Best Buy reportedly pulling Kaspersky software from shelves over concerns of Kremlin ties

Best Buy has reportedly opted to stop selling Kaspersky cybersecurity software in its stores. According to the StarTribune, Best Buy decided to cease sales of Kaspersky products over growing concerns that the company is connected to the Russian government.

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The move follows reports that first surfaced earlier in 2017 tying Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab to the Kremlin. A Bloomberg report at the time raised concerns by alleging Kaspersky's close ties to Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), the country's main intelligence organization. For its part, Kaspersky has denied any nefarious ties to the Russian government, and some see the issue as overblown.

Still, in light of heightened concerns around potential Russian-borne cyber threats, some U.S. government officials have drafted legislation that would ban Kaspersky software on government systems. That's in addition to Congressional testimony in which six U.S. intelligence chiefs expressed discomfort with the use Kaspersky products. Amid the uncertainty, Best Buy "felt there were too many unanswered questions and so has decided to discontinue selling the products," according to the StarTribune.

Aside from confirmation that it Kaspersky products would no longer be sold on its shelves, the StarTribune reports that Best Buy will also allow those who have purchased Kaspersky software to exchange it for another product.

Best Buy will allow customers who have bought Kasperksy software from it, and who still have active subscriptions, to exchange it for free for another product in the next 45 days. Customers can also uninstall it themselves or have a Geek Squad agent do it for free within that time window.

