Business more excited about Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets than Apple devices?

Interestingly on the eve of another iOS announcement, there are signs that business leaders could be more excited about the combined possibilities of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 than iOS.  Jason Hiner spoke to some IT leaders to see what they were waiting for. The results were surprising.

Its no secret that IT departments have begrudgingly come to the current ethos of bringing your own device to work. Ever since the iPhone caught on, they have been forced to find ways to lock down and secure them, all the time trying to protect precious corporate data. I have personally worked in IT departments where they have been forced to relax corporate security by allowing iPads and iPhones and Android devices access to the network. It’s not a pretty sight, often times it has meant implementing a solution like Good to ensure that the device can provide a secure environment for email.  

So it comes of no surprise to hear that some IT heads are looking beyond the iPhone and towards a future where they can roll out WinRT tablets like the Surface and Windows Phone 8 devices. Here’s some of the key points they raised. Shawn Beighle, CIO of The International Republican Institute commented,

“To be completely honest, from a business standpoint I'm much more excited to see how Windows 8 Mobile rolls out, along with Surface. With all three platforms: PC, tablet and smartphone all running the same kernel, while also having Active Directory tied in and the controls that come with that, this has incredible potential.”  

There are a few things wrong with his response but the sentiment is certainly there, he’s looking forward to seeing how these devices will play on the corporate network. He didn’t even mention the built in office capabilities with WinRT and Windows Phone 8.. We’ll let Microsoft’s capable sales partners explain that to him next time… Microsoft has already started to reveal more about how Windows Phone 8 and WinRT tablets can be managed with familiar tools.

The other item of note is a simple footnote but rather important and not something one associates with many Microsoft products. Dale Huhtala, executive director of enterprise technology infrastructure services at Service Alberta noted,

“In short, we're mildly interested in the new announcements – and expect a flood of requests for the new phones, and possibly the new smaller iPad if that gets announced – but it won't be a direction-changer like the Windows 8 devices may be.” 

It's reactions like these that are likely to surface more as the launch time for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 approaches. Key folks in IT departments might decide to forgo Windows 8 on desktop machines but the pull of those WinRT tablets and heavily secured Windows Phone 8 will be hard to ignore. Even those power dressers who love to dangle their iPads at meetings are likely to be impressed with a Surface tablet. You never know, they might actually be able to get some work done on one.

Source: ZdnetThanks to LCARS for the tip!!!

Robert Brand