Business more excited about Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets than Apple devices?

Interestingly on the eve of another iOS announcement, there are signs that business leaders could be more excited about the combined possibilities of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 than iOS.  Jason Hiner spoke to some IT leaders to see what they were waiting for. The results were surprising.

Its no secret that IT departments have begrudgingly come to the current ethos of bringing your own device to work. Ever since the iPhone caught on, they have been forced to find ways to lock down and secure them, all the time trying to protect precious corporate data. I have personally worked in IT departments where they have been forced to relax corporate security by allowing iPads and iPhones and Android devices access to the network. It’s not a pretty sight, often times it has meant implementing a solution like Good to ensure that the device can provide a secure environment for email.  

So it comes of no surprise to hear that some IT heads are looking beyond the iPhone and towards a future where they can roll out WinRT tablets like the Surface and Windows Phone 8 devices. Here’s some of the key points they raised. Shawn Beighle, CIO of The International Republican Institute commented,

“To be completely honest, from a business standpoint I'm much more excited to see how Windows 8 Mobile rolls out, along with Surface. With all three platforms: PC, tablet and smartphone all running the same kernel, while also having Active Directory tied in and the controls that come with that, this has incredible potential.”  

There are a few things wrong with his response but the sentiment is certainly there, he’s looking forward to seeing how these devices will play on the corporate network. He didn’t even mention the built in office capabilities with WinRT and Windows Phone 8.. We’ll let Microsoft’s capable sales partners explain that to him next time… Microsoft has already started to reveal more about how Windows Phone 8 and WinRT tablets can be managed with familiar tools.

The other item of note is a simple footnote but rather important and not something one associates with many Microsoft products. Dale Huhtala, executive director of enterprise technology infrastructure services at Service Alberta noted,

“In short, we're mildly interested in the new announcements – and expect a flood of requests for the new phones, and possibly the new smaller iPad if that gets announced – but it won't be a direction-changer like the Windows 8 devices may be.” 

It's reactions like these that are likely to surface more as the launch time for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 approaches. Key folks in IT departments might decide to forgo Windows 8 on desktop machines but the pull of those WinRT tablets and heavily secured Windows Phone 8 will be hard to ignore. Even those power dressers who love to dangle their iPads at meetings are likely to be impressed with a Surface tablet. You never know, they might actually be able to get some work done on one.

Source: ZdnetThanks to LCARS for the tip!!!

