Chime in: What's the best way to fix a cracked Windows phone screen?

Even if you pay extra attention when taking a mobile device from your pocket, there are times when you almost lose grip. A rare occurrence can hit when recovery is no longer possible, and you're left staring at the falling $500 smartphone. While display and protective layer technologies have advanced in recent years, the screen can only take so much abuse before it gives way to cracks.

Community member Mikepoint wanted to find out if anyone had any suggestions or experience with a Lumia 640 or repairing a display after a drop led to a cracked screen, so he started a related forum thread.

Hello, I need help not a lecture. I was getting out of a truck and my 640 dropped face down on a cement curb, it splintered the screen. Lucky for me the screen cover held it together, just cracked and spreads from one corner. The glorious little ******* still works it just needs a new screen. So here's my question, where and how much? We all know I got it for cheap, but it worth so much more to...


Luckily, one of our fantastic volunteer moderators, xandros9, had a Lumia 640 and performed a repair on the display, throwing out a video and some encouragement. So Mikepoint decided this may be the course of action to take. (Here's hoping it goes well!)

Have you repaired a Lumia 640 display, or another Windows phone)? Join the conversation over on our community forum and share your lessons learned.

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