Block Unwanted Text with AT&T

Stalkees rejoice! It turns out we actually can block text messages with AT&T now. As in: "Oh, I'm sorry boss, I didn't get your SMS over the weekend. See, it's not on my phone. How weird. Snicker." While it's always been possible to block phone calls, blocking text messages has always been, well, impossible. Perhaps not impossible, but certainly there was no decent way to do it.

Now, if you have AT&T, you can simply log in, register, and within minutes start blocking and adjusting.

Cool new features include:

  • Block text messages sent as email (from email accounts)
  • Block all multimedia messages sent as email
  • Block all messages sent from mobile numbers
  • Block messages sent from specific email accounts or domains
  • Allow all messages sent from specific email accounts or domains

Now we have a little more control over what comes beeping in at 3am in the morning. I think a sprinkle of AT&T's SMS block and a pinch of Extreme Text could be the perfect mobile recipe.

WC Staff