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Captured: Liverpool FC owner John W. Henry's wife, Linda Pizzuti, with her Lumia 1020

As the Nokia Lumia 1020 begins its global launch in the coming weeks, one item we hope to report on are frequent sightings of the device in people’s hands. Even more, we want to see images captured with its massive 41 MP camera used in media and elsewhere, as that is what will eventually persuade the public that this phone is different.

One of the first high profile sightings of Nokia’s new camera flagship was this weekend when Liverpool FC visited Oslo, Norway. The game was shown on national television (TV2) with a potentially large audience tuning in for the big match. Caught on two separate occasions by the network was Linda Pizzuti, the wife of John W. Henry (Wikipedia) who owns Liverpool Football Club. She evidently picked up a yellow AT&T Lumia 1020 recently and brought it over to save the memories. 

Good color choice, Ms. Pizzuti. We approve.

However, going through her Twitter feed we have to wonder if she’s really taking photos with it or if she forgot to take off the lens sticker, because her photos aren’t exactly endorsements of the Lumia 1020. But hey, it’s a start.

In a related story, the Lumia 1020 was also spotted at a recent Yankees / White Sox game. Evidently a fan was snapping a photo of Mariano Rivera and the moment was caught on TV.

Yankees fan snapping what is sure to be an excellent photo

With its iconic Cyclops camera housing, the Nokia Lumia 1020 stands to physically represent a new age in mobile photography and it should be easy to spot in the wild. That’s good for Windows Phone as no one will confuse it with those other guys.

Have you seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 in the wild? Caught on TV? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Jon Ivar N. and Steven B., for the tips and images!

Linda Pizzuti and John W. Henry

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  • YNWA!
  • Amen that man!
  • Amen!
  • If I am gorgeous and will go to a soccer play can I be given a Lumia 1020 and advertise for Nokia and WP? :D
  • first thing first, you must also be someone's trophy wife.
  • Ok, I'll do it, easy!
  • Even though her husband doesn't actually play football, would you dudes in the UK still call her a wag?
  • Nope she's not really a wag. Just someone very rich haha
  • No, Linda's got a gorgeous personality you have to be self centered to be a wag, also she looks like a natural beauty and not made in a doll factory.
  • ^^That I agree with, and that is an excellent choice of phone as well.
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  • But the pentagon signed off on Blackberry?
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  • I was shocked to see my fav club here but cool YNWA
  • In The Wolverine, the antagonist lady and the 2 protagonist ladies have Lumia 920.
  • Yep. Saw it. Great promotion. Royal pains on USA network rocks a Nokia as well.
  • Stephen King's 'Under the Dome' series must have an exclusive with Microsoft, every laptop, tablet and phone have been Windows.
  • I saw black Lumia 900 in Continuum TV show.
  • No one promotes Microsoft like Hawaii Five 0
  • Have you watched Arrow??? They have Lumias and Surfaces!
  • I was really surprised last weekend when I went to the Denver Natural History museum and I wasn't the only one there with a 1020.  I didn't expect to see other people out and about so soon after launch.  I think that is a promising sign.
  • "still having trouble uploading"  
    Can someone help her...
  • I'll help her
  • It's not that hard ...
  • Oh but it is....
  • Share > Twitter > Upload
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  • Nokia is going to rule the mobile World again, and 1020 is the start...
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  • Since I have no big ambitions, that seems like the way to go:)
  • You mean pounds?
  • No, he means dollars.  John W. Henry is an American, who owns the Boston Red Sox Baseball team and a co-owner of a NASCAR team, and recently the purchase of the Boston Globe Newspaper.
  • I see one in the hands of ME every day. Love it..
  • Me too. Oh, you mean the phone.
  • You know he's the Red Sox owner also :)
  • And now the Boston Globe as well
  • Yeah I thought it was odd neither of those things were mentioned since it is what Henry is known for.
  • And he should get a RED Lumia 1020 !!
  • Ok, yeah, she's not with him for the money. It's blatantly obvious. I guess I wouldn't care either if i was that old and that rich.
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  • Liverpool FC have millions of fans in south east asia.
    If only Nokia would support Liverpool, ManU, Chelsea, etc. with lumia 1020, may be very helpful for sales in south east asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia).
  • How sweet it is!
  • Woot the owner team the Boston Red Sox.....wise man indeed
  • Boston RED Socks owner himself?
    Give him a RED Lumia 1020 !!
  • Picked up two Nokia Lumia 1020 yesterday for me and my wife. Holy crap. Awesome phone. My yellow one is can't miss.
  • It's refreshing to see others with a WP. I see so many iPhones at the airport
  • That's my football team. No wonder they're with the best phone in the business. Lets hope the team plays well next season... Lol
  • Same here mate -- fingers crossed.
  • As an Everton fan, my feelings on Mrs. Henry having a 1020 are mixed. Good to see the positive press though!
  • Go Man City!
  • Oh dear lol
  • Superb for her, indeed. Now GIVE US SUAREZ!
  • Lol, fingers crossed he goes, as he has no respect for his team or other players for that matter -- no player has the right to act like they are bigger, than any football club they choose to play for!
  • I would rather they didn't let him come to us (Arsenal)
  • My brothers an Arsenal fan, and he thinks the same mate -- the guy doesn't deserve to play in England, collecting top wages!
  • Linda Pizzuti I want :P her name sounds like pizza :P
  • Speaking of 1020, just got my wireless charging case in the mail
    love it.
  • GoldDigger!!
  • Just saw a black Lumia phone on an episode of the Netflix series 'Orange is the new black'. Bravo. Good show BTW
  • Nice, now just launch the Phablet version for T-Mobile and I'm in.
  • A beautiful woman holding a beautiful phone. NOKIA couldn't hope for a better add
  • What about something like this?
  • Well she was a spokesmodel/person for the Nokia C3...maybe we can get her upgraded to a 1020 or 920 in time for the next World Cup or whatever soccer championship is up next...
  • That was the Nokia E71 (and previously the E70). Or did they switch her to the C3 after?
  • Don't you mean Boston Red Sox owner.... ;)
  • He owns them as well he also just bought the Boston Globe though i have no idea why.
  • checked the photos via twitter..not good! something is blocking...must have forgotten to remove stickers or something!!!we have to confirm. this is bad!!
  • Liverpool can't seem to get things right nowadays. Even the owner's wife got it wrong!
  • Wife? Granddaughter? So easy to get them confused these days.
  • Someone tweet her about the sticker !!
  • Hard to tell what she's doing to those photos on her Twitter feed. Probably some weird filter app (because the EXIF data is stripped) and one she doesn't know how no use (hence her confusion on uploading photos, not realizing that functionality is built in).
  • It's "uploaded via iPhone" hellooooo she has "trouble uploading (via the Nokia)"
  • Thanks for speaking to me like I'm an idiot, however none of the photos under discussion on her timeline have "uploaded via iPhone" on them.
  • I apologize, try Twitter app like "Carbon", it will show the "Upload via" tag.
  • Sorry for reacting harshly. And thanks, I didn't realise via tags had gone on the site altogether.
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  • She is hot...
  • funny how they dont use the camera grip for these kind of events. I would of used mines. They seem to not have the wireless charger either....
  • YNWA - Love Lumia and Liverpool
  • I have Lumia 800, Lumia 920 next Lumia 1020 but for me always the best phone will be Nokia 900. I wish continue with this model but ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI he don't want this.
  • I forgot to take the sticker off my 900 for several months. Now that it's gone, pictures look so much better.
  • Am I the only one who finds it fun that the editors of wpcentral would comment on other editor's articles?
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