CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford

File this under human interest story, but for those of you don’t game much, you may not know Randy Pitchford. He’s the very vocal and prominent face of Gearbox Software (, who is riding high on the success of its Borderlands 2 game (of which numerous writers here at Windows Phone Central are huge fans; Sam still sticks to Halo, sigh).

Recently, he appeared on the Nerdist podcast to discuss, well, gaming, but at the very end in a discussion of Minesweeper, Pitchford notes that he’s using a Windows Phone 8 device. He was slightly excited over the Achievements that you can get by playing Minesweeper and while he doesn’t go into detail, he seems pleased with his device (we’ll try to find out which Windows Phone exactly that he owns).

CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford

If you don’t follow Randy on Twitter (@DuvalMagic) and you play Borderlands 2, you probably should as he’s the oracle of Golden key Shift Codes, regularly tweeting them out.

Either way, as our tipster Karl C. notes, it's cool that one of the biggest names in video games has our phone. Indeed.

Source: Nerdist (Listen in at 1 hour, 23 minutes)