Bungie details the transition to Destiny 2 — and no, your stuff won't carry over

We've known for a while that a sequel to online shooter Destiny is coming, but we've had very little detail to go off of thus far. In a new blog post, developer Bungie has pulled back the curtain a little bit, revealing what will happen to current Destiny characters when Destiny 2 launches — and it may ruffle some feathers.

The biggest question on most peoples' minds was how much of your Destiny 1 character's progress would transfer over to the sequel. According to Bungie, the answer is not much:

Sequels represent the start of a new adventure for every player, with new worlds to explore, new stories to tell, new powers to acquire, new loot to earn, and much more. This led us to a decision that would enable us to serve both the game and the player's best interests: Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward. They will, however, remain accessible to you in Destiny 1.

That said, if you're attached to your character's appearance, that will be transferrable to the sequel. Your guardian's class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections will all transfer to Destiny 2, so long as that character is level 20 and has completed the "Black Garden" story mission. Destiny 1 characters will also get some sort of marking to denote their veteran status.

Finally, while a full Destiny 2 reveal may be a ways off, Bungie is planning a final event called "Age of Triumph" to cap the first game. Aside from the name, we don't know much about the event. However, Bungie is set to reveal more next Wednesday, March 8 with further details in the weeks after.

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  • I'm really hoping for an optional third person mode in Destiny. At least just as an option for some variety in the gameplay.
  • Not happening. Destiny is a first person shooter.
  • I wonder how long will they keep up destiny 1 servers after destiny 2 launches
  • I think you mean "Destiny 2" not Bungie 2
  • I can see making everyone start over--that's pretty standard practice. I think letting people's microtransactions transfer over would be nice though. I'm not worried there though, as I've never hit the everse. Thankfully, it's content has never been necessary to enjoy the game. I hope that doesn't change. 
  • Don't know why anyone would ha e thought their high end gear would Carry over. It would completely unbalance the game for new players. No MMO type game has ever done this.
  • Have you played an MMO?  Of course all the high end gear carries over.  Do you think in World of Warcraft when a new expansion comes out everyone starts at zero again?  In an MMO the new gear you get from the expansion is just better than the top gear from the previous.  There's an entire group of people who go back to old content just to collect the old gear because it looks cool. 
  • I've played almost all MMO's ranging from UO to EQ, to EVE, to StarCitizen and almost everything inbetween. Not one has allowed transfer of any kind to their next evolution of the game. Destiny 2 is not an expansion for Destiny 1 it is a completely different game. Just like Diablo 1 is different than Diablo 2... Same universe.. Not the same game.
  • Destiny 2 is not an expansion. You can play destiny 2 without playing the first one. You cannot play a wow expansion without playing and owning the actual game. Your comparing apples to oranges. My point stands.
  • Bungie are you listening - let us keep our gear.  Let the gamers decide what we want to keep or delete.  Let us balance vault and trophies.  We've paid for it . . . we've earned it. Destiny is not your average game - people pour their lives into this game.  The weapons and armor they've gained, badges, and shaders earned since the beginning are a badge of honor that we wear in game. The dances and emotes we use add flavor and entertainment value.  The legendary and exotics we've farm, the raid gear we've earned...  No one will be mad at Bungie for bringing content over - but they will piss off a significant population if they don't bring over our laurels... We want to be brag:  I took out Atheon, I wielded Fatebringer.  I got the Vex and the Chatter White to prove it.  I killed Crota, baked adds using my Hunger in the Nightfall with Solar burn.  I've pounded bosses with my Black Hammer.  I destroy Tanniks, raid Oryx's realm and walk away with his daughters heads.  I am the new Wolf pack.  I After Destiny 2 launches - only NPCs will walk the Tower and robots with brooms wont care to view my gear or hear my tales.. We've paid for it . . . we've earned it.
  • Yeah, my "All My Victims" cloak is still in my vault, even though it's a level 140 item. It was a sharp-looking cloak, and random players would even ask me about it. 
  • Sorry impossible. It's not an expansion. You cannot carry gear over to a new game. How the heck would bungie make the game playable for newcomers and originals? Because you can play Destiny 2 without ever having played the first.
  • The only important question is: will it come to PC?
  • I think it will.
  • Likely with play anywhere seems like most publishers are doing this because it just makes sense
  • They need to have a season pass that covers ALL their DLC. I don't mind spending the money, just give me a discount for being loyal to the game. Stopped playing destiny because of this. Felt like they were sucking my money.
  • Ugh unfortunately I don't think that will happen because all publishers are now doing yearly season passes instead of lifetime of the game. Since destiny did 3 years I see this as highly unlikely as much as it sucks. :\
  • This is good. Honestly I don't want to use any of my old gear in a new game. For all of the hours I spent in Destiny, all of the dlc and microtransactions were worth it to me. Definitely got my moneys worth. Bring on D2!!!
  • Not an issue. I prefer to start over. New Gear, new loot, new stories.. bring it on!!!
  • thats cool i stopped playing this game i didnt get taken king. 
  • Waiting for reviews. Bungie lost their automatic buy cred with me after Destiny.
  • Really why?
  • You should search eurogamer luke smith interview. Where he states that users will buy anything they create. Making people feel like bungie only cares about the money. I don't know if that is @AriesDog reasoning, but that was my reasoning that lead me to stop playing destiny.
  • I didn't get too far into Destiny 1 before it tapered off for me. But I would like to get back into that world, and perhaps a full-on, walled-off sequel may be just the ticket! Can't wait to hear more! Also, all my Destiny 1 playing has been on PS4. PS4 is great, don't get me wrong, but I would much rather play Destiny 2 on PC which I could do in full 4K and with higher detail settings. Does anyone know about PC? Also, perhaps a tremendously stupid question: did Destiny 1 ever make it over to PC? If so, that might compel me to play it more, sad as that is to say. :-) Cheers!