Chime in: Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? If yes, why?

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Although Microsoft has officially confirmed that it is no longer focused on progressing Windows 10 Mobile in the hardware or software space, there are many out there who continue to use Windows phone to this day. It's 2018, and at some point those people are going to have to give in and get something else, right?

Apparently not. There's a whole forum thread going on right now at the Windows Central Forums where our users are explaining why they continue to use Windows phone. Judging by the sounds of things, they don't care if Microsoft has pulled the plug. As long as their phones still work, they will keep using Windows phone.

I use my 950XL as it's my phone, I have a worked supplied Samsung and hate it. My wife uses her 950. We will use them till they become unusable or a suitable replacement becomes available, we hope they will be phone sized devices that run full blown W10 with telephony, my personal favourite will be that we can port our mobile numbers to our Windows accounts so we could then make calls to...


And that's fine. These days, the only people using Windows phone are either the crazy ones who can't let go, or the "normies" that be none the wiser. Both camps have every right to continue using Windows phone of course. But over time, apps will stop working... what happens then?

Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? If so, let us know why in the forums!

Who is still using a Windows Phone?

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