Robert Brand
  • BIOS announcement? How geeky do you think we are?
    J/K, I know you meant iOS.
  • Also, funny how Shawn Beighle called it Windows 8 Mobile instead of Windows Phone 8. Microsoft REALLY needs to rethink that Windows Phone name. Seriously.
  • I'm starting to think the number moniker should just be removed
  • The use of Mobile was the first thing I noticed!
  • lol, i actually thought there was another conference for BIOS out there that i didn't know for a little while there
  • Someone's spell checker was a little out. Thanks for the spot, I just corrected it. :) RB
  • I actually think spell checkers (actually auto-correct) create more problems than they fix. An auto-correction changes the context most of the time whereas with a typo people realize what you meant without having to look into the context, for the most part.
  • Considering how much problems auto correct makes, I wonder why people still leave it on.
  • Built in Lync and Skydrive support should make them excited.
  • Those two statements are an interesting turn of events for MS.
  • Well the iPhone stretch has helped WP8 now that the OS and hardware could be said to be better on WP and safer patent wise another thing we can thank Apple for I guess.
  • reading about the iphone event i wasnt very impressed alot of gimmicky features :\
  • Right?? All that hype for what? It's pretty much the same old thing with a new dock connector and LTE. If people line up to get this one... I don't even know. The 920 and Windows 8 Tablets offer so much more.
  • you got it the took out the dual core to offer better compatability with the lte no nfc smaller dock bigger screen camera decent little improvements to the software and aluminum band voilee new iphone the biggest thing since sliced bread i swear the iphone fans are dumb. and i bet this will get no negative return it was a waste of time......
  • The international Republican institute? What a name but it's good news for MS regardless I guess.
  • Yeah I did a double-take on that name, too.
  • Not only business should be excited about Windows phone 8 and devices that come to this platform, but regular consumers like you and me too. Just so the iPhone 5 and iOS6 presentation and must admit that lumia 920 and wp8 had me for sure. New phone and Os from apple has so few innovations and upgrades that it almost the same iPhone 4s compared to lumia 900 into 920 transformation. It was so funny to hear all that "20% smaller, lighter, thiner" and so on. As if we care if CPU is 20% smaller, I don't care, I heard the final iPhone measures, that's it that's all I gotta know. It looked like apple just has to say something to make it look like new iPhone is something new, bit had nothing to say basically, so they had to tell again and again about all that CPU, speakers, camera are 20% smaller, thinner and lighter... Lumia 920 - I'm yours and you are mine!
  • Oh, almost forgot. It was so funny that they were talking about the new connector longer than they were talking about battery and battery live improvements. Who cares about battery when you have a new connector you can by a new adaptor for! And as I understood the new connector is not micro USB compatible, so from consumer point of few it is still the same apple cable just 20%*10 smaller thinner and lighter that you can not replace with the cheap one and you have to buy a new one for $30 to replace the one you have lost/broken/whatever.
  • It all depends on pricing as long as Microsoft can make a business case stating that our devices are well built for enterprise and cheaper. I'm sure more companies will jump ship. But Apple has the lead MS has an uphill battle.
  • That might be the most retarded comment I've ever read on here... MS = enterprise compatible. And anyone in IT knows that. Similarly, Apple and all their devices are the opposite of of enterprise friendly... Also MS hardware in almost every case is half the price of apple crap, even used apple stuff cost more than new MS gear...
  • iPhone 5 really SURPRISED me...keynote just finished like a breeze....yea if u know wat i mean.... i've been reapeating this but I'm an iMac user but i'm a super supporter for WP :) ps: n i'm glad i did :)
  • Wow... I did not understand a word you just said.
  • I understood all of the words...I just don't know how they work together.
  • Unfortunately, we have no idea what you mean.
  • Well if they dont get it together and get WP8 out the door and into peoples hands it wont matter anyway. The longer it takes to get it out there the more entrenched Apple and Android become in the enterprise. MS has to get this one right but so far I'm not seeing that they have learned anything about getting the product out the door to compete with whats out now much less whats out when its finally released months down the road. You cant expect to get any traction when you are always playing catch up from behind.
  • Remember not everyone can upgrade this Fall/Winter. The real race starts next year when mid range and more OEM's dedicate themselfs to the platform.
  • Maybe, but not having ship dates, pricing, carriers was needless shooting of self in the foot.
  • But you know what that keeps us guessing it keeps us interested in the platform. If MS answered all of our questions these blogs would be less interesting.
  • Yeah. The real race with WP has always been NEXT quarter.
  • LOL very true.
  • I know that Windows 8* devices have a huge advantage over Android and ios regarding the business and policy management. I work for a world wide IT organization, and a few days ago all Android, Apple, BlackBerry mobile devices have been blocked and no longer allowed to connect in anyway. This put Microsoft in a good position.
  • How about we not rush MS like alot of us did for mango? We all know what the outcome of that was. Same brats who did that are the same ones complaining about the disappearing keyboard and threatening to switch.
  • I like WP8
  • You bet I'm excited about them... I can actually get cheaper devices that are more functional for my staff, and they can still use it for personal uses and fun stuff without compromising my enterprise security. Pure and simple.
  • Thank you, I just had to respond to an apparent apple fan boys retarded comment up above. You summed up the complete opposite of his level of understanding in the best possible way. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Hopefully the real fight starts tomorrow or next week revealing features of WP8 on a real device that is better than what Apple showed today, because you know the Apple stuff will on the news all week.......MS needs to counter-act this with news of their own. 
