Microsoft's mobile missteps are a timeworn tale, but there are still holdouts bound to the Windows Phone platform. Among the best flagships of Windows 10 Mobile was the HP Elite x3, which bundled premium hardware, a sleek design, and differentiating features into a $699 package. It wasn't cheap at the time but offered one of the best on-the-go Windows experiences.

We had some mixed things to say about the HP Elite x3 camera in our review, positioned among the few phones close to the Lumia camera lineup. And for some users, it still holds up, producing images rivaling devices on the market today. Here's what one Windows Central forum user had to say:

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So I was sitting here drinking a glass of Pinot Noir. My dog came in the office and posed for me. I wondered what the picture quality would be between my Iphone X and my X3. So here she is on the X3. And here she is two seconds later on the Iphone X.


As always, we want you to join the discussion in our forums. While the HP Elite x3 was at least "decent" in its hayday, huge advancements have been made over the past two years. Do you have opinions to share? Drop into forum thread linked below and let us know what you think.

From the forums: HP Elite x3 vs iPhone X

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