Check out Spartan Runner for Windows Phone, a Halo themed endless runner

When it comes to video games there’s not much we like more than Halo. Which is why we’re pretty stoked to see this endless runner game from the Halo universe. It’s called Spartan Runner and you play as a Spartan. Your objective? Get as far as you can and kill as many members of the Covenant as possible.

Spartan Runner features many memorable characters, weapons, sounds and backgrounds from the Halo universe. Grunts? Check. Elites? Check. Sniper? Check. Freaking Hunters? Check.

Gameplay is simple. Tap one button to jump and another to shoot. You can collect credits to use on perks for the next time you play. It’s not a bad game overall and one worth downloading since it’s both free and has no ads.

How is this all legal you ask? The developer cites a page on Microsoft’s website about “Game Content Usage Rules”. It appears the material there might apply to just video reviews and machine, but here we are with Spartan Runner ready for you to download onto your Windows Phone.

Want Spartan Runner? It’s 110% free and available for download from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: Reddit

QR: Spartan Runner

Sam Sabri