Twitter client Carbon for Windows Phone is leaving for Android and not looking back

Carbon, has left the building...

Say what you will about Twitter clients, but the developers behind them can be a finicky bunch from our experience. That notion is being reinforced again today with the announcement that Carbon has been pulled from the Windows Phone Store for good.

The man behind Carbon, M.Saleh Esmaeili, took to his Google+ page to discuss what had happened after his interview on our podcast, Iterate. In short, Carbon was never meant to be multi-platform.

Carbon for Android expected to launch in days

For those of you who remember, Carbon started off as a hit Twitter client on webOS but then drifted to Windows Phone during what seemed like an appropriate transition time for both mobile OS’s. And although Carbon did well, sitting near the top of the social category for nearly 60 days and even earning some heaps of praise form us, the Carbon team just never felt at home. Main complaint? Just not enough users.

Now, in an interesting twist, M.Saleh Esmaeili is getting ready to launch Carbon on Android and even though it remains to be seen if can actually succeed, he’s already declared Android as his new home.

Back at the end of August, the @CarbonWP Twtiter account noted they were looking to re-write the app and that in fact, it was not doomed. Responding to a question about updates for the Windows Phone clieint:

"we're rewriting the app as it was based on slow/unperformant base, it'll take a while, we're looking for WP devs/talent too..."

We’re not sure how well that will work out as Android is a mine field of Twitter clients, some popular hits and a ton of duds and it begs the question—can that ecosystem bare yet-another-Twitter client? We sure hope so as Carbon for Windows Phone is no longer available and it sounds like that team has burned their bridges with Microsoft’s OS, despite their affection for the OS.

Of course, with Twitter as a company locking down their APIs and exerting more control over the user experience, we know from some devs via personal contact that it’s having a chilling effect on their commitment to the making Twitter apps. 

Is that a bad thing? We’re not so sure as the myriad of Twitter apps on the Store, even for Windows Phone, has become a bit overwhelming.

Back to Carbon, we wish M.Saleh Esmaeili the best of luck with Android--we always enjoyed Carbon, even if development trickled off in the last few months. As for those of you who forked down $1.99 for Carbon and expected more than 7 months of service, we feel for ya...

