Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak excited about Microsoft, sees a new company

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Co-found of Apple Steve Wozniak thinks Windows Phone is a convergence of "art and technology"

Speaking at a press conference after his talk at the Entel Summit (Entel is Chile's leading telecommunications operator), co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak gave his thoughts on Microsoft, Surface and their new Metro UI. Having previously spoken positively of the Lumia 900 and what Microsoft was up to with their refocus on usability and visual appeal, "the Woz" continues to give praise to the company and what appears to be their new direction, noting that he wants a Surface tablet.

During the Q&A session, Wozniak gave his thoughts on how the Lumia line of smartphones and Windows Phone 7 have such a "...strikingly good visual appearance which is a lot of what Steve Jobs always looked for, the art and technology, the convergence of art and technology." Back in April, the technology guru famously heaped praise on the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone and evidently he continues to like it.

Regarding Surface, Wozniak says he wants to "own one, to use one" so he can see for himself how good it is and not have to rely on what he's read—a fair and respectable stance to have on an un-released product.

The video Q&A where Wozniak responds to a Microsoft question during the Entel Summit '12

As far as Microsoft, he had some interesting observations that seem to be aligning with a lot of people's thoughts today on the company: Microsoft has changed and are entering a new era.

"But I'm glad that Microsoft is starting to show maybe they're a different company than before, I don't remember this sort of thing happening in a long, long time with Microsoft, so I'm very happy."

Of course Wozniak has always been quite "technology neutral" and he used whatever device that he thought was the best, without any allegiances. This is why he's respected amongst many as he brings true insight from an engineer's perspective as opposed to a partisan with a product to sell. Either way, it's good press for Microsoft.

Source: TechNews; Thanks, Eric, for the tip!

