Chime in: Switching from a Windows phone to iPhone X?

Like it or not, if you want the best mobile experience today, you're probably not going to be able to rely on Microsoft and Window 10 Mobile. In fact, it might even be unwise to do so, because the OS is not long for this world.

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That said, Windows 10 Mobile still has plenty of loyal users who aren't yet ready to part with the OS they know and love. At Windows Central, we know that, and we respect those folks. But we're also realistic and many of us use multiple phones, so we can get the best iOS and Android have to offer without giving up entirely on Windows Mobile. For example, I use an iPhone 7 Plus as my main "daily driver," but I also have an Idol 4s that's never too far away from me.

Windows Central forums member realwarder recently made the switch to iOS after many years with Windows phones and Windows Mobile and then shared an awesome (and detailed) breakdown of the pros and cons so far.

So I've been a long time Windows phone user. A tech guy who promoted the platform and a developer who was involved in some pretty comprehensive Windows mobile app development. This week was the week that I switched my personal phone away from Windows and I thought I'd share some ramblings from my experience. I know others did this a long time ago, others still never want to do this. For me,...


Did you recently switch to iOS from Windows 10 Mobile or a Windows phone? Has the transition been a smooth one? Or are you still hanging onto your Windows phone but maybe considering a switch to the iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Either way, realwarder's post provides some valuable insight on what you can expect if you do switch. Hit the link below to read all the details, and then share your own experiences, thoughts, or concerns about making a Windows-phone-to-iPhone switch.

From the forums: iOS. My move experience.

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