What are your thoughts on Carbon leaving the Windows Phone platform? Vote below and sound off in comments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I've been using carbon since it hit the market and I've loved it. I really hate to see it go. I hope the wp8 launch gives us the boost we're looking for as a platform because it's really hurting the platform that developers aren't seeing it as a real contender. I hope one day they reconsider and bring it back. Its a great twitter client.
  • Me too and as much as it gets me mad bc it's my main twitter app I understand the developer & respect his decision. Obviously there are more users on Android but also most apps are hacked meaning his app will be hacked and be used free (pay version) for many users which means less money coming in for the developer but good luck!
  • there is quite a bit of anticipation for carbon in the android community, and anticipation is not free. so it wouldn't surprise me of there is some exclusivity clause in a possible marketing contract they'd have with Google..
  • This doesnt make a whole lot of sense.  Carbon cannot make money on Android, so why would they make an exclusivity agreement?  Having spoken to the dev in the past, I get the impression he is more motivated out of product pride than anything else.  He seems to take great pride in his work.  He has publicly stated he was embarressed by his WP app performance, and probably felt that, since he only can support one platform at a time, he'd rather not have a WP7 app, than have one that is not up to his standard.
  • there is quite a bit of anticipation for carbon in the android community, and anticipation is not free. so it wouldn't surprise me of there is some exclusivity clause in a possible marketing contract they'd have with Google..
  • Possible to be hacked... Maybe, but depends of they do a server side proxy on the back end requiring some kind of unique user authentication/hash check... But the bigger gorilla in the room is, how well will they compete as a newcomer in a well established community of twitter client users. Many of them will have been tweeting in their favorite Android app based client for a couple years or more, and with thousands of alternatives to choose from, will they get more from android, or would they have been better off with a still growing and superior OS in WP7.x(8). I sadly doubt they will find success there. And sadly they will have tried to launch their success on the backs ( wallets) of windows phone users.
  • Lots of misconceptions.  First off, "most android apps are hacked".  It's true, but it's only true because android is popular.  Most iOS apps are hacked.  If/When WP8 becomes popular, most of their apps will be hacked.  It's not an android thing.
    Second, Carbon will probably be hacked.  Or not.  It's going to be a free app.  Sadly, Google does not have a deal in the developers home country, so the Carbon developer cannot put a price on it.  He also refuses to put ads in it as that detracts from the experience.  So who would hack it?
    Finally, most android apps can pretty easily be protected from hacking.  I'm a developer, and see so many developers neglect free, android native security tools.  Baffling to say the least.  Speaking to the Carbon developer, I don't think he's the kind of person to miss these tools if necassary.
    Not to sound like an android fanboy.  I'm a huge fan of both platforms.  Just thought I'd clear that up.
  • I totally get that point, but what I don't understand is why it had to be *pulled* as well... why not just keep in the store, maybe update description to note that it won't be receiving additional updates, and then move on? same issue came-up with metrotube a while ago.. any dev here that can explain why some chose to outright delist??
  • This was my question as well. Maybe someone could explain why it needed to be pulled rather than just leaving it? What if we ever accidentally delete the app and need to redownload it? We can't do that now. 
  • There's an annual registration fee of $100 to have a dev center account. If you don't pay the fee within 30 days of the renewal date your account is removed and all apps are unpublished from the Store. I imagine with the success of their app thus far on Windows Phone this would easily be covered by their yearly revenue, so I guess they also just don't want the hassle of the occasional update required to support new OS versions, plus extra support emails from users. This really isn't the time to be pulling out of the Windows ecosystem though! There aren't many twitter apps on Windows 8 yet, and it's not very difficult to port over from Windows Phone. Consider me baffled!
  • My thoughts exactly. If they been sticking around this long, why leave infront of a big release? There must be more under the surface then we know. This is just stupidity as far as i can see.
  • Im not from Texas, but I call bullshit when I see it. Great marketing for the app, but I forked out $1.99 and want an apology or even better... A reimbursement. I support developers like this, but twitterdevs has not been worth crap and it pissed me off. So I can think of a lot of unpleasant feedback for devs like him... That being said... I will continue the support, but will not stand for crap from assholes...
  • Perhaps written in blood would satisfy you. Afterall, $2 is a small fortune and you are entitled to your outrage and due compensation
