Chime in: Should Microsoft make another wearable?

Wearables are a big part of the roster when it comes to the major tech companies. The Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear, and the LG Watch (to name a few) are all popular smartwatches that connect to a phone and provide instant access to notifications and more just by raising your arm. Microsoft was once part of the group with the Band, but that has since been discontinued, much to the chagrin of many users.

Windows Central forum member BajanSaint69 recently started a thread asking others if they think Microsoft is going to get back into wearables, especially now that Windows Core OS (WCOS) is well underway.

Given that the reason for stopping production on the Band was that they couldn't get it to run on Windows 10, if we are approaching success on a modular One Core operating system, what do you think the chances are of MS getting back into wearables? How "stripped down" does that core get?


Saint mentions that part of the issue with Microsoft's discontinued smartwatch line was getting it to run Windows 10 — something WCOS can alleviate — and also asks how stripped down the OS would look on a wearable.

There are already plenty of answers and some great sub-discussions going on in the thread, but we want to hear from you. Do you think Microsoft is getting back into the wearables game? What will that look like? Are you hungry for a new Band? Head on over to our forum and let BajanSaint69 know what you think!

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