Chime in: Should Microsoft's 'Andromeda' folding tablet run Android?


Microsoft is widely expected to give mobile another crack this year with the "Andromeda" OS, rumored to be designed for a new category of folding pocket-PC tablets. Whether or not it will actually happen, who knows? But would Windows be the right platform for it?

A discussion is currently taking place in our forums on precisely this topic.

I think the long-awaited Surface Phone is closer than ever. For a long time, the Surface Phone has generated more rumors than any other device without having lost the expectation. And lately those rumors have increased, including a hint by Panos Panay. But, what will ensure the success of it? Who will want to buy a Surface mobile device (that won't be cheap) without access to the modern...


Given the fact that Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP) still has a painful lack of apps, and progressive web apps (PWAs) aren't going to solve that in the near-term, should Microsoft bring its hardware expertise to the Android platform?

I use a BlackBerry KEYone Android phone as my daily mobile driver. I enjoy its full-size QWERTY keyboard for a "PC-like" typing experience, and the Microsoft Launcher and associated Android apps ensure that I never have to touch a Google service 99 percent of the time, which is just fine with me. I would certainly like to see Microsoft invest in building its own Android hardware, but the chances of this happening aren't particularly high.

Where do you stand on this topic? Hit the forums, let us know.

From the forums: Andromeda / Surface Phone will come with Android OS

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