  • The API changes will doom them and other clients anyways. Mehdoh was perfect but now it won't open images in the app anymore. I'll be happy to try it on android though
  • I'm using Mehdoh and it is opening without problems. This client is great and it's been under constant development, which is great.
    It's sad to see Carbon go away but the lack of support from the dev  let it slide behind Mehdoh, Rowi and Gleek, with Mehdoh being my personal favorite.
    Android is already full of Twitter clientes. There are a few that are really great like Tweet Lanes (my favorite on Android), Tweedle and Boid. Many are ugly and useless, but Carbon will have tough competition if they don't release it free in the beggining to attract users.
  • I agree I have no problem at all with Mehdoh.. I use both Gleek and Mehdoh mostly because I can not come to a point where I like one over the other.. so I use both.
  • I can't open images in mehdoh either so it's not just iggypop120 experiencing problems
  • I love Carbon. Would get a little slow from time to time, but I loved it.
  • I expect developers to stay with their products when they are successful. This is unacceptable business practice.
  • Exactly...
    Talk about "take your money and run!" I bought this as it was an ok twitter app, but lack of promised updates have destroyed their appearance as Devs in my eyes!
    Back to BirdSong for me then
  • Nooooooo....!! I love Carbon. It's the only one where you can quickly check your retweets... Hate that other clients neglect that...
  • Try rowi. The interface looks kind of similar.
  • Mehdoh also allows you to make a retweet list.
  • I loved Carbon but after multiple updates Mehdoh became my favorite. If you liked Carbon then I feel sure you would like Mehdoh.
  • Im said to see it go. Im in shocked to be honest, i ve been using this app since day 1
  • Love this site, but should we really follow every app's ups & downs? It stinks that WP8 news is now delayed til end of Oct while millions of iPhones & Androids are being sold & discussed, but what can we do?
  • If people paid a$1.99 for an app and now they can't redownload it, you don't think that is worth a post on our site to at least explain why that is and what's the story behind it? And Windows Phone 8 is not "delayed".
  • Agreed about the $1.99, don't follow WP apps enough to know. And didn't say WP8 was delayed, just news about it now slows until end of Oct with RTM done, many phones announced, etc.
  • Right, like WP7 was also not delayed. It just won't have all the features originally planned when it gets released in October. But then WP users are used to waiting for new updates 'bringing the OS on the same level as iOS or Android' anyway. And seriously stuff like Skype or NFC integration into the OS is nothing that would be a killer feature anyway. I'm sure everyone will be happy to wait until next summer for WP8.5 to have that then...
  • Useless fuckín troll.
  • Where did you hear. WP8 was delayed? So not true.
  • No, WP8 NEWS is delayed until it's released at the end of Oct. Until then, not enough to talk about because we've never seen it in operation. My hope is the limited SDK release will leak so we can get some idea of what's in WP8.
  • Wp8 news isn't delayed it was always the plan for MS to have a week of madness launching new products
  • Yeaaaaahhh! I paid 2$ at day 1 for Carbon, I used it when it was bugged, I waited two months for a tiny little update, but I kept using it because the devs said they were working hard on it, and because it was really an amazing twitter client. I've been waiting for next update for months, as the app is still bugged, and now... This.
    Another GREAT app abandoned by the developers.
    I wonder why this happens so often in the WP marketplace :(
    {at least they could have left the app in the store, for those who trusted them and paid 2$...}
  • I'm in the same boat
  • Same here..... Things like this really affect my decision to purchase "paid" apps, as what's the point when there's no support from many! Wish MS integrated Twitter more so I wouldn't need a decent Twitter App.
  • I'm in the exact same boat and it's a shame.  I have been following their development for Android and it's been one delay after another there too. I feel bad for anyone who gets the app in the end.
  • Eh, I've already been through this when the dev abandoned and pulled Carbon from the webOS App Catalog. I wonder how long it will last on Android before he gives up and moves to iOS? lol
  • There's no point in competing with Tweetbot, and Twitter itself really doesn't want 3rd party developers making more clients.
  • This...really no surprise here...same thing as with webOS.
  • Mehh I use Twitter or built in ME tile...
  • Too bad the built in tile won't allow for sending/receiving direct messages.
  • +1
  • Why not just use d twittername your message?
  • Truly disappointing. I love that Carbon has embedded pictures and videos so there's no need to click on links.
    This totally sucks, I guess I'm done with 3rd party apps. Back to the official client.
  • That's also the reason why I chose it. Darn it.
  • I paid for the app and enjoyed it.  I thought it was one of the better clients for WP.  Too bad they're leaving the platform.  To be honest, I bet he regrets it.  In a way, I'm pissed, but in another I could care less.  The WP platfrom is only going to grow so pulling the app altogether is, imo, stupid.  My 2cents.