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  • pathetic decision!
  • Found Putin's account.
  • WOW!!!! I wonder what Eugene is going to say or do about this turn of events!
  • When you bought a Windows PC, Best Buy would include Kaspersky Software
  • Funny, like the U.S. government's not spying on its users already!
  • Yeah but that is 'legal'. =P     Russia is only allowed to get state's secrets through Trumps office. That is why they allowed him to be elected. =P
  • Killary wasn't any better - worse, actually. There is no evidence of collusion, and frankly there is more evidence re: Killary and Ukraine than Trump and Russia at this point... But we know she could literally assassinate him and the FBI would just say it was neglectful and stupid, but she didn't mean it so she's off the hook. At least we get a bit of a delay before the PC Police completely take over the country, this way.
  • NOPE.....trump is a peice of **** human.   
  • Cant disagree with you but before his election neither Trump or his wife had a history of bombing anyone. Same can't be said for the Clintons. Trump is not looking much more stable than Hilary anymore, but he at least had the decency not to win an election with racist anti-Slavic lies.
  • Are you sure they didn't bomb anyone while Melania was serving as president? What about when Trump as secretary of state?
  • The fact that you just said Killary just negated your entire arguement, I hope you know that. I can point out flaws in both of them without having to resort to name calling. When you take it to that level people who actually understand how things work and are willing to listen to both sides will shut you down, all because you sound like one of the sheep that spout anything that comes out of their base.
  • I am not Russian, I am half eastern European and it is good to see the understanding demonstrated on this forum. I didn't know if I was going to cringe reading the comments. As someone said, maybe Putin should ban Intel or IBM. It is American companies that are not serving the interest of their customers and the CIA is the best hacking agency in the world. Russia is always very patient with the West and would prefer to be helpful to those of us here. Kaspersky is another Russian blessing these fools in our governments are rejecting.  
  • Zzzzzzzz
  • So now we are condemming companies without evidence? I am all for being careful, but at least produce the slightest evidence to support these assertions.  
  • It is old now. Iraqi WMDs, Russian invasion, Russian aggression, Russian interference, Russian hacking, Syrian chemical weapons, Russian spying... There is never evidence.
  • Russian Invasion and Aggression: Crimea Abkhazia and South Ossetia Russian Interference: Ukraine(Puppet State, hence why ex President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia)
  • Furthermore Ukraine is USA's puppet state, I guess you don't remember the coup 4 years ago? The war in Ukraine is located in the regions of the Russian population, Crimea again Russian population, and is once again Russian. The instigators have white-supremacist ideologies, I suppose you could say neo-****. Which country USA or Russia looks to be having the same problem right now!? Oh yeah, the answer is simply Russian hacking or you're a racist.
  • Jose Rey: You know nothing and you are so hopeleslly brainwashed. Crimea was always Russian and it was actually stolen from them and illegally attached to Ukraine back in 1950s. Naturally, they all voted in 2014 to rejoin Russia. No invasion there. South Ossetia was attacked by US puppet state of Georgia in 2008, Russia came in to defend them. 2014: US interfered in Ukraine by orchestrating a treasons coup to overthrow a legitimatelly elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine is now run by puppet mega tyrants. Before the 2014 coup there was peace in Ukraine, now ther eis endless war. Anything else?    
  • You know what else was always Russian...Alaska. That doesn't negate the fact that like Crimea, it was transferred to US and Ukraine respectively. Anyways, this is a lot more complicated than it appears. There's various underlying reasons of why this all happened. 
  • Reasons that don't affect you. Are you Russian? Are you Ukrainian? Are you of any Slavic decent? If not you should worry only about matters that are your business, instead of falling for racist propaganda believing you know something other people dont from ¼ way across the earth.
  • You are 100% right. They don't affect me. I could care less. But you're saying that stuff didn't happen and it did. Whether because the people in those territories wanted it or not. Russia intervened and took land that was not in their control and made it their own or an autonomous region within Russia. "instead of falling for racist propaganda" What does that even mean? What does that even have to do with this conversation? Ah, it's because my name Jose huh? 
  • Jose_Rey: Wrong analogy. Alaska was legally purchased from Russia by the US. Crimea was stolen from Russia by the communists running USSR in the 1950's and given to Ukraine agaisnt the will of the Russian inhabitants. It's only naturak for them to rejoin Russia. You do know they had a referendum, and 98% voted yes to rejoin Russia.So why are you spreading lies about Russia invading? And who the hell is some Jose Rey to tell Crimeans if they should rejoin Russia? It's because of people like you spreading constant hate for no reason that there is no peace in this world.    
  • Crimea was "legally" transferred to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine leasing ports and handing over their Nuclear Arsenal. This is stated in "The Budapest Memorandum" in 1994!!! Obviously they're going to vote to be part of Russia. Like you said, it's basically Russians there. So, if Alaska was 98% Russian, and they had a referendum, the general consensus is they'd choose to be part of Russia. This isn't ROCKET SCIENCE, IT'S COMMON SENSE!!!
  • "Crimea was "legally" transferred to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine leasing ports and handing over their Nuclear Arsenal. This is stated in "The Budapest Memorandum" in 1994!!!" Wrong again, this transfer happened in the 1950's by President Khrushchev, when both Ukraine and Russia were part of the same country - the USSR. It was just a symbolic internal transfer within the USSR. Nobody expected that one day Ukraine would become an independent state hostile to Russians and run by mege tyrants. BTW, in the 1950's Russia didn't need any leasing rights from Ukraine as both were part of the Soviet Union. You must have an evil demon posessed mind if you still think that Crimea should belong to Ukraine. Alaska today is mostly American today, as there were hardly any Russians living there in the 1800's when it was sold.      
  • I mean fake news. You are coming in here talking about something you have made up in your head and targeting blame at one race of people.
  • Oh, sorry. When I think Russian, I don't think race, I think country.
  • I find the 'Makitabits' and 'Enigma Apps' accounts quite interesting. New accounts and only political comments.
  • I find it interesting that you don't consider that if this were the latest developing in continuous smear campain on black people or Africa for example, there might be some new black posters who joined because they had something to say? So what is it making you assume ridiculous suspicions? Because you're brainwashed by racist propaganda coming from US/NATO's stooges in Ukraine.
