New Xbox LIVE titles iBlast Moki and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution now available

It's that time of the week again for two more Xbox LIVE titles. This week we have iBlast Mokie, which is "a physics puzzle game where you to have to move cute little Mokis with the help of bombs, balloons, wheels and other crazy items". Its artwork looks inspired by "Loco Roko" from a few years back, so that's cool. Fetching for $2.99 it looks pretty good.

The other title is 3D Brick Breaker Revolution by DHOC also for $2.99--which is what it sounds like, a 3D Brick Breaker game with "24 insane power ups" (whoa there chief! 24? Not sure we can handle the insanity).

Initial impression? 3D Brick Breaker is a great concept and even fun to play, but the graphics are a bit blocky and choppy (it also gives you an Epilepsy warning, no joke). iBlast Moki is actually kind of fun, resumes games properly and looks good too. Of course, both games have trials, so give 'em a go for yourselves. Also, both games are available worldwide, which will make our UK based Rich Edmonds happy.

iBlast Moki is here and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution is here in the Marketplace.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Played the trial through for both and iBlast Moki is definitely the best, bought it immediately :D
  • Brick Breaker could definitely use some optimization, but it's still plenty of fun to play in its current form. I hear iBlast Moki has a bug in which sometimes the bomb menu doesn't load up when you start a level, making the level unplayable. Once that gets fixed in a patch, I'm all over it. I'm really looking forward to seeing what games come out Wednesdays lately. :)
  • really enjoying iBlast Moki. Fun little game!