Ben Rudolph offering 5 unhappy Android users a free Windows Phone

Microsoft is doing a good job when it comes to light promotion with Brandon Watson offering well known names a free Windows Phone to try out. Now Ben Rudolph is giving away 5 free Windows Phones to unhappy Android owners who can provide the best (or worst) experience story. Android has suffered from Malware and other issues, which Microsoft will not be allowing the platform to get off lightly without attempting to attract unhappy consumers.

Source: Twitter (@BenThePCGuy), via: MobilityDigest, thanks thenet for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Between CIQ and malware, I'm starting to hear nervousness from my Android coworkers. Nice to see Microsoft take advantage of the situation for a little PR.
  • How do you submit your droid rage story? I'm brand new to the whole twitter thing. I used to love android, but my experience with my latest phone had me hating the way it has headed. I've been following WP7 since it was originally released and I have been interested in trying it out.
  • And now WP7s are being crashed with a nasty bug... ironic.
  • ...and that is exactly what I thought!  On the positive side, it's nice to know we've gotten enough marketshare to attract vandals!