  • It is very strange considering MS announced a while ago how easy it will be to port apps across to WP8, but then jump ship just before release?!?
  • Interesting... Why not just leave Carbon in the marketplace while it still works? Why not both platforms? Ah well, his loss really. With the launch of WP8 I expect a lot of devs will be chaining their mind about the platform.
  • Most likely because he wants to avoid the $100.00/yr developer account fee. If it's not paid the apps get pulled anyways.
  • I don't tweet, so yeah.
  • Ditto
  • Sorry, but I don't have a twitter yeah, no loss here!
  • Thanks for the useless posts...
  • Lol
  • Leaving at the wrong time. The windows phone army is about to attack!!!! Now who's with me!!!!! Lets roll!! F ios and android!!!!
  • I'm in!
  • Thanks !!! I feel like jim belushi running out of the room on animal house. At least your with me!!! Windows phone!!!!
  • John Belushi. Jim is his unfunny brother.
  • It was the biggest thing they had in common.
  • I tend to agree. Better to stay and have a foothold ESPECIALLY with win8 coming at the same time. Oh well.
  • Amen!! (holds lumia 900 like a sword) I'm tired of the isheep
  • Let's roll!
  • No carbon, Google paid you. Just admit it, no reason to completely remove it and not make extremely minor updates
  • that would make sense actully. I dont use Carbon, but concidering the timing with WP8 around the corner, it have to be some better reasons.
  • For all I know--I don't try every Twitter app to see if it has what I want since most of them require a purchase to use Lists--Carbon was the only Twitter client that let me view Lists just as I can view them on the Twitter website. And what I mean by that is, on the official Twitter app for WP, I can view lists but after a certain amount of tweets from the people in the list, it'll show VERY OLD tweets, so I miss every tweet in between. Anyway, I have 2 questions: 1) Can we still use the app if we paid for and downloaded it? 2) Why can't they just leave the app in the Marketplace? Is that what meant when they said it wasn't supposed to be multi-platform? If anybody knows of another Twitter client that can let me view my Twitter Lists completely and efficiently, let me know, please.
  • You should be able to view lists how you like using Mehdoh too... They appear just as the timeline does.
  • Bicycle! Still love-in my GLEEK!
  • Ok...i bought the God Damn app...WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO PULL IT? Its my only way of reinstalling it! This app ecosystem sucks!
  • Rowi's where it's at...
    Either way, very unprofessional to withdraw the app entirely. Not like people would stop downloading (and he'd stop earning from it) either, so very odd choice by the dev.
  • Exactly.
    I just bought it a week ago. Karma will take care of him. His app will get lost in the Android cesspool. When WP8 takes off he will regret it.
  • ^^THIS^^
  • And have sown some serious illwill among hardcore WP users.
  • A shame... gleek! is the best Twitter client for Windows Phone, but Carbon was second with Mehdoh very close.
  • +1 gleek FTW
  • I've switched to Gleek also. Though I am going back and forth with Rowi. I like the options and stats in Gleek. But Rowi is a little faster.
  • I really liked Carbon for webOS, and thought Carbon for Windows Phone was pretty good, but honestly... I wouldn't ever buy anything from these developers after this.  They just have been burning bridges like this on every platform they have an app for, including leaving a very unfinished build of their Touchpad Twitter client.  Don't get me wrong, I do understand the reasoning somewhat, especially on webOS, but at the same time, this is now their third application on two platforms in which they have totally F***ed over their paying customers.
  • This should at least warrent a warning sign on there name.
  • Fu^k Carbon.  I paid my money months ago, had it refuse to load tweets yesterday, so I uninstalled thinking a re-install would fix the problem.  BOOM! No more Carbon in the market place.  Screw them, they deserve miserable failure after ripping us off.
  • I like rowi better anyway
  • Yep, looks like I'm returning to Rowi. Not going to have Carbon on one phone and another client on another WP as it's no longer available on the Marketplace. Dev should have left it up - it was at least functional.
  • +1 :)
  • I suspect the 100k user limit is imposing on apps may have something to do with it too. Odd to see a dev leave a platform with such a robust one on deck, tho.
  • It's weird that they would leave right when WP is really getting some attention.
  • This sucks. Bought it 3 weeks ago and like it alot. I hope it works ok for as long as possible.
  • Mehdoh all the way for me. Too bad. Carbon was a really close 2nd. Best of luck.
  • So we won't be able to use the app or there just won't be any more updates? I really loved Carbon. I feel like my girlfriend just broke up with me. Shoot.
  • No updates, so if twitter changes there service it will go out completly AND it will dissapear from Marketplace = you can nver download it again. So if you loose your phone, reset it or by accident uninstall Carbon, its gone forever.
  • well im going to miss Carbon, But Twabbit is a very good client and I will be switching to that and if carbon ever comes back I won't be welcoming them back.
  • Phew! Downloaded it to check it out, but only the trial. I use Medoh as my main Twitter client. Talk about dev support! The Medoh squad is topnotch. Gleek is also nice as is Rowi. So, we've got plenty to choose from. See ya, Carbon. Buen Suerte.
