Brandon Watson betting $1,000 on WP7

Brandon Watson, Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 development, is bringing out the big guns by staking $1,000 on Mango. Scott Adams, author of popular comic strip Dilbert, in a recent blog post has expressed disappointment in both the iPhone and with Android. Watson saw the opportunity and dropped a bombshell of an offer:

"Scott -My name is Brandon Watson and I am responsible for the developer platform on Windows Phone. Since your readership has a high probability of cross over with our developer base, how about I make you a deal with one of the phones we reserve for developers. Take Windows Phone for a spin. I’ll send you a developer phone with the new Mango OS on it. Give it an honest run, and if you don’t love it more than either of your iPhone or Android experiences, I’ll make a $1000 donation to the charity of your choice. You can’t really lose on this deal.Do we have 500K apps? No. Do we have 25K, growing as fast as iPhone did, and 2x as fast as Android? Yes. Do developers love the dev environment? Uh huh. Do we have the only phone that puts people and communications first? You bet. If Androids dream of electronic iSheep, people dream about people – and that’s what you will get with Windows Phone. Keep in constant contact with those most important to you with Live Tiles, groups, messaging threads, and native Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And no special instructions on how to hold the phone to make calls. Oh, and the battery lasts a long time.I can be reached at ThePhone [at] microsoft. You can call me if you want – 425-985-5568. Windows Phone devs will tell you that’s the right contact info, because it’s shared with every one of them.I hope you take me up on this one…there’s no reason to hate your phone."

Should Adams take this offer up, he will receive a free Mango developer device (presumably with Twitter integration) and will give the platform a test run to determine whether or not he enjoys the experience compared to competitors. If the results are positive then great. If not, Watson will donate $1,000 to a charity of his choice.

The head of Windows Phone didn't stop there as he set sights on Molly Wood (opens in new tab), CNET reporter, on Twitter who was/is experiencing some issues with her Droid. Hopefully this work will pay off, especially if we look at a recent customer satisfaction survey that puts WP7 above Andorid (opens in new tab). Social media has a good-will category 'Social Good', we now have 'WP7 Good'. Bravo Watson.

Source: Scott's blog (opens in new tab), via: WinRumors

Rich Edmonds
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  • Cool. This is probably the only time I'll ever say I hope the charities lose. Heck, I'll toss a few more bucks to the local charities if they do.
  • I have a feeling that either way, he'll donate the $1000, and that will be awesome.
  • This is fantastic, the way to sell anything is to prove your passion and belief for the product and this is exactly what he's demonstrating. Great job.
  • Go Brandon! Hitting Molly Wood with that offer is a great idea, risky considering the Marketplace without the Mango apps right now. She is a techie of the highest order and that could hurt but I know she is not happy with her Android and is reluctant to go to Apple.
  • Is it a good idea for Microsoft to encourage influential people to adopt Windows Phone 7? Let me put it bluntly for Microsoft.... you can't deliver the smallest, most trivial of updates without 6 months of delays, issues, and hand holding. Your communication about updates if AWFUL. Are you sure you want to put phone in the hands of people who can endlessly mock you and flood the airwaves with your ineptness? Maybe all of this will change with Mango, but NOTHING has happened in the last 6 months that I have seen to indicate the update situation will be corrected. In fact, I don't expect Mango to be rolled out until next year. And by rolled out, I mean available to EACH and EVERY one of your users. If only a handful of phones on one or two carriers receive Mango this year... you have FAILED. Now, I ask again, is this the type of publicity you want when launching Mango?
  • Wow. Then according to your requirements -- only iOS is near meeting what you desire. Which props to Apple for that.But by your EVERY one of your users requirement -- then Android 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 aren't really out either.
  • But Android was never the target for Microsoft. Android has continued the broken update cycle that was forced upon us by the carriers. Apple fixed that situation (or broke that situation if you're a carrier) and Microsoft was targeting Apple and not Google. Microsoft should be able to update their phones. That's why this whole fiasco is so frustrating. It's a situation of their own making.
  • I think that one of the reasons Mango was announced so far before it was meant to be released was specifically to make sure that the carriers (and Microsoft) have more than enough time to test, fix, and approved the update for each phone, so that it will in fact be available on launch day (or within a few days at most) to every phone. The reason Apple is able to be so onto of things is because they have a limited number of models, and complete control of the update experience, and the reason Google has so much fragmentation is they don't really give a damn if anybody puts out updates after the phone as been sold just so long as the phone can connect to the internet and view ads. I feel (and hope) that Microsoft will take a stance similar to Apple's, but in such a way that they don't lose carrier support.
  • Well done Brandan.PS Spam is becoming a real problem on here lately, how about enabling akismet, it should stop all those same comments being posted across multiple posts.
  • i didn't think anyone was still brave enough to put their contact straight out on the web anymore lol,wonder how Molly would act though (i read CNet too)
  • Wow, this is awesome! Btw, Molly has accepted the challenge!