battery life claims in action. Still, getting full Windows 10 to run on ARM processors is certainly a significant achievement, and it will be an interesting space to watch.

HP, Lenovo and ASUS aim to release first Snapdragon 835 Windows 10 PCs

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Cool!
    Hopefully MS break Its silence next month and also reveals the surface fold....🤞🏻
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    Start holding your breath after build 2018... Honestly. So, maybe a leak in, or after, April 2018.
  • Jason Ward......
    "However, according to Qualcomm, the introduction of Windows 10 on ARM will likely draw new manufacturers to the PC market from mobile. Some of the larger manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei already have a lineup of PCs available, but we could see a currently mobile-only company like HTC enter the space, for example."
    That says something.
  • I really don't get the fascination with Surface devices, especially mythical ones. Also, if MS keeps the Surface line of products as a high performance premium brand, why would they stick a low power chip in one of their devices? Even if it "folds"
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  • Right... So anyway, my original comment was on the preoccupation with Surface devices. Perhaps I should've been a bit clearer. The article discusses some of the early battery life measurements Qualcomm has made. I don't really understand what that's to do with the surface brand. Why couldn't HP or Lenovo or whoever make the flagship device using this architecture? If it's not Surface it's no good? Also, Microsoft tends to make really expensive, premium grade hardware for their surface line, I don't see how a product whose showcase feature is long battery life fits that mould, but maybe they'll make a follow to the Surface 3 or something similar. Sorry these viewpoints seem to enrage you, perhaps you're just an angry person? Either way, best of luck to you.
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  • This is so true. People have no concept of how much work goes into an OS.  Don't forget that Apple's mainstream OSX and Google's Android were NOT designed and build by Apple and Google.  They were acquired by Apple and Google.  The only company I know that designs and builds its own operating systems is Microsoft.
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  • We have to wait to see if this is true sadly
  • Pretty sure that is how all things work in the world. "I hear the new Star Wars film is good." "Sadly, we have to wait to see if this is true."
  • Honestly I'm pretty psyched. Kinda worried the CPU/Snapdragon 835 will bottleneck the experience, even with copious amount of RAMs. Hopefully Windows 10/S ARM64 emulation and codes would optimize it.
  • Compared to the ATOM processor, and all of it's features that are embedded, I can't wait to see what computer manufactures release. Especially for the lower end markets. 
  • "ATOM processor". You have an interesting point and it will be interesting to see how Manufacturers use this processor. It seems the Snapdragon 835 is in line to eat it's lunch for low ended devices.
  • It'll be interesting for sure. At about 5~20% cheaper than the barebones ATOM and with everything including x16 LTE integrated, the sky's the limit for the smaller OEM's.
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  • I am all for an 835 device that's small enough 6-7 inch that's got lte and possible phone support, I'm just saying let's be real here the ridiculous will be very good but not what they are stating!
  • Very cool.
  • Can these be used has a phone?
  • No. Initial devices will be tablet-esque/laptop devices with more traditional form factors.
  • The board area needed would seem to be able to fit in a 6"in form factor though. So a phone-like device would seem doable. No?
  • As long as somebody makes one small enough with lte some of us will be using these as phones. I really miss offline maps, and I don't mind letting Skype handle my messages. 
  • I think it's very possible. 6" or even 5", how hard can it be? And no one's stopping anyone from attaching a microphone on this typpa device.
    Just matter of time imo.
  • I don't believe telephony is built into Windows 10 yet, it'd be data-only for the LTE connections. But of course MS has the know-how to do it from Windows 10 Mobile, so I'd imagine it'll be added in the near future. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone/Mr. Rubino?
  • @Kryvdynn21; Seemingly, I thought it would be in the Fall Creators Update and should be seemingly ready to go by this time.   
  • And no one's stopping anyone from attaching a microphone on this typpa device.
    All WoA devices should have a microsophone in order to enable Cortana 
  • Anything is doable... But, it has to be case study approved before given the go ahead for production. So, Panos might make a device, but MS might not decide to produce it.....
