Tablet maker BAK USA switches from Android to Windows 10

A Buffalo, New York-based tablet maker, BAK USA, has announced a new partnership with Microsoft. BAK is now an official Microsoft OEM and will make tablets using Windows 10 after previously making devices using Android.

According to Microsoft, BAK is the only company that assembles tablets in the U.S. It was founded in 2014 by Danish electronics entrepreneur JP Bak, with the goal of creating jobs to help the economy of Buffalo. According to The Buffalo News:

"The partnership gave BAK entree into Microsoft's network, gave it instant credibility in the marketplace, and allowed the company to bring its newest tablet, the Seal 8, to market with incredible speed. Microsoft partner engineers in China worked alongside the BAK development team to produce the technology, Microsoft-vetted partners manufactured the parts, and BAK was able to assemble a finished product in Buffalo in just five months."

The new tablets will be rugged in design and will be priced starting at $450. BAK USA currently employs 32 people in Buffalo and can make 5,000 tablets in a month, with the capability to make as much as 40,000 tablets a month if the demand increases.

John Callaham