  • He mentions AD support but Windows RT won't even have that. I mean, it'll have better management than the iPad but not nearly as good as Windows 8.
  • C'mon Daniel, put the comparison info of the iphone 5 against the L920
  • +1
  • not really a need. lumia 920 specs are already higher. screen resolution and camera, processor and memory almost same. now the point will be marketplace, app number for windows 8. If ms can make it grow to 200 or 300k then iphone is finished. Not to mention the possibility of a 1000 lumia series, with even higher specs. niiice :D
  • Dude, I hope you're joking. I mean, Daniel probably had a template post ready but how instantaneous do you want such info?
  • Dude, I'm just being enthusiastic after being in on imore chat and seeing what I think consumers should see as a disappointing iphone 5 introduction. WP8 has an opening here. They need to get this out ASAP, I didn't think he'd have it out yet.
  • Shhh he's probably still sleeping ;) ;) ;)
  • Bit seriously, I am hanging out for a 920 vs iPhone 5 comparison - many of my sheeple friends have started bleating that the incrementally upgraded iPhone is now 'so far ahead of the competition'. There were no new features at all - bigger screen & res, LTE, faster CPU/GPU, case that doesn't smash... and nothing else worth mentioning :P
  • so the new iphone 5 is announced adn what do qou think of it compared to 920?
    So they talk all about improvements like the biiger display 326ppi camera improvements all obut wireless like lte for the whole world but honestly all what they was talking is also in the 920 and the 920 dislplay is i think better 60hz sensitive touch and clearblack 332ppi and lte for the world .. the camera is honestly i think better in the lumia but wh have to wait for that. new apple maps looking good but i dont think they are so good as nokia maps ... the iphone is very thin and light bud i dont think its a big seller feature because when you something really like a bundle of 100 $ i dont care how thick is it in my pocket you know.. 
    So the iphone has reached its limit i dont think they will break records or something because nokia and samsung are getting closer with SGS3 and LUMIA 920
    I have forgotten to talk about tu ui its the same like 5years and mandy users may think to switch because they want something new so iphone looks good but i think lumia 920 is a hard concurrent that is gonna win some marketshare!
  • IMO the iPhone5 compares to the 820 not the 920.
  • im inclined to agree with your statement besides the 23gb and 64gb model variants its a mid range device at best lol and still no nfc :p
  • iPhone 5 will sell like crazy because of its marketshare but the Lumia 920 is clearly SUPERIOR.
    I wonder if people will make lines for the iPhone 5. What am I saying? Of course, they will. Whatever. The iPhone 5 is a joke.
  • did you so the new colors of the ipods look a lot like the 920 haha
  • To be honest Apple has been doing colors for a while, probably before Nokia. Apple patented colors, hahahaha!!
  • So what's your point? The L920 is clearly the better device. The colors just enhance the L920. Whether consumers see it that way is another story.
  • Sorry Nokia did colors back in the 90's
  • Yeah, the iPod 4gb came in similar colours around 7-8 years ago IIRC
  • Score one for Nokia and Microsoft. Apple just served up a mediocre iPhone 5 and I am not impressed. The only thing Apple did smarter was hit the release date earlier but that's all they got right. Microsoft has bigger business plans coming for WP and I will be first in line when the 920 becomes available.
  • iNaive idiots
  • yeah the biggest advante from apple was the united platform for tablet phones macbooks and imacs and microsoft will be selling 400million windows8 devices in one year so it is obviously better for windows phone to hit the market with the same core
  • After today, I really believe the passing of Steve Jobs will affect Apple going forward. No 'one more thing', no Siri features, nothing that wows.
    I just wish Nokia has got someone who can present and really turn up the style. With all the hardware innovation it deserves a lot better.
    And one more thing. #switchtolumia.
  • I like #switchtowp alot better
  • I can't believe apple just launched a new phone that brings zero interesting features to the market.  They are in deep &#*@.  I am watching the stock right now waiting for the bubble to burst...
  • And I am super disappointed.  I thought I would be choosing from a variety of cool phones this year but now it looks like the lumia 920 stands alone.  The only reason I think I'd choose iphone now is if I decide the 920 is too big for me; I've never had a big phone before.
  • Hey but wait for HTC!!
    H - T - C!!
    Nah, their phones will probably pale in comparison to the 920, but might rival iPhone 5 ;)
  • They will have better sound than the 920 that's for certain.
  • How man WP enthusiast are feeling vindicated today, I know I am. :-P
  • I think it's the first time one can truly say a Windows Phone is (will be) superior to a newly-released iPhone.
  • Me too, I'm pumped
  • errr, guys, what does the RT in Windows RT stand for?
  • Runtime
  • RunTime
  • thx :-)
  • Since the context of this is article is for "business", I'll just mention that I would caution against the notion for using Office "free". I'm quite confident Office will be licensed for personal use only on WinRT and WP8 devices.
  • We have started to use windows phones in our company and everyone is very happy with them. In fact the totally love them.
    We will be getting some surface tables also and I really can wait to try them.
  • Now people might understand how great of a salesperson Jobs was. Pretending to invent features that existed long before.
    If you want understand how he would've handled today's annoucnement of a catch-up iphone that finally adds LTE and a 4" screen, just check out his presentation when Apple switched to Intel.
    Today they had to admit that the size they had for previous iphones was too small and the market was moving ahead without them. back then it was the CPU that their competitors were using that was far ahead.
    Yet Jobs was able le to make it an exciting announcement instead of an admission of mistake
    Cook and co don't have those presentation skills and couldn't pull it off
  • I'm telling you guys, Windows Phone 8 is the US governments answer to replace BlackBerrys. The Windows Phone 8 OS is just what the goverment needs due to its security requirements.
  • Has anyone ever tried to use an iPad for actual real work? I have and its terrible. Say goodbye to all Word footnotes, headers, and formatting. Say goodbye to complex Excel formulas. Can't wait to get a W8 surface!!