Belgian bank Fortis currently working on Windows Phone app

Numerous banks around the world have joined the Windows Phone platform and launched apps for customers to utilise while on the move. We can almost add another bank to the list, BNP Paribas Fortis. The Belgian bank has informed a customer that a Windows Phone app is currently in development and will be released later this year.

Fortis Bank WP App

When can we expect to see this app be made available? The bank has stated the ETA is this coming fall, so be sure to stay tuned for more information.

via: WMPU; thanks, Credo93, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That would great if I had a bank in Belgium
  • I love reading that banks are jumping on board ... Finally! This is yet another sign that the platform is maturing.
  • Yea it has taken long enough for them to jump on board. I use my chase app every day pretty much. I wonder where Wells are though, they and Citi are huge and absent.
  • What chase app? I want to use it tooo ! Greetzz.
  • Now we only need Belfius and ING in Belgium to jump on board, can't wait!!!
  • Agreed. I was really disappointed that the recently released ING app doesn't work for Belgian customers.
  • Me too, i'm gonna email ING NL and ask if they will work together with the BE bank so that they can use it too ... We need to push them! Greetzz.
  • They won't ING Holland isn't Belgium and software wise are both totaly different programs.
  • Then you should migrate your accounts to KBC Bank in Belgiium. They have a mobile banking app on WP for a long time now. And it's working great.
  • Thanks, i have already a KBC account, and the app is working great, but i also have a Belfius account becouse they where the first to offer a Prepaid Mastercard .... Greetzz.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union...? Are you there...?
  • Does anyone remember Microsoft demoing the chase app on a w8 machine and WP before the app was available on WP... So what happen to the w8 version ?
  • Can I get a capitol one ...anyone anyone buller .lol
  • Ive been downloading key apps, especially for banks even though im not a customer to show support that there is a demand. Often they are just wrappers to the websites. If banks start advertising win phone apps as a version it will increase awareness. I think the reason win phone is slow to get traction is Joe public only ever sees "for ios" and "for android" and so there is no migration.