Yesterday we took a look at the new game 'Breakout' which fetches for a $1.29 and offers a ton of unique functionality (see the video here). Today we're taking a peek at another similar brick-breaker app called 'Blockbuster'.

'Blockbuster' has really great wire-frame, retro graphics that remind of us of old arcade games--we love those things. It's similar to your typical breakout game but offers a unique twist: the ability to knock the blocks into side areas for extra points. It's a neat offering instead of the often harder to use "power ups" we see in these games. In addition, the game has local, national and global leaderboards, making competition quite fun and easy to track.

Overall we really like the game and we really like the price: free (ad supported). While not as feature-rich as 'Breakout', it is compelling and fun enough to keep us entertained. Grab it here in the Marketplace.