Chime in: Do you prefer AMD or Intel for your CPU? AMD or NVIDIA for GPU?

There are a number of options available when installing components inside a PC chassis. For processors, we're talking AMD chips or offerings from Intel. For graphics cards, AMD is taking on NVIDIA. The former company is in a unique position by being able to offer both CPUs and GPUs, allowing fans of the brand to fully kit their system out with nothing but AMD in terms of data processing.

In recent years, AMD failed to do much on either front, which led to both Intel and NVIDIA capturing large amounts of CPU and GPU market share, respectively. With AMD back in the game with more powerful, energy-efficient components — depending on which side of the fence you happen to be on — it's an exciting time for consumers.

Thing is, people still have preferences. Some are team blue (or green) while others are team red, even through the bad days. Community ambassador Josiah23 kicked off the discussion surrounding these decisions over on our community forum.

Simple question for the WC community Which CPU and GPU manufacture does the community prefer? Maybe you can share why you choose and prefer that manufacture? Maybe you can share how much you paid for it? (I usually find them on some sort of sale or discounted price on eBay or Newegg) How long have you had them for?


So, what say you? We're intrigued in learning about the brands you prefer to stick with, and why. So head on over to our forum and join the debate.

From the forum: Intel vs AMD or Nvidia vs AMD?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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