  • Stuff Panos. As soon as a device of 7 inches appears, someone will get working on a voice app. Voice packages were common in the narrow band modem days. Doubtless the same will happen with these devices.
  • I'd be OK with a 7 inch tablet device to replace my Lumia. That is a fairly common size for Android tablets so doubtless there will be something like that.
  • Not believe until they show or prove because MS lied too much.
  • Again, like others, this is literally how all things work, which is why news sites review products. We all have to wait and see. There's also the question on performance.
  • Dan, outside of the Microsoft fan bubble there's this thing called trust. I know it exists because I read about it in books.
  • With Anti-MS Nutella at the helm, this probably won't happen.  He wants MS to die.
  • No offense, but you sound really crazy. Microsoft is a business. They don't exist just to serve you.
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  • you do realise that under Nadella's leadership Microsoft's value was raised by 200 billion dollars , right ?
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  • And you think that market sentiment is based on the future prosperity of a company? Strengthening margins by cutting R&D is a pretty good way to improve short term company results, the longer term health can however be a different story.
  • @Mars2003, the market valuations are not based on current quarter performance, but what analysts forecast for the future. So an increasing market cap equates to a belief that the company is better positioned for growth now than it was before. To be fair, analysts are not looking ahead several years, just 18-36 months, so if your point is just that MS is sarficing its 10-year plan for the next 3 years, it would be harder to find data to support or refute that.
  • Was just going to say the same. Forbes stated +$250 Billion jump in 3.5 years.
  • Alot of us don't like his choices, but can we at least use his real name? Enough with the Nutella garbage. 
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  • Often people are a bit cautious about saying Beelzebub so I suspect nick names (or is that Old Nick names?) will continue.
  • Utter bollocks, of course he doesn't want MS to die, he simply wants to pivot the business away from consumer and over to cloud and enterprise.
    Whether he's right is a different thing and I think all the anti consumer moves made in the past couple of years will come back to haunt MS.
  • What kinda anti-consumer move?
    Only thing I know is the music subscription business.
    UWP that leads to BC/FC/XPA, free unlimited cross-platform cloud sync, GamePass, C++, C#, open source projects, biggest contributor of GitHub, cross Linux, Visual Studio goes free, free project manager / SVN for small team, dropping WinPhone for win10ARM, AR/MR, IOT, etc. Those are good moves.
  • and free Windows 10 upgrades for life.. Not bad from my point of view. I actually use MS prodcuts and in the last two years alone, MS helped me save thousands in software upgrades and hardware too, if I include my families Office 365 with 1TB each in OneDrive storage. 
  • We (people who really care about Microsoft and have interest in it) are lucky enough there is Nadella there and not some random crazy person like you, who don't understand anything about how the company is really doing.
  • Lol... You're crazy.
  • Over promising. This isn't a good sign.
  • It's Qualcomm reporting results, no over promises. When asked what should he have responded with? "Well, I don't want to give specific hours lest "Bleached" thinks we're overpromising, so we'll just go with 3 hours, max."
  • Microsoft has a history of over promising and under delivering. I am not the only one saying this. Half the comments before mine were basically saying the same thing. Being cautious with any Microsoft product or announcement is not crazy with Microsoft's reputation in 2017.
  • They say that perception is reality and with the sentiment displayed here its clear that MS now faces a stronger headwind in the future as it appears to have alienated much of its former advocate base.
    I'm guessing that MS knew/suspected this would happen and thinks it doesn't matter as they are targeting a different business segment going forward.
  • Well in this case is qualcomm, not Microsoft which is sayng that.
  • It is about a Microsoft product and from their close partner on this project. The outcome is the same.
  • So now Qualcomm falls I to this "history of lying" because they do business with Microsoft? LoLoLoL
  • Are they partnered with Microsoft on this? Is it running Microsoft software?
  • Wouldn't be the first OEM partner MS has mislead.
  • I think this is more, we took a 10.1 inch laptop, put our smaller board in there & then filled up the rest of the chasis with battery & used it in perfect lab conditions. Lenovo has a laptop that