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  • I shall worship you steve woz geek
  • Preach it, brother!
  • Well its good to hear that. Nd I hope this gains Microsoft some more publicity with their upcoming devices.
  • This is great, now we need to have more people change their minds about windows anything, and Microsoft. As soon as I bought my WP. I saw it was different from anything I've seen in a phone before. And I don't regret buying it. Looking forward to WP8.
  • I agree with your statement. Some are still questioning the validity of windows. I just think it's hard head fan boys/girls that don't want it to be true. Pitty
  • Well the biggest problem for WP comes from the sales people ine the stores.
    Whenever i go to the store for service or upgrade i always get some Idoit kid at the counter asking me " why do i use this phone, its crap" and thats where they try to sell me the Android or Iphone.
    Most sales people don't offer customers optiond, they only offer the OS they like to the customers. Unti that stops I see hard road for us WP users.
  • At the end if the day, its ultimately up to you the consumer to do your own research and decision making.
  • Not really, consumers see employees as representatives of the place they work at and as such must be knowledgeable of what is sold there. However that's been proven false but consumers don't know better to realize.
  • I'm glad that other companies are starting to see the threat of Microsoft coming back stronger than ever, it's about time. And having a big technological person like Wozniak approve and actually want to own a Microsoft product is a huge compliment. I give props to the big M and hope that they'll keep up the good work
  • Having been through the Apple and Google camps after utter MS disappointment, I too am drawn back to the "new" Microsoft. Can't wait to get my hands on a WP8 Lumia.
  • Nevermind that he did have nothing but good things to say about the great stuff we're seeing from Redmond, but hr wouldn't say a negative thing that wasn't necessary! Everyone else just wants to throw stones as if they knew better, but when you are truly wise its sometimes best to be patient...
  • WIN8 wp8 Surface I am very excited as well, YOU SHOULD BE TOO
  • I have to agree with the Woz here.  I have to use a product and decide if it's good for me.  Many people talk about products like they're movies.  Ever read a movie critique?  And the person reviewing the movie gives it two thumbs down.  Then when you see the movie you're like what the hell movie did they see - that movie was awesome!
    It's one thing to say a product crashes, the screen continously flickers, the volume bar doesn't work, the photos are just plain bad (and show examples), etc... mostly what I read is these product reviews are this product doesn't have this or that, compared to some other device.  Big deal!  Does the phone work?  Is it stable?  Will it perform the "basic" functions a cell phone should?  Does it seem reliable?  IMO these are some of the important questions rather than if it has 2 or more cores, etc. 
    But with my analogy about the movies, everyone taste is different that's why all I need to know does the phone work with the specs it currently has, not the specs we wished or hoped it had.
  • I agree with you. These guys are missing the point. A company comes up with a new product, they tell you what the product is capable of. In other words, they tell you what the product will offer to customers in exchange for their money. Does the product perform like the manufacturer said it would? Does it exceed expectations? Is it worse than what they say it is? Those are the questions that reviewers should answer first. Comparing the L900 to the HTC One X won't really help anyone but the geeks who are definentely part of the minority when comes to smartphone buyers. A lot of the reviewers (or tech journalists) are very much biased. It's hard to get people who really put a balance in their articles. I guess they have some kind of attachement to some of these products but they really have to knock it off and tell it like it is! Not like they want it to be.
  • Loved Woz since reading Accidental Empires. Continued even now, you cheer Woz in the Steve Jobs biography for being a good person and shake your head why people glorified Jobs.
  • Everyone cheers Woz but I have to wonder why you would shake your head over people "glorifying" Jobs.  All of the "founders" of the modern tech era deserve praise, not blasphemous remarks because they don't agree with or can't understand the contributions they gave.
  • Because people make Steve jobs out to be something he is not. He was a bitter, angry, and was only really good at promotion. Of course this is imo.
  • That goes both ways, lol.
  • This is why I like this man. He is fair!
  • Now put him on a commercial
  • Woz. Love ya man. I to am seeing the light. Former apple fan boy slowly phasing out apple. Hello mr surface. Welcome to the family, don't worry about the others(MacBook,iPad,iMac) they have been asked to leave
  • :D
  • Who else likes "Woz" as a name for a new WP8 phone?
  • Lol stick it to the iSheep!
  • Nokia Lumia Woz Edition? They could have Woz review the schematics and make it with fewer chips.
  • That I like....Great Idea!
  • If Woz got hired at Nokia, a million fanboys would cream their pants, me included.
  • Now this is something all apple users should listen too. Tim cook is an idiot. Steven woziak knew wp 7 was awesome UI. I bet you he will get an wp 8 also
  • The first step to getting Apple users to listen to you would be to not call someone of the calibur of Tim Cook an idiot.  It's akin to calling Ballmer an idiot.  Both of these guys know this business like you never will and both deserve a hell of a lot more respect than to be name called by a peon.
  • First, respect is earned, not deserved. Second, Tim Cook, Ballmer, and any other person of high position are as human as the next person. I have watched those like them lead companies to greatness, but just as quickly drag the company to it's knees. Everyone has a right to speak their opinion of them. "peon" or not.
  • I hear you, but regarding Ballmer.....he's about to get taken down big time by the upcoming profile in Vanity Fair.
  • Almost Exactly what I was going to say..
  • This has to get out to the real world. If Microsoft wants to look good, this should come out in te news.
  • I'm with Woz here. I really really really want to own and use a Surface. already saving up money this summer for a new phone from nokia and for the Surface
  • Woz is such a geek. Love that!
  • Hello wp7 users;)
  • MS has created hope for sure. It is an entirely different thing to actually deliver considering how many variables go into product launches. As a webOS die hard and current WP enthusiast I pray MS can deliver where Palm and HP couldn't.
  • My next phone is going to be a W8 phone based on that recommendation alone
  • I still waiting lumia tablet
  • This guy looking for a new job? Lol
  • Long story short, got lumia 800, find out not getting Apollo upgrade, a little peeved I go get a HTC one X, use for for 3 days, back to lumia. App selection apart the phone and OS just feel and work alot better. My wife uses iPhone and have to say they are still ahead, just don't like them myself and most iPhone uses I know are ignorant to the fact there's other good phones out there. That said windows phone is pushing and the next generation WP8 will imo put them on top.
  • Well the biggest problem for WP comes from the sales people ine the stores.
    Whenever i go to the store for service or upgrade i always get some Idoit kid at the counter asking me " why do i use this phone, its crap" and thats where they try to sell me the Android or Iphone.
    Most sales people don't offer customers optiond, they only offer the OS they like to the customers. Unti that stops I see hard road for us WP users.
  • Don't troll man, we all agree we're on a win phone site. No need to copy and paste
  • Troll lol, I love WP. I meant to put this as separate comment and not a reply and that's why I pasted it. I have my HD7 since day one.
  • A great big plus 1 I have been preaching this as the # 1 reason the WP7 has had such an uphill battle. You have to insist you "just" want a WINDOWS phone and then realize they know nothing about it and have no interest in being impartial. AT&T has done a MISERABLE job, hell I am still on 7220 because of their hollow attitude of making any updates available. Guess I ought to be gratefull I at least got Mango !!!!
  • Yeah I have had sales reps tell me how Windows Phone is "crap" even after I made it clear that's what I like and its what I plan I stick with. I walked out of two places. I would come in needing something or another, they see my phone and I say "I really like Windows Phone so please don't try to sell me on something else" and its like they just can't help themselves. The look on their face when i turn around and leave is priceless.
  • Been in a few phone shops here in UK and the reps seem to be happy to sell WP to customers. Even heard a few saying how nice it is to use, which of course is true.
  • I'm guessing he always goes for fries with his steak instead of the side salad option.
  • WP will have a chance when you can no longer say " it's nice but it doesn't have this app" and when new hot apps come out and it says "available on iOS,android and WindowsPhone"
  • No new in windows phone ri8 nw i just hate ri8 nw windows
    new lock pattern, no new apps,, no new updats,, no new screen savers,,
    no new unlock clocks,, wat can i do m just bored wid windows phone and
    no gamez all gud gamez r paid i have windows ri8 nw:'(:'(:-(:'(