Chime in: Are iPhones really worth the high price tag?

Apple has established itself as the go-to for premium mobile devices, with its iPhone family among the most widely adopted devices on the market today. Delivering high-end hardware, consistently polished software and a strong ecosystem of accompanying devices, the company has established itself as a staple of consumer technology.

Apple has built a reputation for luxury experiences and with this comes an equally luxurious price tag. Recent products such as the iPhone X start at $999, meaning cutting-edge iPhones simply aren't a viable option for those on a budget. And in comparison to the Alcatel Idol 4S, a Windows 10 Mobile device recently discounted to $99, can an iPhone truly offer ten times the value?

This discussion recently started on the Windows Central forums, with one community member asking for opinions on the price point.

We all know that iPhones are over priced. But people still buy it. Other equally good phones sell at half it's price. So is Apple fooling people? And if the answer is yes, then why are people not ditching iPhones? It's not that Apple is making ground breaking stuff today when it comes to phones.


But as always, we want to hear from you! Are you an iPhone user? If so, is the premium price worth it for you? For those keeping a distance from Apple's products, is price a major factor in that decision? Make sure to drop into the forum thread below with your thoughts on the topic.

Over priced iPhones. Is Apple fooling people?

Matt Brown

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