  • As far as I'm concerned, I won't miss him. And if he tries to come back once WP8 starts gaining momentum, MS should pull the F--- You card from their deck.
  • Amen to that. +1
  • Microsoft wouldn't do that.
    But if Carbon ever come back, Daniel, and the other WP blogs, should refresh everyone's memory about this in the first and last paragraph of their coverage.
    I think that's a good enough revenge.
  • +1 until we meet again Carbon...
  • use rowi 
  • This is BS. Why not just leave it in the Marketplace? This brings up a nasty issue where people pay for apps that can never be re-downloaded if the app is pulled from the Marketplace. I mean, the dev is not only leaving to another platform, but he's giving everyone the big middle finger on his way out.
  • yeay, its looking bad alright.
  • It doesn't make any sense to pull the app completely. Pull support? Sure. The whole app? Jerk move. Carbon should have been left up, update the description to clearly state there will be no more updates, and maybe even make it free.
  • Personally I think Twabbit is superior. All comes down to whether people see WP matching or exceeding Android market share in the long run
  • I use Mehdoh when I actually bother with twitter... Don't really have the attention span lol
  • Damn. This was overall my favorite WP app. I moved to Rowi right now, but it's not the same at all...
  • Well, thank you Carbon, we're sorry to see you go, especially when WindowsPhone is on the cusp of what it has been building up to over the last couple years.
    A couple months away from what will be the next big thing -
    If you decide to come back in 2013 (no matter what you say now), we'll be happy to see you back.
    Good luck with Android...
  • Fuck 'em. Let them whore themselves and get left for the dead in the alley known as Android.
  • Has any of you heard of Gleek?
  • I have it but I prefer Rowi. Go for it guys, it's a great client.
  • Isn't not the tv musical show? Oops wrong I was thinking of Glee hahahah
  • Screw them, paid money for the app and they decide to jump damn ship, o well c ya lata fools and good luck  against 10000 other twitter clients on android
  • Dang it.
  • While this is disappointing, I prefer Mehdoh and the 'Me' tile for twitter.
  • I don't tweet very often but when I do, I mostly use "Me" also.
  • Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. While thus is sad, I gave tried most and paid for those I liked at the time. Currently using Mehdoh, but often check to see if other updates make sense. From comments here, time to give all a try again to see who is keeping up best. And to those complaining about their $2 loss, this is why numbers do matter, and Carbon has decided WP is not making sense. And to keep up, they will have to commit long-term to WP8to make it pay. No more "tiny" updates.
  • so it was never meant to be multi platform? so we were just a money grab then? I'd like my money back. I rarely used it but I paid for it, to support the devs who I thought were supporting windowsphone. I'll take a cashiers check.
  • Eh, I'll stick to Rowi. Never tried Carbon, but I doubt I was missing much.
  • You miss the slowness and bugs of errors on carbon. Hahha
  • Use Rowi since day 1 for the App, tried Carbon out though. Rowi is the best twitter app I've used on my HTC trophy.
  • Very unprofessional. Loved carbon, but I'm done with it and all future applications from the developer. Just not the way to handle the situation.
  • I really liked this app. I paid for it pretty much right away after using it because I liked it so much. Pulling the app from the marketplace was a jerk move. Looks like I won't be able to install this app once I get my new WP8 handset. I'm now looking at gleek and rowi as my two alternatives. If he ever comes back to WP, I will refuse to download his app just because of the fact he pulled it from the market rather than leaving it as an option to redownload especially after many of us paid for it. 
  • What an a**. This was my favorite Twitter client. Frankly, he should give us our money back. What kind of BS is this guy spouting about not finding a home? I hope Carbon for Android gets buried under the other million twitter apps.
  • Who cares... I never use 3rd party twitter client.. I just use whatever is in the mango update...the deep integration in WP allows me to create groups that really matters to me..
    I don't spend too much time watching what people say... The official twitter app for WP is perfect anyways and now with live tile
  • Carbon sucks for leaving the Windows platform
  • Looks like I waisted my money on this app. If they were giving refunds I would take mine. Waisted opportunity for sure.
  • Paid for it months ago just to support dev but I uninstalled it right away...Rowi, Twabbitt, and Medoh are just as good if not better.
  • Twitter's official app is free. I felt no need to pay for another one.
  • ROWI. that's all I got to say..
  • stupid dev my friend paid for this crap app and it's been getting too much errors and very slow. My friend uninstalled it and told him install rowi which is so twice better and loads faster. At least my friend can get his space back since he uninstalled it
  • Hahha he not gonna make money going to android has there are many twitter apps twice better than this crappy slow buggy carbon app. Seems like it fits well for android phones full of bugs and slownessssss.
