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Telecommuting is officially the new normal. People are now working from home with greater frequency than ever, dialing-in to the office from their living rooms, dining rooms, and computer rooms. For some, this shift to remote work comes as naturally as breathing, and they wonder how they ever lived without it.

For others, calling it a challenge would be putting it lightly.

They struggle to complete even simple tasks, wrestling with the constant urge to distract themselves online. They procrastinate endlessly, creating for themselves an unsustainable level of stress. They struggle with hardware and equipment that was never made for getting work done.

The truth is that if you're working from home, it's usually not as easy as booting up a laptop and diving in. You need an office space, and one with a good layout and setup. Here's where HP comes in.

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Create a separate, distraction-free office space

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One of the most common mistakes we see people making with their home office is that they have no clear separation between work and play. They slave away at their dining room table, or try to type up a report on the same couch where they were just binging a show. And that, in turn, makes it incredibly easy to procrastinate.

Designate a space in which you will exclusively work. Your home office should not be the same room in which you play video games or watch Netflix. If that's infeasible, you might also consider establishing a few rituals to train yourself into a working mindset, such as a particular layout of furniture.

The biggest challenge of working from home is that there's no shortage of distractions. Just as you need a separate office space if you're going to work effectively, you also need to keep that space clear of the things that might ordinarily distract you. Establish with your family and/or roommates ahead of time that you can't give them your full attention while you're working.

You might also consider investing in a decent-quality headset, like the Jabra Engage 65.

Invest in a second monitor

Multitasking might be impossible, but that doesn't make extra monitors a bad investment. Whether shifting seamlessly between working on projects and communicating with your team members or simply allowing you to do more effective research, an extra monitor is an awesome addition to your workspace. As it so happens, there are a few great ones currently available via HP.

Decorate and organize

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an office? It's probably pretty boring, right? Your home office doesn't have to be, though.

While you do need to keep it organized and clear of unnecessary clutter, you should also decorate it however you see fit. That may involve houseplants, wall art, or even a conversation piece like a sculpture. Go nuts, and make it uniquely yours.

Just because you're working, doesn't mean you shouldn't be comfortable and relaxed.

Invest in a good PC

Last but certainly not least, your workstation is the center of your home office. Without the right equipment, doing your job will end up being an exercise in frustration and futility. Again, HP offers a few excellent choices here, shown below.

Don't forget to take care of yourself

Working from home can have a significant and negative impact on your work-life balance. With that in mind, you need to be willing to step away from your home office every now and then. Get proper exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat a balanced diet.

After all, it doesn't matter how well-put-together your workstation and office are if your body and mind are falling apart.

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