Check out this 360 degree video showing the quiestest place on Earth at Microsoft

Microsoft has posted a 360 degree video that shows off the anechoic chamber in Building 87 in its Redmond, Washington campus. It has been named as the quietest place on Earth by the Guinness World Record organization

The video, as posted on YouTube, shows the room with sharp wedges that are placed in the walls, ceiling and floor that are designed to absorb sound. The room has been recorded to have a sound as low as -20dB. The chamber's wedges, as well as the concrete wall that surrounds it, also eliminates all outside sound when it is sealed up.

Microsoft uses the chamber to measure and test the audio inside hardware devices like the Xbox One, Surface products and the HoloLens.

John Callaham
  • Amazing!!
  • I "heard" of this or another place like it. People cannot usually take more than 45 minutes or so of it. You can hear your heart and $hit like that...your stomach, etc.
  • Yeah, people who stay in there long enough sometimes start to hear hallucinations, produced by the brain to fill in the silence. Pretty crazy stuff. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • Best place to meditate?
  • Don't really think so ! Sent from my Lumia 650 via the Windows Central app ;)
  • If I was in that room I'd kill myself to escape the silence. Sent from Dallas with hatred.
  • I think that is an internet myth. Check out this video by Veritasium about these chambers. Really interesting stuff.
  • Incredible! I'd pay to experience this.
  • There was one of these at my old college. They sealed us in for about five minutes, and it was the quietest thing. Breathing never seemed so loud. Very cool, but very creepy.
  • This is great! I would like to experience the silence in there.
  • Yeah, it's cool, but I still don't think it's necessary. I've read already about this chamber, and why they use it (so they can pick up the quietest sounds in their purest form), but is that needed? I mean my laptop fan is almost like a jet engine (it's a 5yo half-broken laptop) when I work on it, and it generally is loud, yet I really don't care about it. And I especially wouldn't care about those quietest sounds, since I probably wouldn't ever get to hear them (who else owns an anechoic chamber at their home?).
  • True, but they probably have good uses for it, 'cause building one of these isn't cheap. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • Our RF anechoic chamber seems lame compared to this.. It's RF, sooo...
  • A place so quiet it breaks the English language and forces you to spell quietest as 'quiestest'
  • Update your Title.. "quiestest" ... Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest 
  • "Quiest" just means it's super quiet.
  • Better check dictionary..   Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest  Quietest
  • Shhh....! Silence is golden. I wish this was my bedroom.
  • So they have this room, and yet my Xbox One at idle sounds horrible. +950 XL DS NAM CV Windows 10 Mobile
  • I'd love to dab in there
  • That room is so quiest
  • I have never seen a 360 degree video like this, it's really cool.
  • We had a small anechoic chamber in school for RF purposes, although they didn't allow us to sit inside and close the door (for safety reasons).
  • Can you see the 360 video on your windows phones? I don't.
  • I cant view 360 degree video. I got Lumia 640 XL. Those whoever are able to play this video as 360 degree please state ur mobile devices in the comments of this post.
  • Had one of those rooms at Plantronics when I worked there! 30 minutes max was all most of us could take, very claustrophobic feeling and yes you can hear everything your body does!! Though one guy could spend hours in there no probs! But he was a bit weird.
  • Video not found.
  • For silence experiment you could try an inactive deep cave too, outside visiting hours i guess.
  • Hows the Wi-Fi inside ?
  • If the router is sat in the chamber with you, it's excellent!!  otherwise nowt!! 
  • Its about as quiet as the news on new WM hardware *ba dum tss*
  • By the way, the Navy (aircraft carriers) doesn't any F-16s. They have F-18s. I used to have to listen to those cables (arresting gear) above our berthing area when the aircraft (then F-14s) would land. Just sayin. :)