A flurry of demos hit Xbox for the ID@Xbox Game Demo Winterfest

id@Xbox Game Demo Winterfest 2023
(Image credit: Xbox)

What you need to know

  • ID@Xbox has announced 10 brand-new indie games with upcoming Xbox releases.
  • The titles are in addition to others that will release free demos for ID@Xbox's Game Demo Winterfest.
  • All game demos can be downloaded and played for free between December 5 and December 31.

ID@Xbox has announced a fresh slate of new indies coming to Xbox, including titles like World of Poly's Captain Bones, SRG Studio's Champion Shift, and Starstruck Games' Roguematch: The Extraplanar Invasion. The newly announced titles will be joining 23 other games for the ID@Xbox Game Demo Winterfest. The seasonal game demo fests allow players to download and play upcoming ID@Xbox titles ahead of their release. 

The following titles and publishers are participating in the 2023 Winterfest event:

  • 502’s Arcade (502 Studios)
  • Backbeat (Ichigoichie) – Available Now
  • Captain Bones (World of Poly)
  • Champion Shift (SRG Studios)
  • Chessarama (Minimol Games) – Available Now
  • Deceive Inc. (Sweet Bandits Studios), available now
  • Dinosaur Fossil Hunter (Pyramid Games S.A.)
  • Donut Dodo (pixel.games)
  • Go Mecha Ball (Whale Peak Games)
  • Hidden Through Time 2 (Rogueside)
  • Howl (Mi’pu’mi Games), pre-order now
  • Kiborg (Sobaka Studio)
  • King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (NeocoreGames), pre-order now
  • Kingdoms and Castles (BlitWorks Games), available now
  • Long Gone Days (Serenity Forge),  available now
  • New Star GP (New Star Games)
  • Oppidum (EP Games)
  • Parcel Corps (Secret Mode)
  • Pinball FX (Zen Studios); available now
  • Pinball M (Zen Studios), available now
  • PlateUp! (It’s Happening)
  • Puzzledorf (Stuart’s Pixel Games)
  • Roguematch: The Extraplanar Invasion (Starstruck Games)
  • Shoulders of Giants (Moving Pieces Interactive), available now
  • Sker Ritual (Wales Interactive)
  • Slave Zero X (Poppy Works), pre-order now
  • Slopecrashers (byteparrot)
  • Space Boat (Recombobulator Games)
  • SquadBlast (Ultrahorse)
  • Strings Theory (BeautifulBee)
  • The Holy Gosh Darn (Perfectly Paranormal)
  • The Land Beneath Us (FairPlay Studios)
  • Vagrus – The Riven Realms (Lost Pilgrims Studio)

All Winterfest demos will be available from December 5 through the 31, so you have plenty of time over your winter break to cozy up with these upcoming games and see what ID@Xbox has coming through the pipeline. The games are available on Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One consoles. 

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