Check out Halo 5: Guardians streaming to a virtual screen via HoloLens

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft is now letting HoloLens developers show off some of the possibilities of the headset with short Twitter clips. Now one developer, Varun Mani, has given us a taste of what Xbox One game streaming is like with a demonstration of Halo 5: Guardians.

In the short clip above, you can see Mani begin a the game on his television before pausing and turning around to start playing the game on a virtual screen floating in the room. The whole video is sort of fascinating to watch, and it shows off the potential of game streaming anywhere in your home with the headset.

Of course, as cool as game streaming to a virtual screen is, it'll be even more interesting to see what sorts of dedicated augmented reality games end up being made for the headset. From what we've seen of the Minecraft demo, along with some of the applications demonstrated already on Twitter, it seems that gaming has an interesting future on HoloLens.

Check out the video above, and be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Varun Mani (YouTube); Via: The Verge

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  • That's so cool.
  • The possibilities of Hololens in the future is limitless! Just think of having a virtual mobile device that can change shape and size depending on how you want to use it! Virtual screens and devices everywhere, only limited by a developers imagination.
  • On a slightly related note, check out my HoloLens idea for Virtual Displays:
  • Imagine HoloLens technology built into your car's windshield and able to display your destination, gas stations if you're looking for one, potential collision or other situational info, construction or accident info, and much more.
  • That already somewhat exists, but it is limited how much can be shown there by law (depends on the country I guess). Best thing I could imagine for that is showing pedestrians in the dark (which I believe was already demoed some time ago).
  • I remember seeing a tech demo of night vision windscreens a long time ago, not sure how that would work when someone switched on full beams coming towards you lol but it looked cool anyway
  • Awesome, no longer need to squabble over who gets to be player number one lol.
    However I do fear about the social interaction and confidence of the next generation.
    Kids these days can't live a second without their phones. Constant fidgeting and irritable behaviour follows soon as the battery dies or is confiscated so they at least look up when spoken to; as well as to make sure the food is not falling on the floor lol.
  • This! ^^
    You hit the nail on the head
  • I'm sure your parents used to say something similar
  • "Oh that TechFreak1 always sitting in front of the TV / PC / book."
  • @Bloobed Lol, don't forget sports and football too :P.
  • @pierrerv. Hahaha, no.
  • That is very very cool. What else needs to be said.
  • There's a troll in the YouTube comments section
  • Noooo.. It can't be =)
  • This will be one of the most common uses of this technology. Giant HD virtual tvs!!!!!
  • What may be misleading is how much of the screen will be visible to a HoloLens user.  With a 40 degree FOV (if memory serves), the virtual display can't get too big without clipping in the current headset. Still, very exciting potential!
  • Yeah, I feel even with limited FOV it's still a revolution and an amazing device. Still, judging from videos, there doesn't seem to be any restriction to the FOV, or rather, the recording technology can't show us that. See, in The Verge's article for this news, they wonder how this was recorded and bring the topic of the expensive cameras used onstage for presentations. I don't think that's the case, clearly they are using the native recording features for Hololens, it's all from their POV and also it's almost impossible that they also let them have the virtual camera just to shoot stuff at home. So yeah, yet another crappy remark by The Verge, and definitely these were recorded by HOlolens itself. Which is also promising as a new type of video that will flood Youtube :)
  • Not immersive at all. He went from a big screen to a smaller screen.
  • I'd like to see this in a more professional video. Also longer than a clip.
  • Im going to have to admit, having one of these would be cool but, seening as the devs package cost $3k....I dont see a consumer version under $1500-2000 and if that is the case, I dont think I would own one... Under $400-500, I would own one.... and after there is a bunch of software available, I would jump at it...I dont think the tech would allow it to hit that price point tho. Cool product, and instead of dealing with a 50" tv...You can strech it out to be 200"...
  • Remember, this thing is the first of it's kind , and 400-500 $ is probably alot less that it's real manufacturing cost , the price you want is still alot far away in the mean time
  • It will easily be the same sort of price as a Surface Book or something. Remember this is basically a high end laptop, squashed into a headset. You'll be looking at 4 years or so before the price becomes sub $500. Even then that'll likely be on ebay.
  • HOLOLENS IS SO COOL! But I just can't get out of my head that some people have said the actual holo part doesn't cover your peripheral vision? I mean that's okay for virtual screens, but it will be odd on ar games, I hope they changed the size!
  • wait, couldnt you design a bridge that took the hololens spacial mapping to use head rotation movements to act as left joystick input? and like have the screen fill your field of view.... and then just do that.... O_O Now I really need to take a part with my professors research and get my hands on one.
  • That sounds interesting!
  • Microsoft is Killin it! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HoloLens will bring back sofa buddy gaming, who needs split screen when you could have two virtual screens! Awesome!
  • This is so awesome! Just wondering if that small hologram 'window' will not actually ruin the experience.
  • 3D cortana hologram!
  • Finally GAEMS! EVERYWHERE!!!11!