We haven't counted, but we've tried quite a few "breakout/brick breaker" games over the last few months, including that one for Xbox which...well, moving on.

Seeing as we haven't covered any of them should tell you what we think of them (though Ionball was pretty good), so it's finally nice to go "Aha! Here's the one you want!". This version of 'Breakout' is by by Clayton Industries, which as far as we can tell is just two brothers and goes for $1.29 in the Marketplace (with a free trial). The description is as follows:

Breakout is a modern approach to the classic brick breaking game, featuring 30 levels, an integrated level editor, two weapons, an array of power-ups, a high scores table, in-game achievements, and much more.

What caught our eye though was just how darn smooth the game is...it's like buttah. The UI is the best we've seen, we love the save/load feature, sounds and level editor. But hey, watch the video and try it yourself. Tell us if we're crazy for liking it so much in comments. Marketplace link.