CDMA Omnia reportedly in the works

It looks like there's now a CDMA variation [via] of the Samsung Omnia in the works to go along with the GSM device already available outside the United States.

There's still no official word of any U.S. carriers picking up the Omnia - CDMA or GMS - but we're still looking for AT&T to possibly pick it up eventually.

And we're not getting our hopes up just yet that a CDMA version means Sprint or Verizon will be picking up anytime soon. Remember that South Korea is a CDMA-friendly nation, and home to Samsung. But if the hardware's already been worked out, it makes it that much more likely that one of our carriers may well hop on board the Omnia train in the future.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our hardware and software hands-on videos with the Omnia, and keep those fingers crossed.

Thanks to Marco for the tip!

WC Staff