  • When I think of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, and former Yugoslavian who would all disagree would disagree with your fake news and who the US is trying to drag into a war and are affected by your fake news, I think of Slavic. Not to mention the other nationalities your rhetoric affects. All of whom you would dismiss as whatever you are conditioned to think while your fake news starts a war that affects everyone in the area and potentially you as well. And you get your stories from racist extremists in Ukraine.
  • Ok, here goes. This whole fiasco can be summarized in two words, Geopolitics and Ethnicity.  Comrade Putin wants to relive the glory days of the Soviet Union. He wants all ex-Soviet states to have friendly govts toward Russia. If not, he will exploit the YUUUUGE RUSSIAN population in these and support uprisings.  The thing is, some of these countries want to join the West. This is where we have the dilemma. So, either your Putin's Puppet or the West's Puppet in regards to the population of said country. In a perfect world, everyone in those ex-Soviet states would be singing koomba yas around a campfire. But the world does not work that way.
  • Makitabits, I did consider that, that's why I stayed just with 'interesting'. But please don't talk for people in those countries. I am one of them and I don't feel the general opinion here is in line with what you say.
  • So you do agree that Crimeans voted 98% in favour of rejoining Russia and still you keep spreading lies about Russian invasion Sounds to me you don't even believe in basic human rights such as this one: Right to Self Determination Definition The right of peoples to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter’s norms.   In your mind, the rights of some meaningless political entity called Ukraine run mega criminals are more sacred then lives of millions of humsn beings who dont want to be a part of such a country.      
  • What's going on in this thread?   Ohh lawd
  • Most security professionals in circles that I follow knew this was an issue for many years. This may be news in this forum, but it's old news for security professionals in most of the places I have worked. Anytime a government agency gets a chance to infiltrate you they will, even if it's just for a future foothold.  
  • Unfortunately, if we stopped using software with ties to any government we likely wouldn't have any. I think this is completely overblown.
  • Meh, we use this at my work and it's horrible. Resource intensive and keeps flagging notepad++ as a virus. I wish my company would so the same thing. 
  • It's 2017, anybody buying boxed software anyway?
  • Yes.
  • Of course YOU are Mr contrarian.
  • Not I'm many years. 😉
  • Seriously, who buys Boxed software anymore?  Even if the box only contains a download link and a key code....  
  • DJCBS apparently.
  • Telegram has Russian connections too but loads of people use it...
  • Every piece of software has some sort of government connections. That said, I think the main issue that some are having (especially in the wake of the NotPetya outbreak) is the distribution of a malicious update at the behest of government departments.
  • *Every piece of proprietary software has potentially some sort of government connection.
  • Even open source software can potentially have government connections (though they would be easier to detect).
  • Even Open Source: look at SE Linux created in part by the NSA
  • This comment section... Sighhh... 😌 Don't mad at me ☺💗. Hurricane, please go away...
  • Crimea was always Russian. It's true. Crimea was a part of Russia, and if it weren't for the actors like the US meddling in Ukraine, the government there wouldn't have fallen apart leading to a whole region full of ethnic Russians voting to be part of Russia. Democracy, no? The people voted. The Government thought about cracking down, and Russia moved in to defend... thousands upon thousands of ethnic Russians. I know someone from the Ukraine, near there. She speaks Russian (I've asked), and a lot of people from that area consider themselves to be Russian. Crimea is not Kiev. Additionally, I find it hypocritical that other Americans will lambast Russia for "meddling in Ukraine" when we have invaded and destroyed multiple countries over the past 2 decades. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya... And of course the US was arming the people who were doing the killing, making them basically complicit in it. They also encourage protests in places like Egypt and Syria knowing the consequences for those people - just to give themselves an excuse to take action. The US, actually, does a lot more meddling in foreign affairs than Russia does. Russia is tame by comparison. Also, I bet almost none of the people commenting on these matters served a day in the military. You are all just a bunch of cowards behind a keyboard, speaking about matters on which you have no clue. 70% of US citizens don't even have a passport, so chances are the vast majority of these people haven't even been out of the country. You're completely out of touch. Go visit Crimea. I can assure you what they think about the matter does not match the narrative that he news outlets are peddling. The US (our country, which I have fought and risked my life for) meddles 500% more in stuff than Russia does, and this has been the case for decades. The US used to have an isolationist policy, and things would be a lot better if we'd just sit on our side of the planet and run with that... And lock down the borders.
  • Your antics sounds like one of those the Russians deployed during the election. You said folks here hide behind their keyboards. You commenting handle here is hiding, the name is not true, the picture is not true... Now tell me, who is hiding behind the keyboard? 
  • I am east European. It is true. You're a retard.
  • I don't believe this
  • Let's not worry about the Chinese manufacturing our phones.
    Or computers.
    Or network hardware.
  • Way back when, they first made their name by seeding an innocuous "Eicar" like file that only they could "detect". They then heavily publicized that they had "found" something new, that, while at the time was harmless, could be morphed into something bad. Haven't ever considered then since.
  • I used them for a time when they first came out but I haven't in quite a few years due to horrible resource management and incompatibility with certain software suites.
  • i use kaspersky
  • It’s about time. Who, except for those that are tech oblivious, would ever install any “anti virus” software from Best Buy? I bought a surface book and they gave me free Kaspersky. I immediately threw it in the trash when I got home.  They should have pulled it a long tiem ago for being straight up trash.
  • Article about how Kapersky products are being pulled from shelves due to security concerns-advertises Kapersky products at bottom of page.
  • Meanwhile, we Americans are buying active listening devices at an alarming rate with no second thought to security or privacy.
  • Comment section hijacked by russian propagandists and tRumpanzee followers, who would have thought that would happen.  Keep telling the same lies over and over until people believe them.
  • I knew it!
  • A perfect example of the power of propaganda in United States of America.  The fact is that Kaspersky has refused to give United States of America "spy" agencies the ability to use the Kaspersky virus scanner for spying on the computer users files.  All of the other vendors have "flaws" that enable the scanner to read files and send "samples" to the server for further analysis.  The "spy" agencies use this to capture the files from your computer.  Kaspersky does not allow this behavior.  As such USA Government has used the media to bad mouth and create rumors about the Kaspersky software.  The USA Government does not want you to use this software.  A good reporter would pursue this story.