  • Rowi and Mehdoh are as good or better IMO, but never lke seeing a quality app leave.  It won't hurt anything really in the big picture though with plenty of good options.
  • What you expect from these slumdogs. Hahha
  • Really annoying. I don't think $2 is much for a good app. I love to support good devs. But this just pisses me off. 
    And of course, as soon as I heard the news, I uninstalled the app out of anger. Heh. Regret it now, but hopefully another app adopts inline photos. That's a great feature.
  • Rowi is the best one anyway.
  • If they don't want to be a part of WP then f*** em! 
  • Whats Carbon? I only used Twitter offical app or Tweet It!
  • What a clown, sheesh. I don't get it, flip flopping from OS to OS ... make it for both.
  • Who cares, seriously. Good riddance #Carbon. Rowi has ALWAYS been the best Twitter client for Windows Phone IMO.
  • Rowi fast.....twabbit is no holds barred
  • What's carbon? Either way I never brought it. They can have fun with that.
  • it's all about Rowi.. the offcial app is a lot better now as well. 
  • Relax!! Lets say "thanks for giving Windows Phone a shot" when they go away and welcome them with open arms when they come back(which they will once WP gains momentum).
    There is nothing personal here.
    As long as Windows Phones keeps doing well all will be right.
  • +1
  • I thought I had bought this App, not leased it for 7 months. Poor attitude by the Dev. For those who hope he comes back, well who's going to fork our $ for an App he might abandon a few months later?
  • Meh.. Rowi ftw.
  • Never used Carbon, been using Gleek since day one and love it.
  • Having bought Carbon for the Palm Pre (and HP Pre 3) and their TouchPad version called Graphite... I have to say their product had a pretty intutitve interface with plenty of features to satify me. Their TouchPad version with the multiple panels was pretty cool. I was sadden when they pulled out of webOS. At the time it completely understandable. Granted I was out a few bucks and no support - nor a redownloadable app should I ever reflash any of my webOS devices.
    When I eventually made the move to Windows Phone, I bought their Windows Phone app. Now, sorry to say, I'm just pissed. Pitty, it had such potential.
    How does that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I learned from my lesson.
  • Try Rowi or Gleek
  • I want Dropbox.
  • skydrive > dropbox
  • +100^2
  • Try Boxfiles.
  • Such a sad story! I feel bad for you, consistently making the wrong platform choice, and doing it yet again, moving to Android just as it's dying and Windows Phone 8 is on the cusp of success. I guess the lesson here for developers is "Don't do what Carbon does". :)
  • let's not be delusional here... android is not "dying". blackberry is, but not android
  • i wonder what wil happen if the dev decides to come back.. I prefer the official twitter app for push notification and mehdoh for the wholesome experience.. Give it a try
  • i wonder what wil happen if the dev decides to come back.. I prefer the official twitter app for push notification and mehdoh for the wholesome experience.. Give it a try
  • i wonder what wil happen if the dev decides to come back.. I prefer the official twitter app for push notification and mehdoh for the wholesome experience.. Give it a try
  • Ohhh i dont use twittter but just saw that lazywormapps has made a twitter app for windows 8 which looks nice, makes me want to recover my password on twitter and start using it. A bit off the subject as its not a windows phone app but hey it may be compatible one day...!
  • I like rowi for the speed...but twabbit is really a full featured one
  • I will note that Pulse has left too, but told us to use the web edition. Which isn't ideal, but still something.
    Carbon on the other hand, not so much. I personally use Rowi Lite (never like paying for apps), but I can see the appeal. Still, there's enough twitter apps around that one less wouldn't matter. I pity those who brought the Carbon apps though.
  • So what?! Who needs losers who just wanna get lost in a sea of borgs anyway...yeah, argue that a developer lost is a developer lost but its more their loss. If a beautiful leaf is present in a forest with all the trees, is it special??? =/
  • I, too wish it was here to stay! Been trying Gleek which has it's good & bad (& was free), we'll see how long Carbon works & hope they change their mind.
  • I still have it installed on my 900.
  • Partially I can understand their move. The dev account costs money, probably the 3rd party they had to use to submit the app (Yalla, as in ME you can't submit apps yourself) costs as well, then they probably had a financial goal. If all this did not work out the way they figured I can totally understand the pull back.
    For us it is of course a bad situation. I am one of the people who bought the app on day one. Not so much because I was looking forward to it. But more to support a dev team which seemed to focus on a new platform which I really really liked at the time. I will not repeat this mistake. App developers in the future will have to prove themselves or they won't receive my money.
    On iOS and Android you could at least easily copy the app from the phone to your PC for later reinstalling. Too bad that Microsoft did not include something like that in WP.
