Chime in: What do you think of Microsoft's decision to kill Kinect?

While existing Kinect sensors will obviously continue to work, eventually the functionality could hit end of life for Xbox consoles, as support from developers becomes non-existent.

Many of us imagined a future where Kinect, powered by Cortana, would take Xbox from being a simple games console to a point where it was the centerpiece for your entire connected life, powering smart home devices, media center, and more. Without a microphone array attached to your console, voice commands on the Xbox are painful to use, and it seems like Microsoft agrees, considering Cortana has barely been updated for months.

Just read a story in MSN News that Microsoft have discontinued making the Kinect adapter. I have just bought an Xbox One X and was lucky as I had an adapter from when I used a Kinect as a web cam. I would NOT have bought the X if I couldn't have used the Kinect on it. I am saddened by this decision as it again shows Microsoft's ability to kick loyal customers in the teeth, why not let...


In any case, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the fate of Kinect. Did you hate the accessory? Are motion and voice controls lame? Is this the biggest screwup Microsoft has made since, well, the various other screwups over the past few years? Windows Central forum user Bobvfr started a thread to discuss exactly that. Jump in, and let us know your thoughts.

From the forums: Bye bye, Kinect

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