    It is by the way not the 1st time I was bitten by an app pull back. IN+ was a gorgeous LinkedIn client which was pulled from the store exactly when LinkedIn published their own (inferior in my opinion) WP app. There needs to be a way to back up our apps on our own computers!
  • So long and thanks for all the fish. I would say you will be missed but that was half the problem. Personally with the limited functionality baked in I am not suprised twitter clients struggle. Not sure the grass will be any greener on the other side during what i would say is an odd time to jump ship.
  • Whilst I found carbon the best looking client it wasn't fast enough especially on startup. Was following the guy on twitter went through all that carbonstillo bs to start with. He's had more support here than hell ever get with android. Sellout. Off to find and unfollow.
  • What a shame! I really liked Carbon. Like most people said, it's really weird to pull out of WP ecosystem with WP8 coming out next month. With the announcement of upcoming WP8 phones by OEMs Windows Phone 8 has been gaining popularity even with the announcement of the new iPhone. And they have somewhat of a userbase already that they have to regain in a very crowded Android Play Store.
  • I'm really more of a Rowi user, but I did use Carbon for a while and it was good, but support for Rowi is better and considering the developers work for Microsoft I'm reasonably certain they won't be leaving windows phone 
  • If this is their "bread and butter" and they're saying their not covering costs... how exactly do they intend to do so by giving their app away for free on Google Play?
  • Yikes, I do know after all the mess they have put the users through I'll never personally purchase anything they make an any platform. Horrible developer example. I'll be sure to rate them on android lol, and warn others off!
  • This is a real shame. Of all the twitter apps I've tried on WP, Carbon is easily the most feature rich and well designed. I'm gonna stick with it as most of the bugs have been ironed out now. Maybe Twitter themselves could step up a bit with their own app, as it's abysmal.
  • Switched to Rowi months ago and never looked back either so whatever..;)
  • So, I've never used this "Carbon" app but by the sounds of it, it was the dog's bollocks. Why in the name of all things Metro would you pull a supposed great application moments before Microsoft and its respective partners are going for World War 3 styled domination in the tech world? Carbon is like an infantryman who fled before he had his time on the battlefield. And if the dev. does decide to come back, I sure as hell will NOT support him/them with subsequent releases. This is wrong, so wrong.
  • Moody f**ks. Bought two copies of this app, I want refunds. (lol)
  • It was a good app and I'll miss it. I guess this is an opportunity for someone else now...
  • I've been using aps carbon since it apear the market and I'm quite happy there is not to much bug aps is fast and really friendly nice job
  • Who gives a fuck, twitter is for retard groupies anyway
  • Carbon had the best UI by far, but like the dev said...
    "we're rewriting the app as it was based on slow/unperformant base, it'll take a while, we're looking for WP devs/talent too..."
    MoTweets, unlike Rowi, Mehdoh and Carbon, loads one's stream in about 6 seconds from launch, as opposed to 13 seconds.  That's why I've stuck with MoTweets, though I'd load Carbon from time to time because the UI was amazing.
    Too bad that they're switching to Android.  As a paid user it sucks to see them go.
    Maybe they should contact the developer of MoTweets and work out a deal where the MoTweets backend could use Carbon's UI.  That would spank every other Twitter app on every other platform.
  • Seven months of life for a paid app before pulling it, removing redownloading capability, and bolting for another platform in a huff? After reading how this company treats its users, why would you use its software on ANY platform?!?
  • That's too bad. Carbon was great on webos and made a pretty good transition to WP. Supported them with a purchase even when I only use rowi and the built in twitter now.
  • As much as it sounds and looks cool ti support "indies", most of them "indies" feel they have little obligations towards who support them, because they're so little and cool. Official apps usually are more trustworthy.
  • I enjoy the official Twitter. It works great for me at least.
  • I found carbon slow, and stuck with MoTweets Pri as it was much better, devs will come and go but in this age they shouldn't forget that word of mouth travels faster than ever and leaving paying customers in the lurch is bad practice
  • This makes me sad. I have been a carbon user and huge fan since the webOS days and was in part lured to windows phone by the prospect that my favorite twitter app developers were headed there as well. On WP I have used it less frequently due to the built in twitter integration but it was invaluable for the multiple accounts scenario. Sad to see it go but the twitter situation in general is unstable and confusing so I wish them luck.
  • It don't matter. Use rowi or just the integrated portion (which is somewhat lacking, hopefully WP8 adds something) within the people's hub.
  • No....I really liked this app..... Now i have to swithch to android for this app...DAMN.
  • And pulled it  from the market too?  Bad form Carbon.  Good luck on android where all apps are free.